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    Career Mastery: Proven Strategies for Achieving Success in Your Profession” is a comprehensive guide to mastering your career written by Shubham Shukla, a leading expert in career development. This book provides practical tips, exercises, and strategies for self-assessment, goal-setting, navigating the workplace, professional development, and career advancement. This book is perfect for young professionals, mid-career professionals, and anyone looking to take control of their career and achieve success in the modern workplace. The book is filled with real-world examples, case studies, and expert advice to help readers overcome the challenges and obstacles they’ll encounter on their path to career mastery. With this book, you’ll learn how to identify your strengths and weaknesses, set personal and professional goals, build a professional development plan, understand organizational culture, and build strong relationships in the workplace. Get your copy now and take the first step towards mastering your career!

    Rated 4.83 out of 5
    Career Mastery: Proven Strategies for Achieving Success in Your Profession (Networking and Building Professional Relationships) by: Shubham Shukla 249.00

    Career Mastery: Proven Strategies for Achieving Success in Your Profession” is a comprehensive guide to mastering your career written by Shubham Shukla, a leading expert in career development. This book provides practical tips, exercises, and strategies for self-assessment, goal-setting, navigating the workplace, professional development, and career advancement. This book is perfect for young professionals, mid-career professionals, and anyone looking to take control of their career and achieve success in the modern workplace. The book is filled with real-world examples, case studies, and expert advice to help readers overcome the challenges and obstacles they’ll encounter on their path to career mastery. With this book, you’ll learn how to identify your strengths and weaknesses, set personal and professional goals, build a professional development plan, understand organizational culture, and build strong relationships in the workplace. Get your copy now and take the first step towards mastering your career!

  • Techniques of Claim Settlement by: JAGENDRA RANA 327.00

    Claim settlement is one of the most important services that an insurance company can provide to its customers. Insurance companies have an obligation to settle claims promptly. Technology is now being increasingly utilised to make the insurance claims simpler, faster, and more cost effective The nature of the claims process makes certain tasks repetitive, and the outdated processes do little to improve claim turnaround times, leading to frustrated customers. Advancements are being made in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the technology holds enormous potential for disrupting the insurance industry, especially the claims process. Times are changing slowly but surely as insurance companies are embracing technology in an attempt to make the claims process faster, consistent and qualitative.

  • Tathapi Banchichhi by: Subhransu Sekhar Mohapatra 200.00

    “Tathapi Banchichhi” is a book of poems that takes the reader through the life of the poet. The reader goes through devotional, patriotic, revolutionary and philosophical poems.

  • Bilakshan Mahatma by: JAGENDRA RANA 319.00

    This book is a biography of Samarth Sadguru Shri Ram Singhji Rana Saheb. The book also provides a brief summary of other great masters of Naqsbandia silsila in India. It contains excerpts from Master’s preaching and informal dialogues with other followers. The book illustrates the unique and extraordinary welfare works done by the great Mahatma in his lifetime.

  • Super Shy to Super Confident by: Reuben Singh 249.00

    To lose control of your life is like a slow death. Not to be all you could be is one of the greatest regrets a person can experience. All of this comes about because we will not take charge of our own lives. With the aid of this book, I wish to help every individual develop the right attitude to do the right thing and at the right time. Let’s not be afraid anymore to do what must be done. Let’s live to the fullest!

  • The Man with the Magic Spectacles by: Manohar Bhatia 400.00

    I was at the library one day, browsing through some pictorial journals, when my eye caught sight of a copy of National Geographic, It contained some very exciting photographs of wild life, the planets in the solar system, and beautiful exotic plants. I wanted to have a copy of these pictures, but there was no way I could. I had a camera with me, but taking photographs was prohibited in the library. To add to my woes, the photocopy machine was out of order. I was wearing my glasses and it was then that an idea struck me. What if my reading glasses could copy these photos? Would it be possible? What if by reading the whole text of any publication – a book, magazine or even a film – it could be recorded just like a voice on tape? It would be a truly thrilling experience!
    However, such recording glasses would have to be specially manufactured. These thoughts led me to writing “The Man with The Magic Spectacles.” I thought of a plot, story line, location and characters, and quickly fitted all of these together. My co- writer, Martha Jette has helped me by adding chapters, developing characters and editing the entire manuscript.

  • Crop Insurance by: JAGENDRA RANA 290.00

    Agriculture in India is highly susceptible to risks like droughts and floods. It is necessary to protect the farmers from natural calamities and ensure their credit eligibility for the next season. Risk is inherent in agriculture since the production process takes place under the open sky. Crop insurance has of late been found to be more effective way of helping farmers tide over unfavorable weather outcomes, besides reducing the financial burden on the farmer.

  • Kavya Ki Vatika by: Ravinder Singh 149.00

    “काव्य की वाटिका” एक कविता संग्रह है, जिस प्रकार वाटिका में आपको विभिन्न प्रकार के फल – फूल, पेड़ पौधे आदि मिलते हैं, उसी प्रकार आपको इस पुस्तक में हर प्रकार की कविताएं मिलेंगी,इस आधार पर इस संग्रह का नाम “काव्य की वाटिका” रखा गया है।इस पुस्तक में आपको हर एक रस में कविताएं पढ़ने को मिलेंगी।

  • Baate Badlav ki by: Dr. Neha Jain 180.00

    Tittle describes itself completely. But still let me do the job easy. It’s a poetry book talk about small to big changes we need in our society and ourselves. I just tried to talk humbly to you my dear reader for -very necessary behavioral changes. It’s a voice of my inner self to your inner-self. You will definitely relate these poems to you or your near ones

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    Love Conspires, Just Like Universe (Pre-Order) by: Ritesh Arora 122.00 98.00

    Sarthak is a renowned author, who fell in love when he was twenty-two but lost his better half in an accident in Spain. Eighteen years on, he sets out on a pilgrimage to Neelkanth to seek answers to a repetitive dream. On a train journey, he meets a feisty young woman Navya who has learned to expect nothing from men, and a mysterious Baba, who is no one, but the universe itself reincarnated. Sarthak and Navya grow closer, and together they make the journey to Neellkanth to Rishikesh, a small town in the foothills of the Himalayas. The mystical journey guides them to understand life, love, and the power of the heart. More importantly, how the universe conspires two soulmates to be with one another, traversing through time and space.
    Filled with numerous life lessons, it is an extraordinary, page-turning love story that subtly teaches listening to the heart and, most importantly, secrets of the universe.

  • WINGS OF POWER by: Surender Kumar Verma 999.00

    This book is about an Inspirational Spiritual Journey of Surender Kumar Verma, an Engineer turned into a spiritual master/teacher and healer after he attained enlightenment from a highly ascended master through Kundalini Awakening in 1992. During his spiritual journey of 30 years, whatever he learnt and taught/gave to society is all given in this book along with about 50 real life color pics/collages. Described in his own words, main contents of the book are:

      • Awakening the Kundalini Power, its experiences and benefits
      • Advanced Meditation & Energy Healing techniques
      • Human Aura, its uses and applications
      • Reiki system of Energy Healing
      • Surya/Urja Yog
      • Divine’s Services
      • Affirmations for Positivity &  Manifestation of desires and goals
      • Feng Shui Vastu
      • Holistic health, wellness & nutrition
      • Theta Healing
      • Overcoming negative emotions connected with parts of body and mind
      • Karmas and their balancing/cancellation
      • Chit-Shakti/super consciousness
      • Spiritual Qualities & Terminologies

    Purpose of Life Experiences of some of his disciples and associates
    Must be read especially by those, who aspire to grow and excel in spiritual field.
    (Surender Verma)

  • Everyday Law in India by: Siva Prasad Bose 135.00

    Law affects all of us, but few Indians are aware of what are the applicable laws and how they can benefit from them. In this book we give a brief overview of important laws by way of examples. We cover different aspects of Indian laws including RTIs, property law, patent law, inheritance law, marriage law and labor laws.

  • Recent Supreme Court Judgements from January 2021 to April 2022 by: Satish Kumar 399.00

    Recent Supreme Court judgements is a reference guide that summarizes some of the most important decisions of the Supreme Court of India and recent laws from January, 2021 to April, 2022. This book provides a snapshot of the facts of the case, issues, Judgements, Comment by the Author on the particular case and important statutes. Information on the results of the cases and their effect on legal, social, and political positions in our nation is also
    provided. The authors hope that these brief summaries will pique your interest and lead you to seek out. As you use this book, you will encounter many legal cases and their judgments, which are references to where the complete decision of the Supreme Court can be found for a particular case. These Judgments while making the understanding of law very simple, have paved a very smooth and concrete path for proper and effective implementation of Laws.
    Thus, it will work as a guide and handbook for all concerned in Legal Fraternity and Students preparing for any law exams. These judgments that have left a permanent imprint on our Social, Political, economic and cultural life have been summarily discussed and critically examined.

  • Niyam by: Lakshmi kumari 170.00

    Niyam book ek imagination stories hai jo khas kar baccho ke liye banaya gaya hai. Unki imagination power ko or increase karne ke liye.

  • Labsi by: Lakshmi kumari 190.00

    The Labsi book is about our society. Whoever or other still gives trouble to people because of their mentality. It hurts people’s life or their honor.

  • Parallel Processing by: S. VAISHNAVI 350.00

    In this book, Parallel processing is taught which is a method in computing of running two or more processors (CPUs) to handle separate parts of an overall task. These multi-core set-ups are similar to having multiple, separate processors installed in the same computer. The book focus on memory technology and optimization technique by understanding the different types of parallelism, The course concentrates on reviewing the memory hierarchy and cache performance in parallel processors. The objectives of this book are to: *Present the design of parallel programs and how to evaluate their execution *Give knowledge of the characteristics, the benefits and the limitations of parallel systems and distributed infrastructures *Analyze the parallel programs in different operating system and build the programming model. *Encourage students to Build experience with interdisciplinary teamwork. On completion of this book the student will be able to: *Analyze the requirements for programming parallel and critically evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of parallel programming models and how they can be used to facilitate the programming of concurrent systems. *Interpret the difference between the major classes of Instruction set architecture. *Design and implement a SIMD and MIMD parallel processing solution for problems. *Understand the performances of processors and solve the optimization problems.

  • Nayayli by: Reeta Devi 450.00

    Nayayli book ek story book Hai Jo bacho ko Hindi shikne me help krege.

  • Brooding Youth by: Piyush Menon 137.00

    Brooding Youth is a narrative anthology that subtly expresses the flow of our mind that is apparently caught in a whirlpool of situations. Considering the situations as a labyrinth, Brooding Youth talks about the journey our mind takes and faces while trying to solve the labyrinth of Life. It is a travelogue of the Mind that is constantly forced to take turns and detours at all walks of life. This anthology is collection of poems which is talking about the brooding of the mind of the current generation.

  • Think Deep Before You Think BIG by: SUBRATA HALDER 287.00

    Knowledge is supreme and not the qualifications. The application of knowledge is more important than only knowledge itself. Otherwise, knowledge is like a lost treasure that has no value. The application can be multidimensional to achieve physical or intrinsic goals.

    We all use to hear Think-Big. Thinking big is important but thinking big can not bring success unless someone has very good knowledge and will-force to make it successful. Without these two qualities, only big thinking can put a person into bigger trouble than a bigger success. Needless to mention that vision is required to think big and knowledge is required to think deep. Though one of the articles in this book carries the same name as the book title but almost all articles are related to this thought which provokes and develop the deep thinking capability of a person.
    In this book, I have discussed many aspects of the qualities and knowledge one should have to perform well be he/she is in a job or an entrepreneur in the Sales and Marketing arena. Sales and Marketing is a hardcore area which directly earns money for the organisation as such the most favored positions in any organisation as well as the most challenging work for the organisation.

  • The Uncharted Musings by: Afreen Nasabi (ProfAn) 210.00

    The youth today encounters a journey filled with endless expectations, volatile emotions, trifle pleasures, liquid relationships, peer pressures, technology, and self-doubt. As they battle through self-discovery, falling and rising, loneliness, trust issues, and hatred, they combat their latent emotions. The writer falls short of words as she takes them to her heart and in the process, profound writing emerges. ‘The Uncharted Musings’, is an attempt to discover and conquer the unexpressed and unmapped thoughts in words driven by an introverted heart. The extension of the thoughts couldn’t have been beautified in a better way without the pictures being used. The writer wishes that her readers not only see through her writings but also open the crypto secrets only to discover themselves in them.


    There is immense potential for women empowerment in tourism management. Tourism is a multifaceted process in which there is also flexibility and tourism has no limit, there is a possibility of work for every part. The present book is an attempt in this direction. How can women be integrated with schemes like gender budgeting to cover half the population? When the budget will be for women’s activities, then at the time of expenditure also their benefits will be talked about fortnightly.
    Rural tourism, women empowerment is seeing a lot of enthusiasm about the new dimension of tourism. Rural women have talent but they face some difficulty in getting a platform. Tourism can give everything that can make a difference in their lives and this is what I think.
    Change in life happens only by coming in contact with other people. This change can be possible through tourists. Because it is an automated process. It is not necessary to have any special abilities to be involved in this process.
    Many evils of the society have ignored the capabilities of women for centuries. But in the changed scenario, women have identified their abilities in management in the society inclusive development projects like tourism have opened many doors for the development of women. Many of these issues have been talked about extensively in the present book Tourism Management and Women Empowerment.
    Thank you.
    Dr. Manju Pandey

  • Kashyapi – Vishkanyech Prem by: Urmila Deven 350.00

    The book “Kashyapi कश्यपी” is a historical fiction, and the story revolves around a poisonous girl (विषकन्या) Kashyapi कश्यपी, who falls in love with prince Ashoka. The book will take you to the era of Samrat Ashoka completely and his journey from prince Ashoka to Samrat Ashoka. It narrated when Samrat Bindusara’s both great sons were fighting for the throne as the successor of Samrat Bindusara. The prince Sushim invited queen of poison Kashyapi to kill the prince Ashoka and the mysterious love story begins. Love initiated the process of transforming Vishknya to a normal princess and becoming her to a most favorite queen. The Kashyapi played an important role in internal politics. The story depicts the portrait of the love of Askoka and Kashyapi, and what the Ashoka found in her to make him desperate for her love and later motivates to become the Chakravarti Samrat of the century, ruled the empire based on the peace and compassion also spread the Buddhism around the entire world.

  • Manunidhi by: Nidhi 150.00

    Journey from Nidhi to Manunidhi “Manunidhi” is the first book of my life in which I have convey my feelings to all of you by remembering my husband.I lost my husband Siddhartha (Manu) forever in the second wave of
    COVID. I started writing poetry in his memory, I am not a very big poet but this is my small initiative in his memory. Every poem of mine begins and ends with my Manu, my pain will be understood by those who feel it. “HE TAUGHT ME SO MUCH AND WENT ON GETTING HIS NAME MIXED IN ME TOO” “MANUNIDHI”

  • Know Your Language by: S.K NARSARIA 328.00

    We need to be strongly rooted if we wish to grow enormously…KNOW YOUR LANGUAGE is contributed to Marwari modern generation who have lost control on the language and its existence seems endangered…together we can revive the language.. Remember when we are grounded to our roots we have no fear of losing on to our principles and morals ..this book is also for all who have any interest in the language irrespective of any caste, creed or religion

  • Tere Naam E Zindagi by: Mahasweta Chakraborty 227.00

    “Tere Naam E Zindagi” is a Hindi poetry book, The poems of this book express the meaning of love, pang of separation, heartache, War, and philosophy of life, betrayal from beloved, relationship of a child with the mother and father , and the bonding of spiritual connection between the Devotee and God. This is the book that will express your untold story. The book “Tere Naam E Zindagi” is dedicated to the Author’s Late Mother Shrimati kshetramani

  • B My Black Poodle by: Malathi Kanagasabapathy 201.00

    B my Black Poodle is a short illustrated children’s book. The book walks the reader through a week in the life of Benji. Benji and his friends share how their week is spent playing and spending time with the family. It’s a great way to learn the days of the week and meaning of some difficult words. The book provides the little reader a page at the end of the book to draw their favourite day. Ideal children aged 2 to 4 years old.

  • Radhakrishn Kathamrit by: Gopi Raman Singh 850.00

    After writing my first book ‘ Saral Sugamay Gita’ I felt the earnest desire of writing about the Supreme, Shri Krishn, and his human.
    Yogeshwar and enlightened Sage, Shri Krishna is a supreme deity of Hinduism. He is perhaps the most popular of all heroes of Hindu mythology. Bhagwan Shree Krishn is a center of admiration, respect, and devotion for crores of people in India and abroad. Hundreds of books in almost world’s all languages and scriptures have been
    published about the Supreme Lord’s teaching and aesthetics. Krishn and Radha are the primeval forms of God and His pleasure, potency and ‘Ahladini Sakti’ respectively in several Vaishnavite schools of
    There has been so many presence (Awtars) of God in every religion, sect and Dharma in the world but the Hindu scripture states the speciality of Lord Shrikrishna.

  • Unveil Life’s Secret by: Tanvi Agarwal 219.00

    For the readers, it brings joy with each passing chapter. The concepts and short stories about life and its lessons will enlighten readers to feel proud of their past decisions, which they regretted. Also, take them down memory lane from childhood to their adulthood. It is a self-help book in which the author picturizes different life situations. It is more about changing perspective toward things, people, and places.

    Though as people grow up, they carry the weight of their mistakes and failures, it will reflect the virtue of those moments. Readers will be able to relate their stories to this book. There are different thoughts, and people reflect on them differently. Learning is endless, and mistakes are the best teachers, but most people do not take it as a virtue. But in this book, readers will understand how mistakes can break them or make them.

  • Garud by: SHEKHAR JUNG 199.00
    Donation  ₹1 of my every Book “Garud” for Help Martyr Garud Commando’s (IAF) Family.
    मेरी प्रत्येक पुस्तक “गरुड़” के विक्रय पर ₹1 शहीद गरुड़ कमांडो (आईएएफ)  के समस्त परिवारों को समर्पित ।

    This novel is about the life of a boy who lived a struggling life from childhood to youth and was harassed very badly by society but his courage, patience, perseverance, and tolerance made him the hero of this century. There were various modes in his life, and he continued to fight against them and kept on protecting his motherland till his death. let’s read together.

    -Shekhar Jung

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