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Kumar Mihirendra Pratap Singh Deo

Kumar Mihirendra Pratap Singh Deo, Author hails from the erstwhile Royal Family of Nāga Dynasty of Madapur-Rampur in the district of Kalahandi, Odisha,
India. Due to lack of historical facts, evidences and proper interpretations there are
confusions and contradictions in the History of Odisha which impelled the Author to
write history. To his credit many historical research papers have been published by the
Author in the State, National and International Journal like ‘Orissa Review’, ‘Journal of
Orissan History’, ‘Proceedings of the Orissa History Congress’, ‘Souvenirs of the State
and National’, ‘Puratattva’ and ‘Journal of Bengal Art’, Published by the International
Centre for Study of Bengal Art (ICSBA) Dhaka, Bangladesh. Moreover, ‘Talks on
Archaeology’ by the Author have been broadcasted by the All India Radio.

Author is the Founder and the President of Indian Cultural Heritage
Society (ICHS), Life Member of Odisha History Congress (OHC) and Indian National
Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH). Author has been organized the
Archaeological Photograph Exhibition in different colleges and Utkal University, Vani
Vihar, Bhubaneswar, Odisha in the year 2004 to create awareness in archaeology and
history of Kārunda; and have been presented many research papers on history and
archaeology in the State and National Conferences.

Author was involved in excavation of Budhigarh of Madanpur, Kalahandi,
Odisha, India (2014-2016) as a Collaborator. His works have been reflected in Author’s
first book ‘Kārunda The Vanished Empire’ (2016); a thirty-five years of research
works with new historical facts, new interpretations of history and archaeology of
Kārunda. Published by the Notion Press, Chennai, India.

The Bhairava Cult and the Kāpālika Sect in the Hindu Pantheon is a
complicated and esoteric chapter. In the Indian context it has been observed that, the
Sculptural Art of the Bhairavas and Ekapāda Bhairava of Kārunda are unique of its kind.
For the first time the Author has discovered the unique iconographic affinity in between
Ekapāda Bhairava and Lord Jagannath which has been reflected as a comparative study.
Hence, the Author has strived his best to reflect the unknown iconography of Ekapāda
Bhairava of Kārunda and Lord Jagannath in Author’s second book ‘The Unknown
Iconography of India’

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