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Sankaran Srinivasan

The author Mr. S Srinivasan is a man of many passions- Union activist by profession, a pioneer in the bank employees’ union movement, a social empathist, an ideologist, a mathematics enthusiast, a teacher, a writer and a man of deep humanitarian conviction He became an activist for the rights and moralities of the staff in the banking sector, soon finding his way up the value chain in the All India Overseas Bank Employees Union and ultimately serving as the General Secretary of the Union for 23 years. In the year 1991, he was first appointed as the workmen director on the Board of Directors of Indian overseas Bank. During his tenure, he continually strived for the betterment of the bank and its people, and in making them aware of their rights and responsibilities, and in motivating and mobilizing them to follow their conviction. He successfully established innumerable historic welfare schemes, benefits, and inimitable settlements for the employees and authored, compiled and published several trade union information books and essays; his most significant work being the ‘Know your Rights’ volumes which was recommended as a reference compendium of Service Conditions by the management of Indian Overseas Bank to their respective regional offices.  After superannuation he two books on “Know your Domestic Enquiries”. Volume 1 deals with ‘know your defence’ in domestic enquiry,  Know art of cross examination in domestic enquiries & Practical Guide to Defence Representatives in Handling Charge Sheets and Enquiries which is popular and  available on, Flipkart, Infibeam, Notion press website, . EBook, Google platforms.

He is an aficionado of alternative therapies. he has been  gathering information and making notes on this subject for the last 15 years on various complementary therapies also  had also participated workshops, camps  on some of these therapies Experiencing in practical life when it comes to treating a pain management, there’s clearly no one-size-fits-all answer he found with success in sujok acupesure for treating completely his chronic back pain and became an aficionado of alternate therapies. Now he runs on treadmill with the speed of 6km/hr. , climb the stairs independently and has done 8  trekking  in Himalayas with his friends .The success of efficacy of alternate therapies he experienced   provided the impetus, inspiration  to him to come with compendium of his documented collection over a decade  in this book . In effect, this book makes a humble effort in finding a genuine and truly helpful lifeline for many people, giving  important  popular alternate therapies in SINGLE WINDOW for ready reference , self-study and self-treatment as it primary objective

I hope the book will be useful to who look for effective alternate remedies each chapter such as Sujok therapy ,Auricular Therapy ,Acupressure, Emotional Freedom Techniques(EFT)  Reflexogy,Science Behind Mudras, Get To KnowYour7Chakras,Pranic  Healing,Rudraksha Therapy,  Osteopathy., Homeopathic Medicines For Common Ailments,  Indian Home Remedies, Vedic Remedies (Mantras For Common Problems and above all   Glimpse Of The Human Body  ,Understand Your Blood Tests, Important And  Simple, Easy Health Tips & Checking  Your Body Parameters, complementing each other in a SINGLE BOOK explained lucidly and reader friendly . All the best. Tathastu!   (Whatever you demanded it will soon be fulfilled by the grace of Almighty)  

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