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Prashant Govil has been intimately involved with the Indian IT industry for over eighteen years, starting his career as a software developer with TCS and currently working as a Director with Accenture. It’s the six years with TCS at the beginning of his career, switching between Canada and India, from where the bulk of the material for this book has come, though the one year spent with Accenture in U.K. provides a fair amount of ‘masala’ as well. The author completed his Master’s in management from IIM Kozhikode (India), specializing in Finance & IT. In those days, he spent a lot of time writing articles about the Indian outsourcing industry as it was evolving before his eyes at that time. He also holds a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering from Punjab Engineering College, India (the college has changed its name since then) where he really didn’t know nuts about IT or cared about it for that matter. But here he is now.

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