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Hi all! I am Kayaan Desai, a young and talented twelve year old and a student of Grade 7 Mavericks Learning Center.(MLC) MLC is a place where we can focus on our career and make our future. I like tennis a lot and so I am writing this (This refers to the book) . I have the experience of playing tennis for about 3 years. In this book I am going to make you understand “What Is Tennis”, then I am going to talk about some “Great Legends”, the next chapter will be about the “Future of tennis”, next we will be having the chapter of “Fitness” then we will spice up things with some really interesting facts about all the “4 Grand Slams” and last but not least will be “My Point Of View For Tennis”. Everyone has a role model in their life, be it their dad, mom, some celebrity, anyone but not all of us become what we want to be based on what our role model is (My role model is Rafael Nadal aka The King Of Clay Court). According to me we mostly don’t live our life the way we want, for example, a person loves travelling but instead he spends his life studying, and doing a job! So in my life I try to inspire everyone to achieve your goals and make your dreams come true.
Speaking of living life I have made PODCASTS on how to live life in a fun way, you can find them on Spotify or even Google Podcasts!! I think everyone should have some interest in sports and for me, tennis is something which I like the most. I would like to inspire people not only for sports but also for writing stories and do what they love, like I am doing.

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