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Mr Maurya Hanspal

Mr. Maurya Hanspal is a 22 years old finance expert and researcher who is always willing to explore new. He is the founder of one of the leading pioneers in education “Motivational Monetary Fundas”, that aims to impart knowledge to everyone without any financial constraints. A motivational speaker who loves to guide people on issues related o stress & anxiety, career management, financial literacy to name a few. He completed his MBA from ICFAI Business School Hyderabad in the field of core finance. He is an aspiring CFA, CMA scholarship holder, and a certified Excel and dashboard expert. Having prior teaching experience in financial management, income tax, accountancy, and economics, he is also the founder of various courses like the best selling courses on fundamental analysis, financial modelling, valuation, value investing, technical analysis, derivatives, excel & tableau to name a few. He is a holder of 45+ certifications in finance and other related areas which involve option trading strategies, investment banker, financial analytics, corporate finance, artificial intelligence & machine learning, six sigma, blockchain, neuro-linguistic programming, and a professional swimming coach to name a few. His venture guides people in all fields ranging from professional courses, secondary education, college education, mentoring, mental health, sports training to placement training as well. He has a will to succeed in life and continue his learnings in the future.

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