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Shruti Kumra

Shruti Kumra is a 20-year-old university student. A witty girl who faced some life changing challenges before entering the college. The incidents left an indelible impact and somehow resulted in letting her
learn some precious life lessons. She believes that things can be worse than they look and one should never lose hope even in the most difficult time. Her constant is her best friend who never left her side
and she learnt a very important lesson i.e., “IT’S OKAY TO CRY” which is a sign you are still alive. She believes “Having tears is not a regression it's appreciation”. When she realized there are other women as well who are suffering, seeking to grow, asking not to criticize but
to accept and embrace, she felt the pain of those women & penned those emotions down beautifully in the year 2019. Her Journey started there and she kept on writing that made her perceive; the only precious thing in life is "TO ACCEPT NOT TO EXPECT" She learned to carry herself with that confidence, and she feels; she has now become a woman she was never before. At the end her pain become the most beautiful part of her life.

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