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Swati Sharma

My name is Swati Sharma, I completed my study in M.Sc. (Biotechnology and Bioinformatics) and MBA in (Pharmaceutical Marketing). As an author, I want to share with the people what children faced during school/ college life and how the quarrel affects their children’s mental growth. Apart from my parents in my family, my grandparents and younger brother are living with me. Cooking, reading books, dancing and traveling are also part of my life. I’m a self-motivated person, and in this journey, my grandparents play a very important role to inspire me to write this book. And I just convey the message to all people who suffer from anxiety, depression, don’t take the wrong step. Find the solution and no outsider help them as he can own. So, if you have any problem in your life, try to find the solution because problems are not higher than your self-confidence and courage.

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