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Stephen Rodrigues

Stephen Rodrigues, Author of the book “The Power Game” is a well-known name in the real estate industry with more than a decade of experience. He has worked with most of all of the top builders in India and UAE territory. He has been part of the trillion-dollar industry and giving his most valuable suggestions has gained him a huge network of business clients and customers. He has closely worked in the era of the real-estate boom and understood this industry with a great sense of decision-making. He has helped hundreds of customers decide the right product for themselves. With this enormous amount of experience, he has been training the newcomers to the industry and guides them more efficiently keeping all his promises alive to date. Stephen Rodrigues became the number one choice for marketing and training for the real estate industry and he was extremely successful in understanding the study of human behavior of those who trade in real estate. He is a certified global real-estate investment consultant and ATD certified trainer who is well known for his top-notch performance in what he does. The idea of this book came to the author while he was dealing with the most powerful people in the world. as a power enthusiast, he was extremely interested in doing research on them. Their lifestyle their decision-making skills and found that the source of the knowledge of power is limited to only a few powerful people and not the common ones. So, he decided to bring this book to life. This book is a result of his life experience with powerful people from the past more than a decade and the constant leadership training and workshops. Our Author Mr. Stephen Rodrigues has spent thousands of dollars to gain this knowledge and it took him a decade to achieve where he is today. The author wants this knowledge to reach the common people so that without wasting much time, it can positively impact and bring great changes in their lives. The author believes in equality in the distribution of knowledge of power so that, each and everyone gets an equal chance to survive in this competitive world. empowerment of the weak is his goal behind writing this powerful book.

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