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Santosh Kumar Ojha

The author is from a poor family, the author is more attached to religion and business since childhood, the author does not like to work at all, most of the author’s life has been spent in sales, the author has spent his life in debt and business. Has faced many problems like getting stuck in credit. When he realized that many gentlemen and businessmen like me are facing problems like getting money in credit and loans in business, there was no course or book to solve this type of problem. Where business and money related knowledge can be found in a short time and very cheap, which can be easily bought by anyone, and the courses that did exist were more expensive and more time consuming, time and money with small traders There is a lack of both, that’s why the author has tried to help everyone through this book by writing the book in this way, so that no one else should suffer due to lack of money and business-related knowledge.

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