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    The Dying Whisper of a Never Born Child is a contemporary conflict based story with a twist of romance. This story is about an unborn belonging to the Kashmir Valley. He feels his mother, Nayeema’s pain, and grief and is obsessed with the suspense of such grief. There’s an Angel who’s sent by God in response to the utmost prayers by his mother, for his protection. Angel makes the unborn familiar with the enchanting beauty of Kashmir, who’s delighted to see the wondrous valley. But, the unborn remains yet discontented. Upon his insistence, this unborn is acquainted with the conflict, the violence, the valley has been engulfed with. And, through the Angel he comes to know about the love story of his mother, Nayeema, and his father Zubair, followed by the eruption of violence in Kashmir that victimized people of all communities, including his mother. The book explores the unnerving dilemma of an unborn child aghast by the beauty of brutality in the valley.

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    The Ordinary Boy is a novel about how to get up after life knocks you down. He writes about hope and love and how to trust the process without losing patience in the process. This is a love story of Madhav and Sheetal. Madhav is simple yet amiable personality whereas Sheetal is very beautiful but come from a family with a rigid mentality. It is easy to fall in Love, but it is difficult to maintain it. Even after several problems, Madhav and Sheetal try to provide adequate justice to their relationship, where some decisions are taken without their permission to keep the feelings and respect of parents. Apart from writing he wants to follow the footsteps of his role model, his Late Grandmother Madhukanta Joshi and contribute something valuable to the society. Whatever he earns from this book will be given in the girl child’s education.

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    Enter a world of words
    For the heart and soul…
    ‘Musings’ are thoughts
    Random and raw
    That talk of
    Love, Life and much more!

    ‘Musings’ is a collection of poems that will reach out to you. Something you can relate to and identify with. The poems speak to you of love, of heartbreaks and of the lessons of life each one of us faces as we tread along its path.
    The words will touch the deepest core of your heart and make you fall in love with yourself, all over again!

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    The Navodaya Life is just not about school life. It consists of your numerous mischievous activities which you do at your school. It’s about skill development, it’s about teamwork, and it’s about brotherhood in the hostel. It’s also about learning to bear the responsibilities. It will let you know why we just cannot forget our school life. It tells why ‘once a Navodayan is always the Navodayan’. You will cherish your childhood while parents and teachers will come to know the secrets and their concern.

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    The Navodaya Life by: Kundan Kumar. 175.00
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    Magic was not just a word, but it was a world for Aarav. An illusion bigger than his life. His dad, Mr. Sen was not confident about his magic but his mother had faith in him. Being confused in his dad’s restrictions and mom’s support, Aarav inculcated something unique in his behaviour. Consecutive obstacles made Aarav feel dejected in real life. Gradually, he created his own space in his imagination where he met his love, Zara, who loved and supported him immensely. His imagination was overwhelming, but that affected his real life. What made him to go to a parallel world, beyond the reality of his existence? What made him dream so much that it never reminded him to draw a line between dream and reality? Was his life real or just an illusion?

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    Born to Marry is a collection of interesting incidents, experiences, accidents, thoughts, and experiments of a middle class boy who lost his mother at the age of 12. It is a collection of random incidents, some tragedies, and stories, precisely portrayed. It is a compilation of experiences the author had throughout his life with rash childhood, love, unending endeavour to settle down, unemployment, society, parents, and the constant fuss of getting married at a fairly young age. This book is an interesting tale in itself with profound observations and life lessons. It is an epitome of pain and hope.

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    The uncaged voice is an anthology exhibiting emotion of 100 budding writers, storytellers and poets.
    Put up together with the hard work of core team members and many other people, this anthology portrays THE UNCAGED VOICE of many hearts! Publishing in over 176 countries, this anthology give many writers a chance to render their perspective to the people world wide.

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    Kasak: He was my best friend. My forever kind of love until he broke my heart in millions of pieces and then stomped on it afterwards. And I hate him for it. I hate him for still being there for me. I hate him for making me doubt myself and asking the same question again and again. Do I really hate him? Ketan: She’s not what I want but she’s what I need. She’s my obsession. She’s the freaking light to my darkness. No matter what I do she’s always there, waiting. And I hate her for that. I hate her for her perfect smiles. I hate her for the way she makes me feel. Still, I’m never far from her.

    UNREQUITED LOVE by: A. Gupta 280.00 230.00
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    The dazzling romance displayed by Shahrukh Khan on the Idiot boxes made the teenagers fall in love all over again. This book is a story of two brothers and how life turns out for them in a different way. They share different ideologies yet they end up in coherent manner. Come and nibble on some nostalgia, feeling the era of 1990’s.

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    Timeless Pebbles is a collection of my thoughts and feelings evolved over years of my experiencing life, situations, and people. This book attempts to reflect our ceaseless quest to search for meaning of life. Timeless Pebbles elucidates the life cycle of our civilization. It truly depicts the current involvement of human with respect to the both; existence and the wisdom. It is not merely a collection of words but the truthfulness of life. It is a collection of moments, woven beautifully with the words. Each shining pebble in this book is in form of a quotation and a product of emergence above all ruthless frictions of the situations, struggles, inner clutter, and self-doubt.
    This book is precious because it will make you realize about the meaning, purpose, and worth of life. It will take you nearer to your own self where you see the self from a different perspective.

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    “Life Transition Step is a book to help yourself. It is having content in Motivation, Women Empowerment, IT, Stock, Marketing, Finance, Sports, Depression, Driving Experience, Entrepreneur, etc. It is having content on real time experience which will be helpful for each and every individual. This book is first step to transform life.”

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    Me and My Shadow is a collection of poems written and composed by Mrs. Karon Hansepi, poet and writer from Diphu and translated by emerging poets Longbir Terang and Welsing Hanse. The original book was written in Karbi language titled Ne pen Ne Harchi (Italicize the tilte) which was the first collection and compilation of her self-composed poems. The book was published during the auspicious occasion of the Golden Jubilee Celebration of the Karbi Lammet Amei [KLA] or Karbi Literary Organization held at Joysing Doloi Auditorium Hall, Diphu in September 2016.

    Many of the poems are dedicated to the loving memory of her dear and near ones, who are no more and some are dedicated to those who have given her encouragement and motivation throughout her life. These poems reflect the warmth, admiration, love, lost and pains that one has to come across in the course of the journey of life.

    Some of the poems were written in the memory of her loving brothers and parents. Though they are no more with her to share her pain and happiness, upon her heart she always feels their presence now and then.

    Few poems are composed in honour of the motherland, the land that nature has bestowed with beauty and bounty for giving her an opportunity to live a life of hope and admiration and a sense of responsibility as a citizen of this great nation and carved out an identity for herself.

    Few poems are dedicated to her friends and well-wishers. The bygone days of a few years she spent with them are memorable to be cherished. Blessings from them come to her in disguise.

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    Evil minds harbouring wicked intentions end up crafting nasty circumstances resulting in the suffering of those with no fault of theirs. In such real crime stories, the underlying attempt has been to uncover such situations and to focus upon the events that contribute to ripening of such situations within which cunning minds easily prey upon the pious and the guileless. Not to mince words, but the glaring emotions of anger, lust, greed, etc., when dominant, drive one onto the shore of committing or indulging a heinous crime, and such gory traits also contribute to the culmination of gruesome events. Clearly, one has to pay a huge price in life following a wrong and unjust selection of people including those in close relations; and hence, hope is that readers would not only seek delight in the real life plots and characters, but will also relish the literary craftsmanship being exhibited thereby. But then, in stories highlighting Mexican Prison Break and Javed And Himanshu, certain positive aspects of human personality have been focussed upon, which need appropriate circumstances to bloom fully to accommodate compassion and to effect mutual cooperation.

    Barbed Ire by: Faisal Mahmood 99.00
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    Ever been in love with the person to the extremes? Yes? Did you plan to fall in love with that person? No, right? But your destiny chose that for you. You were bound to accept all that He planned for you. My Allah, your God, someoneʼs Krishna all of them together chose that route for you. This saga, The Text I Never Received,(italicize the title) is an alluring tale about love, friendship, commitment, and assurance where a happy go lucky girl Zara fell in love with Aarav. It was almost ‘love at first sight’, however, without getting the sight. What happened next changed things upside-down.

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    Many people face problems in forming sentences and speaking in English. Even I have faced a lot. I read many different grammar books and found them really helpful in giving a proper foundation to grammar. However, it did not help me to speak it fluently.

    At last, I thought of creating a new process by which one can learn to form sentences and speak effectively.

    It’s very important to follow the structures properly, practice regularly and apply it in the day to day conversation. This book will help everyone whatever knowledge (s)he may have. I’ve given some points to follow at the end of the book. They are like medicines. Apply them and get rid of the fear to speak.

    Achintya Kumar Samal, born in a poor and uneducated family, understands the struggle for survival and to compete in the society. The English language is one of the best ways to reach the goal whatever we choose. He is determined not to work for any organization but to find out students from many different places who have interest in learning English but can’t afford the fees. This book would be the most effective step for them to learn and speak spending the least amount of money.

    The passion of helping the helpless is greater than anything else.

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    What are Dreams? Are they just desire that fade away with time or change with your changing world? No! Dreams are more than desires. Dreams are the home to your soul and peace to your mind. But, what if your dream is caged inside your own body? What if you forget it, saying it was never meant to be? What if you get all the happiness of the world but not the fulfillment of your dream? Would you really be happy?

    Come, explore this unique collection of poetry It’s All About Dreams. It will entertain you, inspire you, question your beliefs and answer your unasked buried questions. The poems will leave you touched with the fragrance of love, pain, emptiness, courage, self-discovery, self-motivation and so on. It’s All About Dreams is all yours

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    Clueless about how to overcome the challenges of your life in the different area?

    For the people who are in search of motivation, Rahul urges you to take you to a new world—a world of freedom.

    From the world of temporary pleasures, anger, depression, lack of confidence, relationship problems, loneliness, fear to a world where you will be the king having all the wealth, success, fame, confidence and everything you haven’t dreamt of. There will not be a fear of losing as you will be in a world of FREEDOM.

    There are different chapters of life defined in a unique way with fewer words but deep meaning. It’s recommended to taste, chew, and digest its content rather to just swallow it. It can be useful to all especially students who have been his inspiration to be what he is.

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    Happy Hours, cheers to life is a relationship guide which offers easy techniques which are simple to use yet can bring a sea difference to our relationships. When we talk of relationships, we are including here, our relationship with our spouse, in-laws, kids, our colleagues at work, our subordinates and seniors and definitely relationship with our own selves. All of us strive to live a happy life and bring satisfaction to our people and to ourselves but something stops us leaving us wondering as to what goes wrong that doesn’t allow us to be happy as we want. What breeds that sense of gap between our being and where we want to reach. Offering you some self-help relationship techniques on the platter doesn’t guarantee a solution to all the problems in our lives but it certainly assures a flavor of the realization how small changes in our approach towards life can facilitate huge transformations. They say, ‘happiness is a state of mind’, let us create that state of mind. So read on and explore into innovative and creative ideas as to how we can make a living out of our lives.

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    The Sage With A Secret is a fictional story about a successful businessman narrating his own story of success to his secretary. The conversation between the businessman and his secretary in the story reminds the reader of their own nostalgic experiences of life. It teaches the reader the truth and power behind the law of nature that is in the power of “giving”. It also inspires and enlightens them to find their real purpose in life.

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    “The best preparation for tomorrow
    Is doing your best today.”
    H. Jakson Brown

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    Alan, a little kid, was found in the forest. No one had any information about him except that he had the power of fire and psychic. He was adopted by master Weng. He always knew that Alan was something new and something different. He found a talent in him but never told him. LORD OF DEATH the devourer of dimensions, had this myth which laid a full stop to his plans. What is that prophecy? What did it tell? Who knows until the time comes?

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    :The story speaks about the love of a typical Indian girl who will never give up her family for her love.When this girl happen to love some interesting person what will be her inner heart will she manage to tie between her family and love.if one decides to choose anyone and leave the other the problem may be different. But her problem is very difficult. One may feel boring to read the story at the beginning but once you try to complete the story you can really enjoy the story and can realise it with you or someone close to you.

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    This fiction reveals the conspiracy of an alien country D Dark against the world.
    In quest of all the positive spiritual energy, they come to our world and take away from here to their respective country.
    The author was also kidnapped because he was also carrying the same energy.
    How will he return to his nation?

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    In this book, the writer, by drawing attention to rising religious fanaticism of the fragmented image of communal harmony in India and warned of the dangers caused. It has been stated in the book that due to the erosion of the old Gangosomani faction of society, some elections can definitely be won but overall the country will be defeated. To understand the essence of the book, two lines of the poem on the beginning of the book are adequate. To differentiate on the grounds of caste and religion is not the culture of India. It is not right to follow the path which divides the nation.”

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    Not Everytime you’re allowed to chase your dream career! Not Everytime you’re brave enough to overcome from the cluster of memories! Not Everytime you’re destined to meet your soulmate. Not Everytime, you’re capable of following your passion. But what if someone tells you that the universe pushes you towards your dream? Would you believe in the magic of universe? Aisha, an affable aspirant who sacrifices her dream career for the smile of her parents. Sagar, a creative student who’s passionate about travelling. Reyansh, a shattered heart yet spreads fragrance of smile everywhere. Arjun, a student who is crazy for the girl of his dreams. Tia, a brave soul who met with the greatest fall of her life but still she didn’t lose hope. But what if these five lives cross the road of one another and make several promises? Would everyone be able to keep those promises? Would they set example for the term ‘loyalty’ still exists? Would Aisha be able to accomplish her dream career? Would Reyansh be able to overcome melancholy to be happy once again? Would Arjun be able to meet the beauty of her dream? Would Sagar be able to travel the world? Would Tia be able to change her perspective?

    CROSSROAD by: Vrinda Khetan 260.00
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    This book is the writer’s maiden venture consisting of small poems on

    diverse themes. To give an insight into what led to the writing of a particular poem, a

    small write up is attached herewith about the background or setting of the piece.

    This is a small collection of some 30 odd poems, rhymed and otherwise covering a

    plethora of themes of our everyday life. Since the poems are in Hindi, with a bilingual commentary also added to

    each poem.

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    The book completely describes the process of aging, its causes, its management and the prevention. It also talks about three diseases that are related to aging.
    This book is best for the readers who need wholesome knowledge about aging.

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    ‘Ehsaas-e-dil’ is an unsullied emotional sketch of a woman’s heart by a woman presented through the medium of poetry. Poems in the book are a candid account of the poetess’ sensibilities which she voices out without any hitch or artifice. The rawness of this collection is its unique flavor.

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    This story sheds light on the difference between love and attraction.
    ‘love + trust + honesty’ = A Bond Beyond Seasons. A dashing lawyer Srishti. A supportive boyfriend Akash, who was a fellow lawyer and an enthusiastic writer. As the love between Akash and Srishti is deepening their love boat is hit by a storm in the form of glamourous model Pratyusha. The fearless lawyer in Srishti can’t stop herself when she sees injustice being done to Pratyusha and takes up the challenge to get justice for Pratyusha. While struggling to get justice for Pratyusha Srishti never even realizes that there is something wrong happening in her own life. The silent acceptance of one sided love for Akash by Pratyusha. Akash has complete trust in Srishti’s love but does Srishti as well have faith in his love? Would the bond between them be strong enough to survive the storm and emerge a bond beyond seasons? Keeping aside her personal issues is advocate Srishti able to get justice for Pratyusha?

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    “Lafzon ka Safar by Usha Rajesh is not a mere collection of poetry but an amazing bundle of emotions. It reflects various emotions of human beings in diverse situations and social backgrounds. The book acts as a mirror and creates the reflections of different aspects of life like purpose, love, relationships, pain, humor, dilemma, thoughtfulness and humor. This small book containing 145 pages in 5.5 * 8.5 cm indeed signifies the popular phrase ‘गागर में सागर’.

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