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Sri Prados Mishra is a highly reputed and respected personality in Odia literary circles. He has wielded his literary pen in writing mostly short stories, novels and travelogues. The total of his published books will be around twenty five in numbers. Many of his short stories and novels are highly acclaimed and have received rave comments from the literary critics of Odisha. Some of his stories have been translated into various other Indian languages.. He not only writes stories on relationships but also is an adept in writing events related to deeper psychological feelings of pain and pleasure. His fictions seem too realistic as they come out of deeper understanding of human nature and human psychology. His story telling abilities, with which he depicts his fictions, are capable of creating soul searching commotion in the mind of the readers. His special ability is discovering and describing the extraordinary attributes of the most ordinary, mundane characters selected from the society. His fictional writings are backed by deep observations and some amount of research, both on field and off field. He makes all his characters come alive through his literary pen. Life philosophy and its various positive attributes, viewpoints are presented in his fictions in an absorbing manner. He is capable enough to end his stories in an unpredictable yet appealing style. Quite often a subtle thread of message is discernible in his writings. Almost all his stories and novels are always gripping and literally satisfying

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