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Rudraksh Patel

Hi, my name is Rudraksh Patel but you can call me Rishi, for short, I don’t quite know how to describe myself in this “About the author” but I will do my very best. I was born on 21 st Dec 2004 and I am sixteen years old, just like a regular teen I love listening to music. Actually, I am kind of addicted to it. I love writing from the bottom of my heart. I’ll tell you why. Because writing involves the creation of a different world and all according to your wish and you are supreme there, you can do anything you want. I don’t give all of my time to writing because besides writing I also have talents in music-making and singing. I want to become an international DJ and so much more that you would probably think that I’m crazy. I always get these crazy ideas and always see most things in a different way which mostly offends someone or another but not that much, but still, I can’t help it. Except for this, I study in class tenth right now. Well, I don’t know what to tell about myself except this so I guess this is all.

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