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    Oushadhasarvaswam is first of its kind on modern medicine written in simple Malayalam language. The book contains patient oriented drug information on more than 6000 medicines which are meticulously classified and properly indexed for easy use. It includes most novel medicines approved by DCGI, FDA, EMA and various other countries. More than two thousand medicinal plants are also described here.

    Up to date scientific drug information will be helpful for Medical, Pharmacy, Nursing, paramedical professionals and students for routine use and also as a reference book. The easy language format allows even people unrelated to medical profession to gather comprehensive information on questions related to medicines.

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    ‘अल्फ़ाज़-ए-मोहब्बत‘ कविताओं का समूह है। ये एक इंसान के खोखलेपन को शब्द देने का ज़रिया भर है। इसमें विभिन्न शैली की कविताओं का मिश्रण है। ये किताब आपको हंसाएगी और रुलायेगी। आपको अपने बीते हुए कल से भेंट करवाएगी, इश्क करना सिखाएगी और इश्क भूलना सिखाएगी।

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    This book focuses on one of the significant endeavors of the nineteenth and early twentieth century Bengali intelligentsia: science writing in the vernacular with the target audience being the so-called ‘common’ people. This involves both the recognition of the fact that developments in science and technology are at the centre of European modernity and an underlying motif to realize those developments on the native soil. But, this generates a complex process of understanding that not only transplants ‘modern’ science from the centre of the empire to the Bengali settings and linguistic forms, but also, in the same process, challenges the well-established notions of Reason and logic. To show the nuances of texts and contexts, works of the first modern scientist of India, Jagadish Chandra Bose, and major literary artist, Sukumar Ray, are discussed in detail.

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    Hymns of Rama presents before us the entire life history of Lord Ram in a beautiful and poetic format. The book makes it easy to imbibe, the lyrical journey of Shri Ram. Hindu mythology has evolved over a period of a few thousand years; largely in the form of treatises based on the lives of the reincarnations of various astral gods. Of the many treatises on Ram, Tulsidas’ Ramayan is one of the most prevalent and commonly referred ones. This book attempts to loosely translate the very famous Geet Ramayan written by Shri Madugulkar in Marathi. Shri Ram is the embodiment of righteousness of behaviour. Being the seventh reincarnation of Lord Vishnu, his life enfolds situations which lead him to be the destroyer of the demon Ravana. In essence, it’s a victory of good over evil. In the absence of role models, it is obvious that the society regresses and eventually reaches a point of no return. Hence, it is important to remember our path and value our heroes. Shri Ram’s life is a rich tapestry of sorrows and joys; of duties and responsibilities. In today’s highly mechanised world; with relationships at stake for very superficial reasons, Shri Ram’s life stands out as a guiding star. Lessons from these verses are very relevant even today. It is said that each one of us has a Ram and a Ravan within us. It is for us to nurture the positive thought and live in peace and harmony. Hymns of Rama is a gift for all those who wish to enjoy the saga of Ramayan.

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    yug-prabha’ –

    ‘yug-prabha’ is written by anand siddharth and is a collection of motivational poems with full of natural portrayal and description of the different aspects of life’.

    About the author –
    Name – anand siddharth
    Father’s name -. Ran bahadur singh
    Mother name. – saroj singh
    Place of birth -. Satna (m.p.)
    Graduation. -. BE (mechanical engineering)
    Employee. -. Income tax department
    Address. -. Vill. Pagar kala. Post pagar khurd. District -satna (m.p.)

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    Jennifer, a young, cheerful woman, is at the nascent stage of her professional life when she meets Ravinder. In their very first meeting, she realizes that she has a special connection with the man, and falls madly in love with him. Eventually, the two of them develop a strong bond, and decide to be together. Jennifer has met her prince charming and cannot think of a life without him. Everything seems like a dream, till an unexpected chain of events turns her life upside down. Will Jennifer be able to come out of this mess? Will she be able to bear the turmoil? Will she be able to love again?

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    पुस्तक शीर्षक ‘‘अंकुरण‘‘ एक संग्रह है जिसमें कविताएं हैं, गज़लें हैं, नज़्में हैं और कुछ दिल को छू लेने वाली दो और चार पंक्तियों की रचनाएं हैं जिन्हें आप ‘शेर‘ और ‘रूबाइयों‘ के नाम से भी जानते हैं। साहित्य के संदर्भ में देखें तो ये किताब एक ऐसा संकलन है जिसमें आपको साहित्य की लगभग हर लोकप्रिय विधा की झलक मिलेगी। ये पुस्तक आमंत्रण है उन सभी साहित्य प्रेमियों को, जो विभिन्न शैली की रचनाओं को एक जगह पढ़ना चाहते हैं।


    इस किताब की भाषा सरल, सहज और मौलिक है। न शब्दों का बिखराव है न दोहराव। साहित्य जितना अर्थपूर्ण और बोधगम्य हो उतना अच्छा। इसी दृष्टिकोण को यथार्थ के धरातल पर इस पुस्तक के माध्यम से उतारने का प्रयास है काव्य संग्रह ‘‘अंकुरण‘‘

    Ankuran by: Rahul singh Gautam 220.00 149.00
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    As I grew up, I started noticing changes in people around and their behaviour. Or one could say I understood them all well now and so changed my stimuli towards the materialistic and non-materialistic things in the world. But now I realize that even these two bifurcations have been altering from time to time. In this book, I have tried to pen down my observations and experiences whilst surfing in the waves of emotions, career, social factors, family & love and many other such elements dipped in this beautiful ocean of life. Through the poems in this book, I try to sketch out the feelings behind the hearts of different folks traveling through different phases of life.

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    The Limit of Truth is the first venture of Justroy which brings to light the hidden episodes of a large family that witnessed four tragic deaths owing to the unguarded and unresolved normal problems and the usual tittle-tattle that long prevailed in the family. It is a family thriller which holds the curiosity of the readers intact till the very end. The author, through this novel, accentuates on the need to read the premonition of a tragedy in order to funk it. The very theme makes this novel ‘a must read novel’ if you think you can’t afford to have a tragedy in your family.

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    It’s a collection of the multifarious allegories of human life. It’s like a vault inside of which lies hidden a treasure of invaluable articles which have been expressed in the shape of varying metaphors and fictional narratives with positive and negative undertones. The allegorical sketches have been drawn from our history, and day-to-day human, official, business and social relations. It exposes human suffering, deceitful characters, painful behaviours, bizarre idiosyncrasies, harmful phobias, hate, selfless love, human jealousy, and concepts of actual beauty & ugliness. The metaphors explain human arrogance, pride, selfishness, misunderstandings, avarice, callousness, ignorance, and misuse of position & power. It tells us about how humans turn to beasts; who are modern day slaves; what real respect is; suffocation, injustices, ignorance, innocence and caste-superiority complexes of our people. It’s a hidden treasure of mystical, ethical and many other realities of life.

    INSIDE THE VAULT by: M J Aslam 270.00
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    ‘MINDFUL EATING’; A book by Priti S. Gaglani (founder of Priti Gaglani’s Health Reservoir, since 2007)intends to teach you how to understand one’s own body type, how to combine the food ingredients and the correct cooking technique. The book aims to reach the mass, irrespective of any age groups as it caters to a collection of +200 recipes ranging from Soups, Salads, Dosa and Chilas, Khichadi and Pulav, Snacks, Desserts, Kids Friendly Items, Smoothies, Juices, Detox Waters and Beauty Packs. Every recipe is a reliable tool as it is derived after 14years of experience in Food, Nutrition and Sports Dietetics counseling for more than 2000 clients.

    The book focuses on Lifestyle Modification, rather than only low calorie eating.

    Eat for the ME in YOURSELF.

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    The author cites examples from all sectors, but mainly focuses on the importance of productivity in the manufacturing sector, in particular. Historically, humans being is constantly chasing revolutions one after another, finally approaching the present day revolution – Industry 4.0. This book attempts to decode Productivity in terms of concepts like Efficiency, Machine Interference, Machine & Labour Productivity, Capacity utilization, Productivity Index and Multi Factor Productivity (MFP). The book also attempts to express the importance of individual productivity and its conversion into corporate & national productivity, i.e. the GDP. Simply, it may be described as the matter of Time Management. However, the book, first and foremost, showcases the practical handling of issues related to labour productivity in the manufacturing industry, which are very critical and stressful, keeping in mind the growing size of companies. The case studies reproduced here, provide only a glimpse of experience. While going through the exercise, one may encounter vital issues of man management, team management, and communication to ensure the successful completion of a venture. This is to highlight that the accomplishment of such herculean tasks bring about a major transformation in the organization. The author hopes to collaborate with experts from other industries with their lifetime experience in the future editions of this book.

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    Sakhi, a village belle and a gardener’s daughter, is born and brought up at a rich zamindar’s estate. Thrust into widowhood at a young age, she steps up and fights her own battles, desperately carving her own path in the world. Rama on the other hand, works hard to promote the marriage of widows in society. She’s stuck somewhere between reality and idealism; hypothesis and fantasy! Rama’s brother Jai Singh, a handsome, young graduate from the University of London, comes back to India to visit his family; dreaming of expanding his father’s business abroad. He returns to India, only to experience a bold stroke of fortune that shatters his family…

    Sakhi by: Aparnaraje Ingle 150.00
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    The letter box is a funny old thing. It houses regrets, happiness, confessions and sorrow. But you never know what you are going to get once you open the lid. Arin Chatterjee is 30 and divorced. Homeless and driven sick by a job he hates, he comes across a box of letters, rusty and locked. In a journey of self-discovery, will Arin manage to turn his wrecked life up-side down? Or will the omniscient Fate have the last laugh?

    That Letter Box by: Aritra Dey 104.00
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    The Rehabilitation is a prettily designed handbook for everyone who is suffering from the unfathomable trauma of their inner souls and doesn’t know what to do with their lives.
    Most youngsters, teenagers, and strugglers find no value in their lives, but in reality, they don’t know how treasurable their lives are.
    Dreams can be converted into reality, only you have the power to change them into triumphs. Neither is anyone there to stand beside you, nor to handle you at your worse.
    If everyone is fighting with their inner soul, you must wonder about yourselves, because nobody will be there, no one will bother about the things that are happening to you.

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    The First edition of A to Z of Database Management System & SQL is a comprehensive book, specially designed to meet the needs of undergraduate students of engineering. The material has been designed to provide overall coverage of DBMS as a whole. The book is more focused on exam preparation, interview preparations, GATE preparations etc. It mainly covers the core concepts of DBMS with solved problems and practice exercises

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    Rallah on the Rajpath! Because after the resignation of Chaudhary Charan Singh’s home minister, the farmers had a flame of resentment against Morarji Desai. Hanuman of Chaudhary Saheb – ‘Netaji’ Rajnarayan (Health Minister) organized a huge farmer rally on his birthday to take advantage of this resentment. In the media report the crowd was estimated at 35 lakhs. Self Defense Minister Babu Jagjivan Ram, by observing the helicopter, termed the biggest rally in the history of the country.

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    A wicked fugit has summoned apocalypse on the land of Tomarkus, which has forced thousands of others like Ariet to rot in a deadly prison on the planet. Ariet, now Mesek’s foremost spy, sets about to unearth the plans of the regime but has no idea that an age-old secret— A journal that holds a terrifying tale of betrayal, the secret of their origins—is waiting for him on the other side. Ariet’s eyes conflagrate with the fires of revenge as he learns about all the lies and the illusions. But the question that looms large is how would he defeat a disembodied enemy, someone who is hiding, waiting in ambush with his keen evil eyes for the right moment to take over Tomarkus?

    Read Tomarkus-and-the-Betrayed-Planet, the instant Thriller Scifi hit, for your one-way ticket to TOMARKUS.


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    Will love win again as always? Jatin is a lower middle class boy who has been bullied ever since. Priya, on the other hand, belongs to a rich class who brings a lot more than just love to Jatin’s life. No, don’t mistake it for a normal love story between a rich and a poor. The world doesn’t stand between them but something else does. Will they be able to keep up?

    Love-Tennis by: Jitender kumar 199.00
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    “About the book

    “”मैत्री”” हि आर्यवर्त मराठे आणि निशिगंधा पाटील या नावाच्या दोन किशोरवयीन विद्यार्थ्यांची कथा आहे ज्यांची मैत्री शाळेमधे वाढते. या कथेत शाळेतील गमती जमती आहेत, मैत्रीत केलेला त्याग आणि त्यामधील पवित्रता आहे. काही कारणांमुळे दोघांनाही तात्पुरते दूर जावे लागते पण हा दुरावा त्यांच्या आयुष्यात कायमचा घर करून बसतो. बावीस वर्षानंतर आर्यवर्त लंडनवरून त्याच शाळेला भेट देण्यासाठी येतो. त्याची लहानपणाची आवडती शाळा आता एक सरकारी गोडाऊन झाले होते. पहिल्यांदा आर्य त्याच्या शाळेतल्या मैत्रिणीबद्दल त्याची बायको अनुष्काला सांगतो. आर्यवर्त बावीस वर्षांपासून स्वतःला मैत्रीमधला दोषी मानत जगत आलेला असतो. निशूला गमावण्यासाठी स्वतःला दोष देत असतो. पण सत्य काहीतरी वेगळेच होते. निशु आणि आर्यवर्त का भेटू शकले नाहीत आणि बावीस वर्षानंतरहि निशु खरंच आर्यपासून दूर होती का? मैत्रीपलीकडे गेलेल्या आणि प्रेमाअलीकडे असलेल्या अशा नात्याच्या बावीस वर्षाच्या विरहाची एक कहाणी म्हणजे “”मैत्री.””

    “विसर पडता विसरु कसे?

    गुंतलेले पाश सोडवु कसे?

    विरुन गेले पाण्यात रंग

    अलग करता होतील कसे?”””

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    The poems that I have written in this book of my ideas. All the words related to life, they are all the emotions that we can feel, whether you call it the rainbow of life, because this book has all the juices of life. Mother’s love is childhood, churna of childhood, love of youth is the support of old age. Such is the life of the whole mind that you will be able to read in the book as poems. This book is for people of all ages. Hope you like the poems written in this book.

    Aakriti by: Varsha S Galpande 139.00
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    As a teenager, Sanya Khurana had very low self-esteem and was disgusted at not being ‘fit’ enough for the world. She sought acceptance in this patriarchal world, even at the cost of her passions and ambitions. In 2014, her father gifted her a book by Sheryl Sandberg, Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead. After reading it, she started a Lean In Circle. As she began leading a circle, she started leading her life, and observed a significant change in her confidence and self-esteem, and was on the path of discovering herself, spreading awareness and making a change in small ways. In this book, Sanya refers to patriarchy as a bug in human minds, which grows with age. She talks about how the Indian media, film industry, rituals and customs strengthen the bug; the effects of ‘Log Kya Kahenge’ Syndrome on gender roles; and how unsafe cities become a psychological barrier for women. The book aims to encourage women in every part of the country to come together and fight gender inequality. Lean In India is an independent organization, affiliated with Lean In. Org, which works closely with Lean In. Org to further its mission, and is licensed by LeanIn. Org to use the ‘Lean In’ name.

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    About the book—-After being successful in the civil services, a person’s world turns around, He becomes the ideal and the undeclared advisor for other aspirants, his social status is now uplifted. But behind the eve of his successful accomplishments, many sleepless nights, wasted days, breaking relationships, are a long story of failed attempts…… A middle class young boy who’s interested in the examination of civil services, a boy of small town, he goes to a big city looking for better career opportunities. He’s studying in a coaching, while struggling with economic problems, being with friends, fighting for his own existence. Also encounters world’s dual attitude, does fun, attends monotonous classes, understands the consumer culture rooted in coaching centres. Despite of being a part of all this he can’t rebel, the love of his life left him broken, sometimes alone facing the worst phase of his career and even after studying for hours, he faces failure in the state of his chaotic mental being, he tackles his depression and……….?????

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    He was seven when he questioned himself, “Who am I?” “What am I doing here?” Being a descendent of a Tantric family, since early childhood, he was introduced to Aghori practices that led him to acquiring unfathomable Siddhis. By the age of 14, his parents started keeping him away from these practices, as he was showing signs of renunciation. Everything was paused till he was 27, and beyond that he started experiencing those Siddhis again, in a strangely different form. He started becoming more clairvoyant. He could see things before they really happened and the starting point was when he was able to predict the time of his father’s death. Following the death of his father, he became more inquisitive and started getting answers, thinking that he was talking to himself, but soon he discovered that it was not him. Instead, he was being guided by someone else, the formless, whom he calls now “Supreme.” The realization not only changed him as a human being, but also changed the way he perceived the world. Now, he is dancing in bliss and bathing in the wisdom of the Divine. Every encounter with Supreme has been unique and has brought to light answers, in the simplest form, even to the most complicated questions of life; such as birth, death, soul, God, reincarnation, universe, karma, desires, heaven, hell and the infinite. And now he is ready to share the wisdom that he has acquired through Encounters With The Supreme.

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    ‘Of Shades and Shine’ is a book about the things the author has found life to be. It’s not always easy and there are much darker days than there is light. It’s a rediscovery of oneself and she hopes each one of us can find parts of ourselves in the little pieces of hope she wrote.

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    Dr K.C. Vijayakumaran Nair is a retired Civil Servant. He has postgraduate degrees in English Language and Literature, Sociology, and History, and a Ph.D. degree in English (American Literature).

    He has authored a volume of short stories titled Back to the Shadows, and a novel Beyond the Human Eye. He has also published a history of the Indian Post Office titled From Mail to Email, which is an authentic story of the Indian Post Office. He writes under the pseudonym Vijay Kumar.

    This book makes an attempt to study the protean dimensions of the character in the plays of Sam Shepard, one of the great American dramatists of the latter half of the twentieth century. His plays, numbering around forty, are populated by a variety of characters like cowboys and criminals, rock-stars and revolutionaries, artists and visionaries, ghost girls and witch doctors, dreamers and fantasists, and heroes and heroines, drawn equally from myth, legend, and history.
    Shepard’s characters differ from the characters of well-made plays. In keeping with the concept of the post-modernist theatre, dramatists like Shepard presented characters that crossed the threshold of the anticipated character.

    This book goes beyond the existing gamut of Shepard studies, and explores an area that has received scant attention. – the changeable disposition of the character in the plays of Shepard.

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    Reading various poems inspired Mehebub Iptear to compose poems, with the aim of making others feel what he does. He hails from Bora, an obscure village in the district of Dinajpur, West Bengal. He started his schooling from Dangram Basic Primary School, Dangram in Dakshin Dinajpur, after which he went on to Dangram I.C. High School. He then obtained his Bachelors in English (Hons.) from Prof. Syed Nurul Hassan College, Farakka, Murshidabad. He is currently working as an English teacher at an English medium school in Bihar.

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    This book is an investigation of the proofs of God’s existence in both science and religion. For centuries now, scientists have been trying to find a science surrounding religion. But in this book, we will find the science that is coded within religion. This book starts with the Great city of Alexandria and then progresses to Italy, finally ending up in Space. On our journey of decoding the science in religion we will encounter many popular legends such as the likes of Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, Newton, and then make our final stop at the Modern Einstein—Stephen Hawking. The Scrutiny decodes a number of mathematical equations from religious books as well as ancient civilizations. It starts with man and ends up at the great gods. It answers the most prominent questions of all time—where do we come from? Where are we going? While finding our answers, we get to decode the famous Mona Lisa, The School of Athens and find our answers in the codex of God. During our journey, we will also unmask some famous hoaxes, such as that of the legendary William Shakespeare and the famous legend of Fatima… The Scrutiny concludes with “The Theory of Everything” – A theory that can satisfactorily explain God with the help of both Science and Religion. So buckle up! We are all in for one crazy ride…

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    Reading of a poetry means spending

    some intimate moments with the poet,

    as poetry is the natural outlet

    of the feelings of a poet.

    Poetry is the synthesis

    of the feelings of reality

    and the fantasy of dreams.

    It comes naturally as the

    leaves to a tree. Poetry is

    the spontaneous overflow of

    powerful feelings. It takes

    its origin from the emotion

    which is recollected in tranquility.

    “Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world”

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    Grief stricken by the suicide of his daughter due to breakup, Colonel Bakshi vowed to stop youngsters embracing death over life. Therefore, he opened a shelter for broken hearts—Breakup Dormitory. Where Krish, a hunk, became an emotional wreck, Vaishnavi, a young beautiful girl, had sworn to never love again. Will they love again? Shekhar who always speaks in terms of percentage blames his imperfect heart hundred percent for breakup. Facing a tough predicament Madhav came to appease his mother who adamantly refused to accept his girlfriend Adhya. Will his dilemma end here? Raj and Ahaana’s ego made a dent in their relationship. Will they be able to let go their ego? Colonel’s innovative ideas and strict army routines were meant to toughen them. Lying in their beds with battered heart and battered body, will they be able to come out fully healed?

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