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Shivi Chaddha

The blame of a restaurant’s failure is usually pushed on its inability to generate profits. When the owner is further asked about the reason for being unprofitable, you will hear only a single reply almost every time – lack of customers. I came across only two former restaurant owners who tried to find the root cause behind no customers knocking at their restaurant’s glass door. Most of the restaurant owners who are on the verge of failure focus more on marketing and branding in a hope to pull customers. None of those works for them. But what if such restaurant owners know what important details they are missing? Would they still fail to generate profits? They won’t fail!

The restaurant business must be maintained like a fort. Although the forts still look mighty from the outside, they were equipped with necessary weapons to become useful structures for defence. If restaurant owners only bother about what the customers find visually appealing, they won’t last long in the restaurant business. This book is penned down for sharing the secrets of how a successful restaurant is actually operated. It is no less than primary education for all the restaurant owners who want to leave their legacy in the restaurant industry. This book will provide the much-needed guidance for the food enthusiasts who wish to own a profitable restaurant.

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