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Shree jagannath mishra gaur, kamal

Brief introduction of Mahakavi Shri Jagannath Mishra Gaur, Kamalam (1905-1996)
Date of Birth of Late Shri ‘Kamal’ Joe 1905
Birthplace – Buxar, District Bhojpur, Bihar
Father’s Name- Pt. Mr. Ambika Prasad Mishra,
Place of Education – Sasaram, Buxar, Patna, and Calcutta
Achievements in Hindi after university education-
Literary Rain 1929, Brajmandal University, Mathura
Passed in Vidyalankar examination 1930, Vidyut Samiti, Ayodhya
Famous All India Famous for the epic ‘Prakrit Purush’
The title recognized by the literary institution ‘Sahitya Vachaspati’ awarded to D. Litt.

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