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Myself Ritesh Kumar who writes this wonderful book:“A-Z vocabulary with trick and love story”,is the gift
for the every aspirants who have the great thirst to learn the vocabulary from A to Z orderly in very
fantastic way.Our team has used the world best method to teach you (the wonderful learner) named
VEDIC TECHNIQUE. Vedic Technique is the oldest technique in the world to learn anything fastly and
easily.In ancient times,when there were a lot of religious books to learn and memorize like
vedas,upanishads,etc.They found difficulties in memorising the information or knowledge.So they came
up with this marvellous Vedic Technique.In Vedic Technique,they just create the wonderful and unique
story addition with visualization and picturization in their mind to remember the things forever. Our team
used this unique and glorious technique to teach the aspirant.Here,we have chosen the LOVE STORY not
just to feel the romance because we are living in the most developed time compared to the previous
generation.In this generation especially,our feeling is getting lessen and lessen day by day.But, we must
astonish about the fact that the one feeling which constantly increasing is the feeling of love which we
nd and feel in the real or hypothetical love story.Today,the generation has great emotion regarding with
love stories than the other.Here, we must remember that in the Vedic Technique, emotion plays a vital
role.So we choose the fantastic emotional love stories which will teach you the vocabulary from A-Z in
wonderful manner. The salient features of this book: 1.5000+ words (you are going to learn) along with
synonyms and antonyms. 2.Proper and fully systematically arranged the words from A-Z. 3.Love stories
and tricks are used to make it more convenient for the lovely students. 4.Learn the words from the world’s
best method:Vedic Technique. 5.A lot of pictures are used to depict the meaning of words in a realistic
way. Useful for: 1.For all competitive examinations like UPSC,SSC CGL,CPO, etc. 2.Even for the every
school students who want to enhance their vocabulary. 3.In fact, this book is especially designed for
everyone who wants some extra edge in the English language.

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