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Sukhendra Kumar Pandey

I am an ordinary person and work as an advocate in district Civil Court
Satna, Madhya Pradesh and I have no other achievement to write myself
because many people have more medals to say something or show off the
modern society but I have no medals or no other qualification to show off
the modern society so I cannot tell about myself because I have no any
achievement yet and modern society only respect if you have achieved
anything such if you are government officer, politician, sportsman but if you
are only ordinary man then there is no space in society for ordinary man so
that reason I have written this book for the first time after looking at my
experiences and the experiences of other people. I have decided to write
this book on the basis of modern culture in the society where there is no
value of ordinary person in the society. so that reason I cannot write more
about myself . but in my opinion ordinary man is great phenomenon in this
world because in last time every people realize a own self like ordinary
human being and that time all achievements have gone only regrets
remains at last time. So I am happy with an ordinary human being and I do
not want any achievement.

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