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Sanjay Tejaswi

I have been involved in cultural activities since school life. After completing his diploma, he came to Daudnagar and during his graduation, he founded Prabuddha Bharati Cultural Institute in 2010, along with his colleagues, and through the institute, the closeness of many artists grew and the opportunity to know art and literature very closely. found. There was an inclination towards theater with poetry, songs and solo writing. The caravan continued to grow after being honored with the Best Director award at the District Level Drama Festival 2012. Got the privilege of acting on hundreds of small and big stage as well as on national and international level stage, due to interest in acting, acted in two documentary films “April Alcohol Fodum Day of Bihar” and “Master Saheb”, stories published in magazines on double murder After many years of research, this book is dedicated to all the scholars under the umbrella of Prof. Shree Alakhdev Prasad Achal “ji, Sanjay Tejashwi Contact :- Daudnagar, Aurangabad (Bihar) 8271608193

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