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    Abhineet is not a traditional detective character, nor is he a cop. Although other detective characters are his inspirations; unlike them, he is calm, affectionate, and forgiving. He is an ordinary boy who is also flowing in the constant flow of life, like all of us. However, the situation and time brought an opportunity in front of him, to try what he cherishes; using his knowledge. He ‘bought’ the opportunity. What happened then? What did he learn? Was his project successful? Who was with him? And in the end, did our ordinary Abhi Da could become extraordinary? to know this, you have to read ‘The Inception of Abhineet’.‘The Inception of Abhineet’ is my first English presentation in ‘The Adventures of Abhineet’ series. Bengali is also available, and for you guys, I have left a clue in this story, for my next story. See if you can find that clue & get connected on social media.

  • Aasani se Ghatayen wajan by: Sourabh kukreja 158.00

    This book is a masterpiece and contains 40 chapters. The foundation of our best life rests on this. You will see how you feel yourself changing with each chapter.

  • Panchatatva Sanjeevani For Longevity by: Dr. T. S. Sagar and Kiran Lata sagar 249.00

    Panchatatva Sanjeevani For Longevity” gives a deep insight into the world of natural healing. This book explains how the five elements of nature i.e., Air, Water, Fire, Earth, and Akash are associated with the overall health of human beings. This book pertains to simplistic philosophy of life which can be understood and adopted by all living human beings to lead a happy, healthy, and harmonious life in the society.

  • Historical Perspective of Kurmali Language by: WG CDR GYANESHWAR SINGH 250.00

    An eye catching study for the students and researchers of Kurmali Language.

  • VRIDDHAVASTHA VA BAD KI TAIYARI by: Surendra Singh 300.00
    Old age is bliss or Burden? It depends upon individual planning, its execution, life style and on overall circumstances. This book will be useful for all, irrespective of age, profession etc. If one has good health and wealth , lives independently with good social contacts and most important none of the children are greedy, that person will shine like sun and people will respect them . Failing any one of these , the person will whine like dog for needs. No one will respect such people .In my view , there is no god, rebirth, hell or heaven in this universe. God is within us. One has to face heaven or hell, in this life itself. We are fortunate to be born as human and will leave this universe leaving behind our works ,creations and behavior. The way people remember us for our achievements, creations and behavior, becomes ” Life after death ” .
  •  BUDDHA ON HAPPINESS by: Dr. K.P Wasnik 255.00
    Buddha on Happiness This book outlines the life and teachings of the Buddha in a very simple and lucid manner. It skillfully introduces important Buddha’s teachings like Four Noble Truths, Five Precepts, Eight -Fold Path, Ten Paramitas, Concept of Emptiness, Impermanence, Cause and Effect, Middle Path, Pratityasamutpada, Meditation Technique and Nibbana that will ensure calm of disturbed mind. This book offers an insight to transform suffering into peace and happiness. It shows how to develop kindness towards yourself and cultivate compassionate attitude towards your own pains and that of others. This book guides us to lead a happy life. If you are unhappy, disturbed and wish to find peace and happiness in your life, this is the right book to read.
  • Ink Smudged Dreams- by the Reading Light by: Debaleena Mukherjee 135.00
     Ink-Smudged Dreams- by the Reading Light’ is a collection of poems. Poems that reflect the many facets of my life: maybe any woman’s life. Certain moments, fleeting experiences, lasting impressions, unknown anxieties, silly apprehensions, humble realization, intense joys and every hurt felt; these are the poems’ moods . And above all a growing perception that life is not about tomorrow: it is about today. But all these are not my consciously addressed ideas. Each day, they have gently enfolded me. Then in the quiet of the night, I would sit down and pour my heart out on paper. Drowsy, blurred, and very close to my heart. These are those ink-smudged dreams by the reading light. – DEBALEENA MUKHERJEE
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    Remember the name takes you to an incredible adventure of an individual, who struggles with daily anxiety, stress and fears. Will ones desires will drive them to the destined place? Will the darkness of life will find the ray of hope? The book enables you to overcome all this questions and will take you way far beyond the imaginary life and also will make you understand you are here worth living for, Only if you trust nobody but your own self by thinking you are not alone in the journey of ups and downs….. These small chapters will have huge ability to transform your own life and soar to new heights of success and fulfilment.

  • Corona KaalJai Laghu Kahaaniyaa by:  Amrendra Kumar 215.00
    The present book is an humble attempt to provide a subtle insight into the plight of the people during the corona period.  For some, it was an opportunity and for others, it came as a curse. We also got to see true faces of some people. The lower middle class and middle class were the most affected from the disaster.  I have tried to reflect upon the experience of people from all sections of the society in form of short stories
  • Oru Pidi Rahasyangal by: Karthika Mohanan 132.00

    “Oru Pidi Rahasyangal”; is a collection of 21 short stories written in the Malayalam Language, which has a mix of genres. The stories include horror, mystery, fantasy, death, realism, and memoirs. Even though the backdrop or the timeline of the stories have not been specified, the readers can visualize villages in Kerala some 30-40 years back. The plot for each of the 21 stories is different, one can find a haunted bungalow, a dense forest, temple premise, the neighborhood house, jail, etc. in each story. Some stories are in a feminist or a female-oriented point of view as well, which are not deliberately created or included

  • Love That Never Completed by: Aman Gupta 109.00

    This book is a nutshell of emotions, love, togetherness, separation….!

  • Sanyasi, Jisne Apni Farari Nahi Bechi  by:  Vishal Shukla   245.00
    The Monk Who did not Sell his Ferrari! 2018— because he did not have any If you have read books like the ‘Monk who sold his Ferrari’ or ‘Who will cry when you die’ then you better understand, you are not going to get anything like this in this book. The name is willfully kept so that the readers get a glimpse of what they are going to get in the book. If you like the title of the book, then it is surely expected that you will like the book. I have started writing so that I could narrate my thoughts to others, about the events happening around me. When I wrote for some years and when some good number of articles were collected then a thought came in my mind why I should not club all of them, along with the comments and likes given by my Facebook readers. I believe that in India there is still a big section of readers who like to read printed material. This book is for readers like them. The book is based on the current events of the time, so I have given dates. Do read it and you will never be disappointed.
  •  Ilaychi – Mehak Shayeri Ki by: Shreya Kanodia 275.00
    Ilaychi – Mehak Shayeri Ki – Where the mages of words and songs from all over the country come gather!)
  • Kuch Kahaniyan Jeevan Ki by: Neepra 101.00
    ‘Kuch Kahaniyan Jeevan ki’ is a bunch of short stories. Every story has an unique essence and color of emotions which reveals the true facts about life. Author hopes that readers would enjoy such bunch of flowers.
  • Jungle ka sharaf by: 150.00
    This book is based on a haunted jungle where a king and his castle lives happily but after 1000 years the castle becomes a haunted jungle and if anybody goes to the jungle then they’re killed by the haunted witch.
  • I won’t let you die by: Thomas Augustine 100.00
    As Swati lay in a comatose state in the hospital, her greedy in-laws plan to get her killed under the pretext of Euthanasia (Mercy killing), so that they can be the legal beneficiaries to the money and property which Swati’s late husband had left in her name.
  •  Food With Succulent Flavors by: Ambika Pathania   179.00
    Each recipe includes Ambika’s tips and techniques for getting ahead, and has been rigorously tested to make your cooking enjoyable, delectable & stress-free. Helping you all the way!
  • My Inaudible Whispers by: Umang Mudgil 139.00
    The book contains poems rife with incidences with which one can correlate to , it also contains micro tales and quotes which leave an indelible effect on the mind of the reader. The art of writing a micro tale incorporates the expression of deep embedded emotions and stories by means of a few lines .
  • Nasoor – Ek Falsafa by: Saugata Banerjee 190.00
    Zindagi ke raste chalte chalte roz ki bhaggadouri mein, kayi saare tajurbe ke saath mukhatim hum hote hain. Wahi saare anubhav ko kavi ne apke saamne pesh kiya hai, kuch kavitao ke aakar mein. Asha hai yeh kavita parke aap ke cine mein dafn kayi saare baatein aapko yaad ayegi…
  • Salivary Gland : An Overview by: Dr Rakhee 150.00
    This book is written in simple words so that every reader can understand the basics about salivary gland, its development, classification and several disorders related to salivary gland with special emphasis on histopathology features.
  • Gulshan Aag Ki Lapton Mein by:  Rashmikant Joshi   290.00
    ” GULSHAN AAG KI LAPTON MEIN ” is a sensational fiction written in Hindi & some English, inspired by some true events that took place in October 1947. It contains proxy war, conspiracy, suspense, thrill, massacre , sacrifice and patriotism by Rashmikant Joshi.
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    This book is made relatively confined and mended with thoughts, most importantly it is a book which people would learn and get something most important to their living and their nature of love. This book is made of four parts and every part represents each phase of life. Authors here tried their best to scribe out their hearts and put out their thoughts out to this world. Life is all about emotions and feelings—- ‘feelings’ when we fall in love, ‘feelings’ when we care for someone, ’emotions’ when we go through a struggle and being a part of human life, apart from ’emotions’ and ‘feelings’, random thoughts do appear before us which somewhat seems like a poem at some stage of life. And that’s when life seems so beautiful when we feel things, when we go through
    emotions, when we face the struggle and when we go through ups and downs. Poetry is not about words, its about emotions, its about life, its about everything what we feel and what we render to take feelings. This book will give you a glimpse through life not exactly about life but a complete world facing in front of you and behind also we can assure you this book won’t make you feel low at your hard times and most apparently this will become a cover upon your heart.

  • DRIFT OF EMOTIONS IN THE SEA OF HEART (एहसासों के कुछ रंग) Compilation Of Hindi & English Poem by:  WARISHA FAYYAZ   150.00
     It feels so beautiful when you express yourself, keeping any emotion inside the heart starts consuming you but most of the time we are compel to hide our love, pain, anger and sometimes frustration towards injustice….Really nothing is more beautiful than writing your emotions onto a  piece of paper, enunciating your feelings through poems provide me peace of mind…I have gone through with so much in life where i had to hide my emotions due to any reason but through this book i just try to express myself and many of you can easily relate with the matter and situation that i have described in my poems…This is a compilation of Hindi and English poems that you all can easily understand feel connected with it…This book is not for a particular age group, this one book is for all age groups…Hope this will touch your heart because I write it with all my heart..):
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    The narrator has filled these stories with the struggles of a handful of people who are caught up in the problem of love between life and death in simple language.

  • Thorn Hill by: Anushka D’silva 150.00
    Thorn Hill is a poem book about finding yourself. There are times when people get lost in their feelings and look for light. Sometimes poems help in a way that no person can and that’s what I hope Thorn Hill becomes for people. The book Thorn Hill is like a journey , from getting lost to accepting you as a person with flaws. I hope Thorn Hill encourages people to open up and accept flaws and failures. Thorn Hill was a great help and a great writing journey for me and I hope it becomes yours too. The concept of Thorn Hill is based on roses and thorns.
    Real or Imaginary is a fictional romance novel exemplifying the situations that every lover had to face for the bondage created by society. It talks about religious issues and how the lover fought to reach a peak for their bond. The scenes and dialogues presented in the book are a realistic way that I am sure everyone can relate to it. Looking up all those challenges faced by the generations out there, I decided to create a fiction where there is a blend of some reality in it.
  • ELEMENTIALS THE BEGINNING by: Vishesh and Aadik 254.00
    This book is about five characters who were given powers by a mysterious jewel whose story is still a mystery, seriously, even we don’t know its story yet, believe us. This book has two stories, the first one is the main story, “Elementals: Just the Beginning” and a small story “The Virtual Paradise” which is about a little girl who is xenophobic but overcomes her fear of foreigners.
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    MASTERING YOUR MINDSET is a wonderfully designed book that enlightens the readers on the importance of training our mind in the right way that can help us in achieving our peak potential. The book is laden with inspiring quotes, stories and anecdotes that help us to clearly understand the enormous power of our mind and challenge us to broaden our outlook and to think differently. Sankhadeep shows us how the quality of our life depends on the quality of our thoughts, and how just by changing our thoughts we can change our lives. The author also lays out various well-tested systems and mental hacks that totally change the way we think and help us to develop a mindset that attracts abundance and happiness. The book shows you how to dream big, it gives you the key to overcoming fear and helps you to develop a powerful belief system. The book also shows you how to achieve financial independence in life and how to live a happy, wealthy and productive life all by changing our perspective and changing how we think. With this book, Sankhadeep will show you that when you master your mind, you become the master of your fate and it changes your life forever.

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    The Book “The Road that leads to our Destination” is a frictional story based on a life of an ordinary farmer who struggled in his life . In this book it describes the worst situation of people but it also tells to us that if you set your target and if you focus on it then there will be no one who will come between you and the success. The story is motivational and tells people to work more hard as there is no limit of working hard. The process of choosing the topic of this book was hard but it was easy to research on the topic as we all can see the situation of economically weak people. It was very interesting to write on this topic as the topic was common and it was also real.

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