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R K Mohapatra

R K Mohapatra is one of the best-known Indian Authors in personal financial and retirement planning books for all. He is the author of two books.
His bestselling book, “INVESTMENT RISK & GROWTH – A guide for investors about investment vehicles” enables an idea about the investments, investment products & individual financial goals. It also reflects an investor’s capability in managing their hard earned money, carefully. Investment Risk & Growth: A guide to investors about investment products, author R K Mohapatra- the Joint GM of IRCON- reveals why common man invest in conventional instruments instead of equity land, gold, and mutual funds.

Cost-effectiveness of investment products and its returns give an idea to the investors to invest in goal base risk-averse investment instruments. Along the way, the author Mohapatra skilfully outlines all the investment avenues with best examples, which helps the investor to invest the right product at the right time in the right place.

He won the 32nd Dr. S. Radha Krishnan Memorial National Media Network Awards-2016, as ‘the Eminent Author’ for his meticulous bestselling book, “Retirement Planning – A simple guide for individuals” in New Delhi. The book explains, with concise and concrete examples, which can help an individual understand the pre-retirement stage (accumulation period), preservation stage and post-retirement stage (distribution period). “Every individual has potential to take meaningful decisions. Focus on the specific goal and achieve it in time.”

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