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    This short story collection has seventeen stories out of which nine are satires. These stories are fully fictional in nature based on the concept and experience of the author. Serious stories of the collection also has input of satire which the readers will enjoy.

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    A book of 52 Hindi Poems, dedicated to WORLD PEACE, on all possible subjects of human endeavors from : A CELEBRITY IN THE MAKING — A PATIENT OF BI-POLAR DISORDER, Prof. Satish Kumar Agarwal .

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    The Collected Poems’ by Spring Boy Saman is a lake of poems. You taste one drop, you will consume it ooze by ooze. And finally, your thirst would be destroyed. The book contains the aroma smell of romance, love, nature, earth and the feelings of peace in death. The book offers no short cuts or any formulae to happiness or successful living. Essentially, it bids you to look closely into your own heart and divine mind.

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    Lokesh a young boy in his early teenage is forced to leave his hometown when his father has got transfer orders. He is facing difficulty in adjusting and being an introvert the things are just not easy for him. On the verge of depression and insanity he finds a way to solve everything but the outcome is not for which he bargained for. He will open the gates for his inner Devil to come out.

    Not every devil has a tail, red skin, horns, and wears a cape. No one is a devil by looks but by deeds. It is very righteously said never judge a book by its cover because who knows what may lie inside of it.

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    India is perhaps one of the few remaining economic powerhouses left in the world where the country’s High-net-worth Individuals (HNIs) have yet to take full advantage of the opportunities available to them to invest abroad and truly become global citizens. Residency & Citizenship by Investment (R&C by Investment) is one such option that offers HNIs a multi-faceted solution for their long-term and short-term goals. Thanks to economic liberalization and exponential increase in personal income, Indian HNIs are now seriously considering R&C by Investment to grow their business, secure their children’s future, diversify their investment portfolio, and plan their financial future. However, since this is a fairly recent phenomenon, there exists a knowledge vacuum regarding the specifics, benefits, and processes related to it. This book aims to remove this vacuum by providing a synopsis of the R&C by Investment programs of several countries around the world, in a simple and non-legal language. Besides HNIs, this book can also serve as a handy guide for professionals who render services to Indian HNIs; professionals like chartered accounts, wealth managers, lawyers, property advisors, and others. This book can help them gain basic understanding of the R&C by Investment programs of various jurisdictions. The world is increasingly becoming a global village and R&C by Investment is a powerful tool that can be used by Indian HNIs, businesspersons, senior executives, and professionals not only for their personal gain, but also to contribute positively to the Indian economy. More NRI businesspersons and professionals means more bilateral trade and more remittance of foreign currency into India. R&C by Investment can be an effective and dependable strategy for Indian HNIs to assert their presence in the global business market. This book is the first step in that direction.

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    Unheard Words Of Soul has given voices to the unheard feelings and emotions of 151 writers.These writers are penned exceptionally motivational quotes while some words took the form of love notes.In all ,this the Woman behind this book,Kushbu Gadiya a name that has all eyes on has compiled this book of mixed flavours.

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    This story is about a man called Ramesh and his greed for money. Ramesh lives in a remote village. His father is a farmer who earns little. Since his childhood, Ramesh hated being poor. However, things take a turn when his father dies. He owes his father’s death to their extreme poverty. His father’s death forces him to leave everything behind in search for money. Soon he is a well-known businessman. But the increasing wealth makes him more and more greedy. He becomes a cruel and atrocious man. But as he grows older he realizes nothing lasts forever. He tries to change but it was too late for him.
    Through the story, the author has emphasized on how to remain happy in most adverse situations, how to fight with our biggest enemy that is us and how to attain the much longing state of “nirvana”.

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    Pagli Ladki Ek Prem Kahaani is an unconventional love story with an imperfect climax. It is based on a true story with a strong message that loving somebody isn’t just a strong feeling. It’s a decision, a judgement, and a promise to be eternally for each other.

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    Pagli ladki- Ek prem kahaani by: Ashok Kumar Pandey 111.00
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    It’s a book that provides insights about the techniques on how to do the exams, preparation, and
    how to get ready for the national exams. The book is based on the personal experience of the
    author as he provides insights on the real challenges that students face during and after exams.
    By this book, students will acquire different skills which will guide them for the preparation for
    their exams. However, the book not only covers the exams preparation skills, but also focuses on
    the fact that candidates should learn ways to attack problem-solving in order to succeed in the
    student life and after school life.
    This book is intended to help both day and boarding students. It is very important for students as
    it serves to help students increase their passing performance by eliminating zero.

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    Hi, I am Anjani Gupta and I am from Bihar. This is my first book. Maybe you have read many books, but in this book I have written things that you will find relatable. This can be read by anyone; it doesn’t matter whether he is old, young, or a child. I hope that after reading this, you choose to give me your valuable feedback which I will eagerly be waiting for. You can ask me anything about it via Gmail, Twitter, or Instagram. The details of which can be easily found on the backside of my book cover. Thanks to all my readers!

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    ‘समझौता‘ एक दास की असल ज़िन्दगी पर निर्धारित कहानी है जो अकेला ही गरीबी के खिलाफ आज तक लड़ रहा है और उसने अपने जीवन का हर क्षण इस पल को जीतने में लगा रखा है।

    सच्चाई तो यह है कि जब कभी हमारी ज़िन्दगी हमें एक ऐसे चौराहे पर लाकर रोक देती है कि हमें यह भी नहीं पता चलता कि किस तरफ जाना चाहिए तो फिर हमारे पास एक ही रास्ता बचता है कि उसी ज़िन्दगी को दोबारा से शुरु करें और वह भी अपनी पिछली सारी असफलताओं और बुरे से बुरे समय को भुलाकर। ये ही एक मात्र ऐसी चुनौती है जो हम सब को जीना सिखाती है।

    ‘‘कामयाबी कभी भी संपूर्ण नहीं होती, नाकामयाबी कभी घातक नहीं होती। ये तो आपकी साहस ही हैं जो असंभव को संभव बनाती हैं।‘‘

    Samjhauta by: Ashish Kashyap 100.00
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    It is a research book based on chess and chess problems focusing on four-promotion theme.

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    Jazbaat is a poetic version of experiences of journey of life

    Jazbaat by: Rajeev Marda 90.00
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    अंधेरे से दोस्ती की,
    तन्हाई ने साथ दिया,
    तुम ढूँढते रहो .ख़ुदा बाहर,
    मैंने अपने अन्दर ही .ख़ुदा ढूँढ लिया।”

    मैं आपके बीच का ही एक नवयुवक हूँ जो हर मनुष्य की तरह भौतिक सुख की लालसा रखता है। सुख और सफलता हमारा जन्म सिद्ध अधिकार है। आज जहाँ पूरी दुनिया आध्यात्मिक सुख ढूँढने में लगी है, मैं पहले भौतिक सुख प्राप्त करने की पैरवी करता हूँ। मैं यह बात प्रखरता से मानता हूँ कि भौतिक सुख के बिना आध्यात्मिक सुख की बात वैसी ही होगी जैसे आप किसी भूखे व्यक्ति को भोजन न देकर, ज्ञान देने लग जायें। यह बिल्कुल भी व्यावहारिक नहीं है।
    भौतिक सुख और आध्यात्मिक सुख, आपके भीतर विद्यमान परमात्मा या .ख़ुदा आप जो भी नाम दें, को जाने बिना नहीं मिल सकता और परमात्मा या .ख़ुदा को आप तब तक नहीं जान सकते जब तक आप अपने मन की नहीं सुनते और आप अपने मन की तब तक नहीं सुन सकते जब तक आप पूरी तरह से जाग न गये हों और आप तब तक नहीं जाग सकते जब तक की कोई जगाने वाला न हो या आप .ख़ुद अपने आप न जाग जायें और आप जागे हुये तब माने जायेंगे जब आपके जीवन से सारे द्वन्द समाप्त हो जायें।
    बस, मेरी कविताओं का मकसद आपको जगाना और द्वन्द मिटाना है।

    सूखी लकड़ियाँ .ख़ुद ब .ख़ुद जल जायें तो बहुतखूब,
    वरना आग लगाना मुझे आता है,
    सदियों से पड़ा हो भले ही अंधकार,
    मुझे दिया जलाना आता है।”

    Mera Shatak by: Kumar Rishi 129.00
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    ‘‘सचित्र योग संस्कृति‘‘ डॉ० कुलदीप सुमनाक्षर द्वारा लिखी गयी पुस्तक है। यह श्रेण्य पुस्तक योग के लिए एक विलक्षण प्रस्तावना पुस्तक है, जिसमें योग के 108 आसनों तथा योग को विस्तार पूर्वक समझाया गया है। आसनों का विस्तृत वर्णन दो सौ बीस चित्रों के माध्यम से प्रस्तुत किया गया है। इस पुस्तक के प्रमुख आकर्षण हैं-
    ऽ योग व योगाभ्यास का सम्पूर्ण परिचय
    ऽ दो सौ बीस चित्रों के माध्यम से 107 आसनों का विस्तृत वर्णन
    ऽ पुस्तक में दिए गये सभी आसनों को लेखक द्वारा स्वयं किया गया।
    ऽ अभिनव साधक के लिए एक वर्षीय योगाभ्यास कार्यक्रम है।

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    Book relates about the usual situation of a middle class family even all the middle class family find a glace look like they live together the life which go through hard times and struggles.

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    “Impossible is only an issue of the mind.” In life, nothing is impossible to achieve when you have enthusiasm, optimism, confidence, and commitment. The human mind is a magical labyrinth. It is a mystical universe within you, where everything eventually materializes. Encourage yourself and do it bit by bit. It may appear tough, but every single bite of it every day is an endorsement that all will be chopped off sooner. Your consciousness creates pure potentiality where nothing is impossible. This book is like a day dream which will inspire you to do the impossible things. All our discoveries, inventions, or creations are nothing but rediscovering existing knowledge. Our sheer determination can move mountains. If you can dream big, believe in achieving the impossible, and think of ways to convert that dream into reality. The sky is your limit. Determination, dedication, and perseverance will show you the way. By reading this jewel you will be utterly captivated by terrible beauty this book possesses.

    Nothing is Impossible by: 222.00
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    Leadership cannot be defined by time, age or era; it has and will always be there. It is also true that a great future can be shaped by following lessons from the past. A leader is one who leads the mob and inspires it to get work done, leaving a lasting impression on the followers. In that sense, Rama was a great leader who inspired Vanaras to fight the invincible Asuras. He developed a talented team of individuals, used them efficiently and led them himself whenever required. The Vanaras building a bridge of stones over a river is the perfect example of inspiring leadership. His Ramrajya is the benchmark of good leadership and rule. This book hence provides an insight into Lord Rama’s great leadership qualities, which remain ideal even after 5000 years. This book is excellent food for thought and a vision of corporate leadership. It offers a holistic long-term approach and solutions to various complexities relating to modern management practices.

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    मैं भारतीय सेना में कार्यरत एक सैनिक हूँ, बचपन से डायरी लिखता था तो लिखने की एक आदत सी हो गयी, ऐसी आदत कि एक दिन भी अगर न लिखूं तो कुछ अधूरा सा लगता है। साधारण सी कहानियां लिखते-लिखते दिल में आया कि कुछ अलग करूं, कुछ जो सामान्य न हो, अतः बरमुडा त्रिकोण के मुद्दे को चुना, बरमुडा ट्राइएंगल…. इस दुनिया की सबसे बड़ी अनसुलझी गुत्थी, इस किताब में इस गुत्थी को सुलझा दिया गया है। यह बरमुडा त्रिकोण के बारे में फैले झूठ के जंजालों को आपके दिमाग से कचरे की तरह निकाल फेकेंगी, अगर आप मुझ पर विश्वास करते हैं तो, अगर आप एक सैनिक पर भरोसा करते हैं तो.. आइए इस सफर पर चलते हैं जहां आज तक कोई नही गया।

    Trikon by: Ankit S. Kumar 200.00
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    What to do when someone, whom you have hated for half of your life, falls head over heels in love with you?
    Ashlesha Nayak had to live far from her family and friends due to her job. Life was not easy at first but when she started making friends, everything began to become normal until Vishal Bagchi, a tall and handsome guy got transferred to her office and back in her life. Vishal started to fall in love with her unaware that Ashlesha had some other plans for her.

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    A teenage girl. A throbbing heart. A tired soul. Anxiety issues. And, a really tiny mystery. “The universe felt potent and void at the same time.” Sixteen-years-old Sarah’s life was never really simple. Just as she was about to give up hopes, she found a letter. From that day began a mystery. A mystery she never thought would change her life.

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    Blaming My Hormones is fiction about the life of four girls who are suffering from a lifestyle syndrome that is also known as hormonal imbalance. The story revolves around their struggles and the consequences.
    When everything seems fine, a new challenge occurs with bigger difficulties and chaos. In search of permanent relief, they stuck themselves into adverse circumstances.

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    This book is a collection of poems expressing different aspects and colors of life.

    Satrangi by: Vasundhara Singh 100.00
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    The book talks about a doctor, who despite growing up in America, is more fond of her Indian culture.

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    “My Love You look hot when you run!” When she read the letter written with blood, she gasped in horror. The protagonist Natasha, was a content editor by profession and was living a peaceful life in the suburbs. However, an unsolicited event made her a nyctophobic— someone suffering from post-traumatic stress. And while recovering from her trauma, she started receiving creepy letters from a stalker turning her into an ‘avenging angel’ mode. Nevertheless, her life again changed completely when she met Siddharth in a hospital. He was a fun loving and a handsome hunk whose life was a perfect mess around alcohol, drugs, and one-night stands. But after meeting Natasha, he developed captivating interest for her. Will Siddharth be able to catch up or will it rip them apart? Will Sid be able to convince Natasha that he’s the one for her? Will he support her to find the culprit? “Hello, Don’t put the book down just yet, Pick it. You are welcom to my world.” -The Anonymous

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    Every scripture or religion you read or follow has stated the importance of giving. In chapter 3, verse 12 of the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna says celestial controllers, being nourished and pleased by selfless service, will give you all desired objects. According to the Gita, there is a twofold path of spiritual discipline—the path of self-knowledge and the path of unselfish work for others. The Bhagavad Gita clearly says that you have to give back.
    In Christianity, in its teaching piece from Jesus in the New Testament, Sermon on the Mount, “Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.” Or take the example of Saint Francis of Assisi, his prayer, Make Me an Instrument of Your Peace, where he says, “To be consoled as to console; to be understood as to understand; to be loved as to love and for it is in giving that we receive.”
    Or you look at Islam; Muslims are mandated to give some part of their wealth, which is the concept of sadaqah or saddka. This concept is giving back out of compassion, love, friendship, and generosity with all truth. All religions highlight the importance of giving. A benefactor is a representative of God.
    Each one has its own way. The important thing is giving. The giver, despite having the wealth, thinks that he is not the owner of the wealth, but the trustee of the wealth. This is the highest form of giving.

    Giving is Living by: 200.00
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    The book is a collection of poems and is a must buy for poetry lovers this season!

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    The short stories in the book stir the emotions of the children. The elders, in turn, are moved by the expressions on the faces of the children while reading/listening to the stories.
    An attempt has been made in the book to show that much can be learned from the actions of humans, animals, and birds.

    Gud Gudi by: Prabha Pareek 165.00
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    “Astonished! Completely blown away. Such a breathtaking moment it was. I felt like I was in the world of dreams. All of a sudden, I fell from my bicycle. My mind stopped working for a while. My eyes stopped blinking. My expression got changed from smiley to shocking”. This was the moment when my life started opening its doors.

    “Suddenly, the pain in my body increased exponentially. My head was spinning in pain. I was losing all my senses. I realised that I was going to die in a few seconds. My mom was tightening her hug with a lot of love. My dad held my legs not letting me go from this world. The doctor inside the ambulance was praying to god in helplessness. I imagined three important emotions in my life, the care and affection of the world’s best mother; the emotion of the world’s best father; and the love of the world’s best soul, Ria. The pain reached the breaking point, and the breathing stopped completely.” This was the moment when my life started closing its doors.

    In between the journey of life, you will go through every emotion of life. You will feel, smile, get connected, and become emotional. This is the celebration of life, living and love. The story of Jai-Ria is as beautiful as your loved ones. You will see your thoughts becoming beautiful after reading this book. Its worth purchasing this book. Don’t miss an opportunity to read it.

    Jai-Ria by: Shahane Udaykumar 249.00 199.00
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