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Kashish Pandey

I am a Counselling Psychologist, Psychology teacher. I have been Miss india gurugram finalist 2019, Born and brought up in Delhi. My genesis are in Haryana, Gurugram. Belongs to a nuclear family. I have an aficionado for proclivities which involves newer tasks and opportunities. I believe in making change towards the society. I am avid reader. I have gone through Neeraj Chopra’s book which brought an immense change in my perception towards onself and spirituality. It is indispensable to keep changing yet evolving . Evolving involves transmorgification. Henceforth, it helps in building onself and ones own persona . I dont believe in being in being second banana or bad apple. For me, standing out and being non conformist is important. Speaking of which, I dont believe in breaking rules but doing things uncoventionally is an utmost important thing for me.

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