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Suman Thakur

Suman Thakur is a mechanical engineer
employed with a MNC as Senior Manager. She
enjoys her professional and personal life
immensely. Reading and writing are her hobbies.
She loves reading various genres of stories. Her
motivation for writing this book is to tell a story.
When she was a child, she usually went to village
to spend vacation with her grandparents. She
enjoyed the company of grandparents and the
bedtime stories. Animals, prince and princesses
were the main protagonists of those stories. She
also relishes the memories of one old villager
named Ram Prasad and his storytelling sessions.
Ram Prasad while telling stories also sang many
folk songs. The folk songs were very melodious
and sweet. The storytelling sessions were so
lively that she could visualise them and often her
mind was transported to the imaginary world.
This is when She realised the potential of
storytelling. Since then, she has taken to
storytelling with immeasurable joy.
She is thankful to all her family members and
friends for encouraging and supporting her to
write this book and fulfil her desire to explore
the storytelling. She also recognises the values
of her native village and the life of co-habitants
which influenced her mind at a very early age,
the loving symbiotic relationship between
humans and animals. She understands that all
creatures in her surroundings are important.
They teach us many unique facets of life.

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