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Pramila Churamani

Mrs. Pramila Churamani is a homemaker, wife of an army officer, mother to a veterinarian daughter, and an engineer son, the backbone behind this diverse family. She has always motivated her kids to pursue their dreams wrapped in a brown parent & prudence. Still, she didn’t limit her care to just them. She is a MA in English and later went on to earn a degree in B.Ed. As a philanthropist, she uses her skills to shape the young minds of

underprivileged families. She also educated the kids of her charlady and provided for their schooling at every station. She served as the principal of Shaurya army pre-primary school,  which achieved great heights under her tutelage.
She also imparted training to NTT students to create an army of quality preceptors responsible for developing basic cognitive skills among nursery children.
Looking at her commendable journey so far, bird watching came as a realisation during her tenure at Hempur. Our author regrets being late in realising this hobby of hers, she regrets the ignorance towards her surroundings and the abundance of vibrant life right under her nose even more.
However, as they often say, better late than never, with a wrap on this tenure, it is the start of more incredible explorations for Mrs. Pramila. Our author would like her readers to note the virgin forest range of Hempur has much more
undiscovered flora and fauna, few could be new, and many may be beyond my scope of knowledge. I tried to learn, explore and know as much as I could within the given time on my hand. It has been a journey of infinite learning for me, a real eye-opener. In this process, I have developed a great sense of respect for all the professionals in this field. The hard work and patience required to capture these sensitive and hypervigilant creatures, their intelligence is immaculate, the caution and alertness which they possess, the distance they maintain, I can vouch for their genius, as I faced difficulties to even capture a peacock, the region has not been exposed to tourists, and this fact works as a curb since the wildlife here is not acquainted with any unnatural or human movement. I will always be ever so thankful to almighty for exposing me to this experience of learning and a better understanding of mother nature and her cosmos.

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