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Preeti Bindal
Preeti Bindal is an emerging new writer who is an ordinary human but she has been through a long spiritual journey and learned a lot from life’s sweet and sour experiences in the contiguous of his Guru.
She transformed her life, herself. And today she is on a journey to be a virtual leader.
She wants to give this message to the society through her writing and some audio videos about how I have the leadership of my life, how to live it with beauty and dignity. She supports people via social media or through many other ways, how to work on yourself, how to focus on our thoughts and feelings. When there is no desire left in life, then how to create and awaken a new possibility, a new inspiration, a new resolution.
How to Know Yourself – Turn your eyes inward and turn to discover yourself.
She wants to share the art of taking responsibility for our life with everyone.
“Life is never easy for anyone but sorrow is with everyone, but the choice is ours to sit in sorrow and weep for it our whole life or learn something from them.
In the face of challenges,  we have to move up the ladder ……. .!
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