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Mrs. Remona. C. Concesso

Mrs. Remona C. Concesso, has spent more than two decades in the corporate industry. She has worked with various industries like manufacturing, networking, and education. She has excellent listening and questioning skills, the ability to quickly bond with clients from different backgrounds, and the ability to inspire and motivate clients to achieve their goals.

She is a self-believer, a self-motivated person and shares her experiences to those around her to help them achieve higher potential in their professional and personal lives. Her experience in interacting and addressing the needs of the people with whom she interacts has provided her in-depth knowledge of culturally diverse people, values and behaviours, which, in turn, makes her a people’s person. She is a motivational and personality development trainer and she believes in mindful living, which has helped her in her own life. She encourages her readers and clients, both young and old, to have a meaningful and happy life, to be self-motivated and live a fulfilled life.

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