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N. Shah

He is a great orator, successful motivational speaker, business trainer, and a successful entrepreneur. After completing his graduation from Dehradun, he worked with a famous Ayurvedic company in the planning and development department. Along with this, he started his small business. During this time, his interest in Ayurveda grew, and he planned to set up a business in the Ayurveda industry in the future. Then he went to Delhi and worked with the queen of the herbal industry, Shahnaz Husain. He worked with her in her herbal products division and learned all the details about the business and herbal products.
During that time, someone presented the network marketing business to him. He found it exciting and joined a company as a part-time networker. He liked network marketing so much that he started to give more and more of his time to it and then finally adopted it as a career. He got so good at it that he achieved the highest designation and got massive success in an Indian network marketing company.
After spending some time in the network marketing industry and gaining some good experience and knowledge, Mr.N. Shah joined a multinational networking company. He got much success in this company as well. Mr Shah has worked as a motivational speaker and trainer as well in many companies. He built his relations with many people and developed a great network of many MLM leaders during this time. And then, in 2001, he launched his own network marketing company. His vision was to create a company that would work entirely as per the Indian values and understands the people’s likes & dislikes, and requirements. He started the company with 39 products, including ayurvedic products, cosmetics, food supplements, and day-to-day need household products.

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