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Media, Entertainment, Telcom, IT, Clean Tech and Sustainable Technologies, such has been the journey traversed by Satish Shukla after hanging his Army boots in 1999. With almost 21 years of illustrious service as an Infantry officer he enjoyed every moment of the action filled life lived there. Since 2002, a devout practitioner of Sahaja Yoga Meditation, his present goal is just spreading love and the wisdom of the Divine through Sahaja Yoga. Almost all his works, like the present book, have been inspired by the teachings of Shree Mata Ji Nirmala Devi who gave him his Self-Realisation. He, along with the other yogis, is busy today sharing the wisdom of the Divine and giving the seekers of Truth a real life experience of Self-realisation, absolutely free of charge. That, apart from his fulltime occupation in setting up a new media platform and working on Clean Tech based projects across India and the world. In the past he has authored a book on yet another path breaking subject MetaMotivation. With deep rooted belief and commitment to the mankind, he and other Sahaja Yogis spare no opportunity in delivering people to the door step of ultimate Joy.

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