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Rohit Sethi

“Rohit Sethi, The Sethi OPC, Author, Fitness
fanatic, Dreamer, Savvy and flamboyant by nature. ‘’I don’t
always make a good first impression but leave one, which
‘’I’m independent, confident, ambitious and friendly. I
live for the moment, sometimes with a pinch of salt. As I
say this, I also believe in planning for the future. A good
plan can never fail: it can only be delayed. I have never
regretted anything in my life though I must have done a lot
of wrong in the eyes of the society. All those wrongs have
made me the person I am today, and I love the person I am
right now. However hard the day goes, I always find time
to kick back and indulge in something I love. To be able to
spend time on oneself is a luxury beyond the definition.’’
All said and done, back then I was still figuring myself
out and I still am. It’s a never-ending process but the
self-discovery is a beautiful process that leads to great

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