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Molly Bhargava

An ardent and a voracious reader, Molly Bhargava, studying at Jayshree Periwal High School, Jaipur, is passionate about writing too. Born on 7 July 2005, a Cancerian by birth, she is social, friendly and amiable.She developed her taste for books and novels from a very young age and now at the tender age of fifteen, Triquosphere marks her debut as an author/novelist. She is a fairly successful hand at poems too but her favorite genres are fiction, fantasy, mysteries, thrillers and witchcrafts. She is interested in political dramas and satires too. The advance and elaborate vocabulary that she has used in her debut novel prophesize her to be a well established author in near future.“If it’s happening, let it happen and sit back to enjoy the effect taking place.”- Molly Bhargav

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