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Nivedita Alexander

When the World’s trend went crazy- enunciating about passion, she thought and experienced a sense of “Pathos” and the behavioral psychology behind it. A little girl in a frock, scribbling her own fancies with her quaint enterprising sense, who grew up as a woman. Nivedita Alexander popularly known as Nivimongs friend dares to break rules that distress her. She in endows with deep cognition, fathoming things passing in front of her eyes, yet keeping it queer, flipping life’s lyre to crush all enthymeme intended to obstruct her, to quench that burning desire within and to be an inspiration for herself. Of her meddled up quietude, when nothing feels soothing, she has only one intimate friend to settle the unknown poignancy within – THE NATURE – where she loves to be and feel every aspect, find beauty, and be herself.
While standing her grounds in this ‘coveting’ and ‘Me too’ world, she remains true to herself. While working hard, in various spheres, right from designing and media world to accounting, banking, to various multinational companies, she took her writing hobby to the next level as becoming an author with her first English book —–
“My Untamed Fantasies” and now this is her debut Hindi book “ADAMYA VICHAR” – sensing every emotion, from care and altruism to love and kindness, from ruthlessness and revenge to knowledge, art and culture, from penny-pinching, avarice, and cheese- pairing to support and generosity, from filth, fastidiousness, and griminess to sleek and immaculate, she makes sure to draw the lines where need be, to make her dreams come true.

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