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Ritu Aileen

Ritu Aileen has been working as Lecturer in English since 2014. Born in the 1980‟s, she belongs to a middle-class traditional family. She is a M.A. (English), B.Ed., M.Ed., NET (Education and English) and GATE 2021(IIT BOMBAY in 2021). She loves to write poems, read books, listen to music, sing songs, dancing, making rangoli, nature photography and what not. She is a peripatetic one, a green panther, a literature lover, a knowledge seeker, a nature lover and believer of Existential Theory. She is a Star-Gazer. She loves to sit silently in the lap of nature. She loves to read „Absurd Literature‟. She follows the path suggested by Osho, Sadguru and Gautam Buddha towards spiritual development. She always finds a way out of each difficult situation and circumstance of life. Her fame among students and friends is because of her open and broad-minded nature and her polite and straight speaking manner. She bears kindness in her heart and explores ways to spread Humanity and Virtues around her which is dying everywhere.
Ritu Aileen

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