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Rizu Prakash Sharma

“””Rizu Prakash Sharma is a student of St. C. F. Andrews School in her hometown, Agra —- The Beautiful city blessed with one of seven wonders, Taj Mahal. Before embarking on her prose career, she started writing poetry in Hindi, she also loves writing ghazals. Her poetic name is “Darpan” which means mirror. She hasn’t published any book of poems yet but she’ll think about it when she will compile a collection of poems. She is looking forward by publishing her debut book “PURE BOND”. She is a very optimistic person who loves coffee with her notebook beside it. Catching things from every day and writing them as her memories has now become Rizu’s hobby! She also loves to write short notes on things happening in the surroundings on the last pages of her every notebook. She is actually saving them as the memoirs of the time that never comes back again!”””

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