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    Kushal never believed in her. Now when he realizes everything she said, will she be there to see the regret? Will she listen to him or be as rude as Kushal was?

    Years of destiny games finally bring Pranita to the love of her life. The book shows a strange connection between Pranita and Kushal and their unintentional love story. The story slowly unfolds how tangled can be the strings of two persons. The journey has twist and turns, ups and down and a red velvet diary that speaks everything.

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    “Hook” , This book is the scream of all those women who are still forced to live in social bonds and economic tradition.

    Hook by: Manvati Anand Sharma 96.00
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    Cook Book By Madhu Talwar

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    Coumarin is a well known naturally occurring organic compound. It is utilised in various fields like
    medicine, dyes, and fluorescence. Around the world more and more research is being conducted on this
    compound due to its properties. This book is introduced to give concise information for initial
    knowledge on coumarin. The salient features of this book are as under: • Complete introduction
    of coumarin through important references from around the world.• First time detailed presentation
    of isolation and natural occurrence of coumarin in a detailed chapter.• Proper citation of references in
    each chapter which helps researcher to design their work more easily.• Chapters include formats to
    help researchers get ideas for development of their work.• Each chapter provides specific
    information aimed clearly at students and researchers. Special Feature: An additional chapter on
    Organic Synthesis Approach which helps to design routes of synthesis via retro analysis.

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    Poet’s Tree is a compilation of poems which capture the myriad facets of our daily corporate life, the nature in and around us, and its immense impact on us. Nature fascinates us and the poems render vivid pictures about how it encompasses us. The author vehemently criticizes social malice and how adversely it affects the social fabric that ties us, and urges readers ardently about the necessity of eradicating such vices which may hinder mankind from thriving with vigour. The style of the presentation of poems is delectable and unique. It reveals the inward eye of the poet, as well as his deep concern for the ambiance he is dwelling in.

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    It is in poetry that she once found her voice. She writes this book, hoping it’ll do the same for her readers. Through her debut book, she hopes to demarcate a little space of her own in this big, wide world.

    Heart Out by: Milli 339.00
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    Welcome to the book of Human anatomy and physiology. We created this textbook with the several goals in mind: accessibility, customization and student engagement in helping students reach high level of academic in simplest way. We observed that student had difficulties in understanding the complex language and reading big bulky text book for their limited syllabus. They required a book that was simple and easy to follow. It’s encouraging us to write this book for the pharmacy students as per PCI syllabus.

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    This book contains messages from the universe which Payalhad received during her meditation. The universe has gracefully helped her to understand various aspects of her life and through this book these understandings are ready to be offered to the world.

    The Divine Calling by: Payal 150.00
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    Life in all its forms is always in struggle. We strive for something, and something else turns up. The basic question is why do we not cease to live? The hope that we’ll be happy – tomorrow, or perhaps, the day after tomorrow – supplies us the energy to continue to live. But happiness is the rarest of all other achievements in life. What we actually get in its extreme is just an illusory version of happiness. The poems in this collection are about these human commonalities which confirm that our susceptibilities to pain and sufferings are inevitable, and that we are not at the hand of any supple certainty. The poems imagine about the purpose of life, relationship, and the absence of deep trust in modern minds.

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    Even immorality demands professionalism, especially where the stakes involve much more than a roll in the hay. When thirty-year-old Ranveer Singh, a two-penny corporate manager and a bumfuzzled gigolo-by-adventure, marries the rich forty-six-year-old handsome hellcat Tanya Fernandez – a woman with a secret past who loves playing with men like a cat with mice – he foolishly thinks he has landed himself the golden goose. Deadlier it gets when Ranveer is unwittingly ensnared by her Personal Assistant – a plain forty-year-old soured but sexually rapturous and psychotic spinster, Maya Makhija – a woman who will not stop at anything to take control of his body…and her boss’s company. But then Pari comes into his life…again. Tough as he was, ruthless as he was with the women he kicked around with, Ranveer was a sucker the moment he saw her – hooked by a girl who was alluring to look at, but fatal to love.

    Descent of a Gigolo by: Romil 254.00
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    Thoughts…That Breath, is the author’s very first collection of poems that depicts different kinds of emotions, as she believes that emotions cannot be expressed using simple words or using lengthy sentences. They can be conveyed to someone in the form of Poetry. It can explain the reader’s exact state of mind. It is a beautiful way to express feelings coming, either from the highest happiness or the deepest sorrow. This book is written in the same manner. The purpose of this book is to recollect our childhood memories and the feelings of love starting from a child and till becoming a parent. This Poetry is written using various poetic styles like free verse, rhyming scheme, etc. The messages in this book are touching sentiments coming from the core of the heart, mentioning real experiences based on the lessons taught by circumstances. This book contains feelings captured of the time flying on its wings from the past to the present. Apart from that, it is a little effort to explain deep love of a mother towards her daughter, in the form of many priceless emotions towards Nature gifted by the Almighty, some of unforgettable eternal relations, including memorable and magical moments.

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    Parents are the ultimate role models for their children. Parents show their children how to dream, to desire and they raise them to be strong enough to fight with evil and accomplish everything they once hoped for. Every child reaches out to their parents whenever they face anything painful and terrifying in their lives. But what if those role models abandon you at the moment when they were needed the most? Savitri, a fourteen-year-old girl, got abandoned by her parents, lonely in the village. No food to fill her stomach, no clothes to cover her body and no roof to shelter her at night. Her father gave her dreams, dreams of studying and becoming a successful woman but one day that father deserted her fancy world and left her alone. Will she be able to pursue her dreams or will she sink in the filth of this society?

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    The book emanates a powerful message for the readers to realize one’s infinite potential by changing the perspective and drawing a clear road-map for excellence & happiness. The author lists pragmatic principles for self-growth applicable in various areas of life. Most points are written with logic and scientific fervour. The selection of case studies, examples, quotations, diagrams and stories has been done with diligence which successfully proves the point. It also renders solutions to grave social issues like stress, anger and moods. Finally, it recommends some practical success mantras enabling one to lead a life of abundance.

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    Last night, my heart Ached at the thought of you. My scars demanded me To write the book.

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    What I think is my birth place (Nepal), my university of knowledge (India) and the world have given me lots of things, but I have not given anything back to them yet. So, if my research project is able to share something, I will feel that my debt is being paid, for what I have come to India is achieved and ultimately my birth gives a meaning. Thank You.

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    “Please ask me anything else,” pleads Yamraj to the nine year old Nackiketa, “Don’t ask me to reveal what happens after death.” Nachiketa resolutely sticks to his stance and politely refuses to change his demand. Thus began the most profound dialogue about life between the God of death and an innocent boy. Pure innocence questions the highest wisdom. The entire discussion is encapsulated in the most profound of the Upanishads, Kathopnishad. The dialogue has a timeless charm and is embedded with jewels of guidance on life. These pearls are beautifully uncovered from the rigor of Sanskrit and presented in a beautifully flowing narrative by the author.

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    Florilegium of philosophy’ is a collection of selected articles about various aspects of writing philosophy, life, existence and nature relating to one’s survival on the enigmatic terrestrial globe and its technicalities. Everybody must read and enjoy it.

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    Skin is what we live in and through the homemade skincare recipes in this book, one will learn what is good for their skin and how to make the skin look and feel better. This book has all possible effective recipes with organic, natural and healthy ingredients that are used in Indian households by women for taking care of their skin.

    SOOTHING SKINFOOD by: Khyati 159.00
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    We all idolize someone in our life, we idolize them cause we want to be like them, people whom we have idolized are those who inspired us greatly by being successful, strong, beautiful, kind and all of that which inspires. My mom with her simple living has inspired me to write something which I have learned from her these quotes are the helping hands to those who need some inspiration hope these quotes would help you, inspire you, and beautify you as the most beautiful humans. And for more quotes like this you can visit my instagrampage called momsgiftquotes you can follow it for such many quotes and get these quotes more in number there.

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    “Never stop learning and believing because life never stops teaching and offering challenges.” How about a daily dose of motivation, walking along with you like a true friend? This compilation of massive motivations, along with hand drawn illustrations, promises to be the perfect companion for you. This book has a great vision with immaculate passages. Whenever you wish, you can take it along get inspired by the author’s visionary words coupled with drawings that define for you a new mantra for life.

    It is a fresh approach to everyday happenings and solutions for your daily dilemmas. The success and happiness mantra of this entire life is your belief system and faith in yourself. All you need to be sane in this world are a set of Wisdom Words well put by those who have seen and experienced it all. The power of each shall unfold as and when you decide to unlock the potential in each of these passages with great Quotations everyday, wrapped in which are pieces of advice, motivation, inspirations, life lessons and learning that you would love to share with those around you.

    Finally this impressive book is one which you will wish to savor forever!

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    The poetry revolves around values, human life & relationships, our great Indian heritage & culture, feelings, emotions of mind & heart. It also touches the aspect of eternal force &its existence in every one which guides them on their journey. Faith & trust of being righteous makes the life meaningful. We should always admire the gifts of nature which surrounds us &gives each of us learning’s which one should imbibe & experience. Indian philosophy always emphasizes on give back attitude when one leads a successful life. It creates immense calmness & satisfaction when we follow values of Indian culture and leads his/her life on principle of “वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम” – “World is one Family”.

    Anand Ghan by: Sharayu Jog 95.00
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    Pain, struggles, love, mockery, hustle, betrayals, jealousy, revenge, politics, anger, curse and solitude snatched the best out of her. They squeezed her soul, and took away something that she adored, admired and love. Writing has given her immense strength and confidence required to come out of her complexities. Her emotional outburst has taken a tangible form. Here she is with the piece of her heart titled Smithereens of My Chord. Go and grab your copy from the Amazon, Snapdeal or Flipkart and experience her magical world of writing.

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    A scorching summer is almost upon them. Water resources in the Savannah are drying up. Beera and his pride of lions must act quickly so they set out in search of a new home. But, their quest for survival is not without its challenges. Along the way, the lions suffer irreparable losses, find new leaders, end up in peculiar places, meet strange creatures and encounter even stranger rings. Will their journey beyond the boundaries bear fruit? Where will they find a place they can call home?

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    “Once Upon a Time; Modern Time Moral Stories” is a work of fiction and a collection of wonderful stories of a different genre, horror, suspense, drama, faith, and emotions conveying moral messages to readers of the age group 8 to 12 years. Grab the book today!

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    Walking in the normal life, we have many thoughts, emotions, which we keep in front of others with different types of words. Just quoted all these words, the book says, “Anaam Shaksh Ki Begani Baate”

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    Arun Bhatnagar’s second Book – Nehru Saga – derives its name and relevance from a letter of May, 1972 of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi to K. Natwar Singh, the then Indian Ambassador to Poland. A striking feature is an analysis of the political situation and the prospects for the approaching Lok Sabha Elections. The book is dedicated to Pandit Motilal Nehru (1861 – 1931) with whom the political journey of the Nehru Family really begins. When Indira was born to Jawaharlal and Kamala in November, 1917, in Allahabad, Motilal, the fond grandfather, prophesied, ‘This girl is going to be worth more than a thousand grandsons.’ Decades later, the grand-daughter (now Prime Minister Indira Gandhi) said in an interview aired on French TV that it was not only her father who had influenced her in nationalist politics and that the entire family – her paternal grandfather, grandmothers, her mother as also uncles, aunts and cousins – had been involved in the Freedom Struggle. The narrative encompasses the decades between Motilal Nehru and Rahul Gandhi; these two (and the others, Jawaharlal, Indira, Rajiv and Sonia) were Presidents of the Congress but not all have been Prime Ministers. As such, the political thread runs also through the Congress Presidency. Priyanka Gandhi’s entry into active politics has commenced in a year that marks the Centenary of her great-great grandfather taking over as the Congress President at Amritsar in 1919. The issues raised in Bhatnagar’s book are of contemporary interest and should generate a debate on the role of the Nehrus, before and after Independence. About Jawaharlal Nehru, he says that no man was more adored in his lifetime than Jawaharlal and few have been more vilified after death. He demolishes the view that Nehru imposed a centralized model of economic growth on the country that had, on the contrary, emerged from a broad consensus among politicians, industrialists, scientists and economists on an import-substituting model of development. ‘Nehru Saga’ also carries a chapter on the Kashmiri Pandit community that has produced luminaries of the stature of Sir Tej Bahadur Sapru and many others.

    Nehru Saga by: Arun Bhatnagar 250.00
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    This piece of work mainly contains an expression of feelings and ideas, which gives intensity by the use of distinctive style and rhythm. I wanted to conclude every line of each poem with a flash of wonder and a quality of beauty and intensity of emotions regarding the phases of life. Every living being on this earth has a positive and a negative side. The sides which we cannot define, are mainly composed into paragraphs and phrases in these poems. We should always be positive in every aspect though we cannot hide our reality. Every single being faces obstacles which they never wish to but they have to go through them. Life shows people many signs, from which we have to choose our destiny and go on.

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    The Princess of Paradisia and the Magic Basket" is the story of Susan. She lives with her grandparents,
    who are farmers and weave baskets. In the story Susan meets with Princess Charlotte of Kensington and
    they both become friends. They also meet a palm sized fairy, Ina Merzia who alights on earth from
    paradise. Ina bestows Susan with four magic pearls and after sowing them in the soil, the land gets
    swarmed with an unearthly grass field. Using the grass, Susan's granny weaves baskets. When Ina pours
    the magic in the basket, it comes to its fruition stage and it becomes a Magic Basket. Also, the place
    where the four unearthly pearls were scattered, later transform into Paradisia. Ina gives remarkable
    lessons of 'Sacrifice and Kindness' to Princess Charlotte. In the end, out of the blue by magic they get
    back their precious lost belongings in the baskets. At last princess Charlotte gets her crown back and
    Susan becomes the Princess of Paradisia.

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    * A middle class man’s life is periled by three women. Does it end even after his death?

    * Saila, the most unlikely young woman is set to become the Prime Minister.

    * Major Rathi fails to outsmart his wife in his ploy to have a cosy beer.

    * Pankaj, a businessman, plans a delicate way to avenge his insult.

    * The outlandish manner in which Biproda’s manuscript received a proposal for publication.

    * Pragmatic Franco Morris gets shaken by his emotions at last.

    * Baramdeo comes across a real opportunity to brag and prove himself.

    * An occasion where God tends to bow down to women. And there are many others with whom one can relate in this easy-to-read collection of nineteen mini-stories. A bit of him/herself in all walks of life can be found at some or the other corner.

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