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Nikhil John

Born on 11th August in Patna , Educator, Poet and Artist NIKHIL JOHN is a veteran personality in expressing aspects through his phenomenal Literary Pieces. Currently edifying the Students at St. Karen’s High School, Patna, he is the Discoverer who believes in giving form to the Projections of Nature and Her Events.

The PlayWright has been a consistent Writer for the Catholic Issue “Pavitra Hriday Ka Sandesh” for more than two decades. With spectacular publications like *Ankit Aabhas* and *Aajeevan Karawas* to his name, the Humorist has been honoured with the prestigious _Catholic Hindi Sahitya Ratna Award_ 2010.

A superlatively photophilic character, Nikhil John brings out the mesmerizing traits of Human Life In His Poems. The Pen and Paper seem blessed to be a part of such Extremely Productive Creativity by the Exploring Author. & the Rest is What The Readers Perceive !

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