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Dr. Siddappa Naragatti (h.c) Earned his graduation in and his post graduation in PGDYS, M.A. (phi) KUD (Kar), M.A. (Psy), KSOU, Mysore (Kar), M.A. SOLPM & Y JVBU, (Raj), PGDVES & M.B.A AU, Tamil Nadu. UGC NET. National Virtual University for Peace and Education awarded his Honorary Doctorate in Yoga Therapy. He has served India and Abroad, working with CCRYN/MofAYUSH Govt.of India. He has 35 papers and eight books published in his name. He devoted 28 years to Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Rajyoga Meditation, and has spent more than 24 years to ancient traditional yoga practices.

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