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Swami aditya pashupati

“The author Swami Aaditya Pashupati is an optometrist and a social worker by profession. born and brought up in an aggarwal family he was always fond of cultural and mythological texts and fables.At first he served people by providing healthy eyesight through eye checkup camps and later contested in election in aim to serve communities as member of legislative assembly.Meanwhile he met Bhrahmrishi Gaurishankaracharya Maharaj and became their disciple . Along with them he started preaching the eternal peace and god in all us.Spreading message of fraternity and brotherhood he soon gained followers across and outside the nation.His message has consistently helped the needy ones to defeat the hunger poverty and grief.At present he has started a website “” “” to provide relevent and useful news and stories to the mass.The author also has mastered an ability to blend fiction, mythology and vocabulary as art.Because of versatility and excellence in cultural and social work the author is known in many nooks across the globe.

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