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Ritik Shukla

Ritik Shukla was born on July 10, 2003, in a village named Datauli, Fatehpur, U.P. He went to his grandfather’s home in Banda when he was 6 years old, for his studies. He was there for 7 years, till the year 2014. After completing his primary education, he came back to his parents at Kanpur and has been continuing his studies there. When he was 12, he wrote his first poem for his mother, thinking about her while she was not with him. When he came to Kanpur he started writing poems in Hindi and English. With the help of his English teacher, Mr. Nehal Nigam, he started writing more. He passed out of class 10 in the year 2019 and, 3 months later, he completed 100 poems in both languages. He decided to mould his thoughts into the shape of a book.

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