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I am Sangeeta Gupta, a self-supporting, self-respecting, peace loving, and an always smiling woman. Instead of taking help from anyone, I have the courage to achieve everything in life with my own efforts. In my lifetime, I did MBA at the age of 48 for job advancement. Got a lot from the society but only got time to return after retirement, so now I want to help in the creation of a healthy society by making people aware of the family events happening in the society with my writing.
In a few words, friends, I neither write poetry nor write any verses, I write some patches on the sacks lying around me. I am neither a poet, nor a writer nor a newspaper. Just what I see happening in the world, I write about that all the time on a piece of paper in my own style. My written lines are related to someone’s life, if you like my writing, then definitely give your views on the link given below on Youtube and stay connected for the upcoming articles.

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