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“Manoranjan Prasad “Chanchal”

Shri Manoranjan Prasad Chanchal was born on March 3, 1940, in Chakuni Namak village of Moradabad district. By profession, he was working at a development office in the government service. An exclusive devotee of Lord Vishnu, the whole day of entertainment would be spent in the hymns, songwriting, etc. of Shri Hari, one day the idea came to the mind of the entertainer about his songs, poetry, that he could spread the name of Shri Hari to the masses with his thoughts on a large scale. And as a result of this, his book Amritanjali was published by Prabhayan Printers in 1979. His grandson Harsh Kaushik thought of re-publishing his structures again and finally, today this book is in front of you where Mother India The inner fragrance of that is coming from every step, the rare form of devotion to Vishnu is absorbed on every page. This devotee of Shri Hari left for Vaikuntha in the year 2005. Now his memories and these creations are among us, in which only two qualities are seen, devotion and knowledge, which are sufficient to reach the supreme abode.

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