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  • IGCSE Crash Course: 20th Century History by: Prashanthi Subbiah 949.00

    Recommended age group: Age 12 and above.
    Recommended audience: Students, teachers, and all learners who wish to understand the connect between the past and the present.
    In a time when liberal and interdisciplinary education is on the rise, the importance of the social sciences is increasing. Such education focuses on introspecting into current and future challenges. This means that knowledge of historical events would give us a head start in any field of study.
    This book is a resource aimed at providing such knowledge to students. In particular, it aids students in learning about the 20 th Century. It has been published with the intent to help students obtain a good understanding of events, and equip them with a strong foundation to relate to the significance of the described events in today’s world. Tough topics have been simplified by using flow charts, tables, bullet points, and simple language, without sacrificing on the quality of content. This has been done to make the content easy to comprehend and seem more like a story than something monotonous. This resource hopes to spark an interest in readers towards these topics.

    It is mainly aimed at students of the IGCSE History curriculum, which is a two-year long course spanning over Grades 9 and 10. This resource is designed to be used for both years. It is also suitable for learners outside of this subject and curriculum (such as students of Global Perspectives and other Social Studies subjects in International and Indian Boards), and fellow history-buffs. The content it covers could also be taught to middle school students, to help ignite an interest in this fascinating subject.

  • Murder in the books by: Ankita Khataniar 225.00

    Prepare to get swept into the idyllic town of Silverton Falls where green are the valleys and dark are the shadows. The pastel colours of picturesque storefronts, hide innumerable secrets behind delectable rows of treats, now threatened to be exposed by one sinister act. Murder, it seems, is on the books.

  • Let it Happen by: Sanjay Shesh 138.00

    This book highlights the importance of Let it Happen and improving the efficiency of all our efforts. The book is full of wonderful real life examples to put across the importance of letting things happen in our lives.

  • Traumatic Zombies by: Mahoor Zahid 275.00

    A story with no names but pain, desperation and hurt, all going in circles. A family to whom pain was no foreigner. A journey of love but self-hate.

    A journey of how trauma shaped a zombie. A journey of a family where two were saved yet last one survived, till…

    This book deals with societal norms conquering self-love and portrays the survival of people who were drowning because of hate. It’s an attempt to make people aware of how bullying and the idea of fitting in can be toxic. A story with no plot twists but emotions turned demons. Loss of identity and struggle to fit in, I offer you a story that makes you want to continue with life which might have many pauses but not an untimely end. A story with no period because haven’t we all continued with our lives at some point with the help of the last ray of hope when it was supposed to be a dead-end, a full stop.

  • Nagmo Ki Vaadi- Valley of Poems ( Hindi ) by: Dr. Saurabh Tripathi 220.00

    “A Valley of Poems” takes you from the snow capped peaks of Himalayas through the Oak and Pine forests, rivers, and grasslands to your innermost self. The timeless journey in the form of poems is both scenic and compelling. Poems vary in subjects from devotion, love, separation, birds, dreams and death. Through ten engaging chapters written mostly in Hindi and light Urdu the book explores the affect of nature on how we feel and perceive ourselves and others. In the book there is a poem for all age groups and all types. It is going to touch your heart and soul and will provide you with the pause and serenity that you need in your life. With meaning of difficult words in English, language proves no bar to pleasure.


    A touching story of a prisoner. The prisoner takes the responsibility of killing himself by drowning in emotions. However, under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code, the prisoner was accused of killing a girl. A girl was like a daughter in his eyes. Eventually, he dies a natural death in prison. This story will force any man to think before he makes a mistake. Society will get a new direction.

  • Love Rambler by: Pradeep Nigam ‘Aalim’ 315.00

    Love and freedom or freedom for love, freedom to eat and drink, freedom to speak. freedom for all and freedom for individual. This subject is weaved together with the love story of Ranjeet. Ranjeet meets Juliana, a foreign girl who works in a bar in Japan. Juliana works as a companion, and she is a strumpet. Juliana provokes him for sex and Ranjeet gets excited and gets lost in the dreams of his old love affair. Ranjeet tried to compromise but he did not want to surrender. Love, break up, marriage, divorce, remarriage, are the sequences of his life and this story, and that is ” Love Rambler”.

  • Idioms and Phrases – A New Look by: Thomas Mathew Marangoly 736.00

    The book is an absolute boon for everyone working to improve their English speaking & writing skills. This book will provide you with an exhaustive list of Idioms & Phrases with examples which can be incorporated into your day to day vocabulary.

    A must have book for somebody studying for entrance exams or wishing to upgrade their skills in School, College or at the work place.

    This is the goto book not just for improving speaking & writing skills, but a very easy reference book when looking up the meaning & usage of various Idioms & Phrases.

  • Life is All About you by: Kamini Sen 199.00

    Life is a boon to mankind, relationships being an integral part of it. The moment we are born, we set ourselves on this beautiful journey that comes to an end with our death. However, the thought of departing from this world shouldn’t stop us from living this wonderful life. Live your life to the fullest, create stupendous memories and preserve your relationships. Life is too short so don’t miss out on people who form a significant part of your everyday life. You can have all the luxuries of the world at your feet but life will still remain a barren land without relationships.

    This book will help you to lead a happy and satisfying life by having a positive outlook towards it and nourishing your existing relationships.

  • When The Carnations Bloom by: Aysha Afrin 500.00

    When Miranda moved to the city from the beautiful orchard in the village, all she dreamt about was finding a nice guy who would cherish her, hoping for a different life, unlike her family. But instead of one, she encounters two and finds herself in unexpected events that change her life. The sweetest moments turn into nightmares as she juggles between work and college life. The bitter past and the tempting present confuses her. Will she decide to battle it out or run away? Meanwhile, Niall, the professor, tries his best to work things out and put the duties on track while his ex-girlfriend keeps interrupting their lives. What will happen between a professor, a farm girl, a CEO and an obsessed ex-girlfriend? Will love overcome the horrors and responsibilities or bring them to doom? The story unravels in a city and a magical valley with an intricate blend of love, music, family, hardships and conflicts and tenderness one would face in the world. The enchanting tale between Loyal Niall, Demure Miranda, Tragic hero Darren and Villainess Clara will not fail to inspire and sway the reader’s heart. The story not only creates the world of romance but also a tinge of realism one could relate with when it comes to achieving your dreams, pushing off the hurdles lying in the way.

  • The winner’s love by: Ajit Wadhwa 214.00

    This poetry book is a collection of practical observations of a poet about a variety of circumstances, situations that we usually come across in our lives and our responses to those. The moments of success and failure in one’s career with those of love, betrayal, depression, healing and salvation have been meticulously encapsulated in the form of rhymed poems in this book. The poet, Ajit Wadhwa, runs a fairly popular page on Instagram dedicated to his poetry, @ajit_says.The poet has a rich and hands-on experience of different prevalent cultures in this world. Having studied and worked in Europe, the poet is an architectural entrepreneur with his work footprints in north India. This book has been particularly written for the youth. It will address their concerns regarding career, love and life through poetry. The book has two sections. Section- one, ‘Karma’ has a collection of motivational poems. Poems on life, our deeds and their corresponding results are also there for your reading in this section. Section-two ‘Love’ is a collection of romantic as well as dark poetry on betrayals and breakups with ways to cope up. There would be a solution and poet’s observation addressing the situation at the end of each poem. An easy language summary is there to understand the gist of the poem. So, let’s start the journey of love, life and karma through lyrical poetry.



    Kevin, a bartender in a cafe is deeply smitten with his co-worker Jennie. Before they draw something effectual out of the mute consents on both sides, their budding love witnesses unexpected cut and thrust. With the sudden showing up of that mysterious blue lady, lot many uncertainties creep into the smooth sailing lives of both. Who is she? What does she want? Despite Jennie’s repetitive warnings, Kevin follows the blue lady in the endless ocean where the death is the only awaiting destination for an onlooker. Why Kevin overlooks his beloved’s concern…? What is going on in his head…? Where is he being led to…?

  • Lockdown ( Punjabi ) by: Mohan Bharti 200.00

    This book deals prominently with the experience of the writer during complete Lockdown in India due to COVID-19, and his concern about nature. From an optimistic angle, the writer himself says that ‘The Lockdown should be celebrated as a National Festival every year to ease the environment’, by adding that ‘when every year schools, colleges, and courts etc. are closed for a certain duration, people remain away from their work, then why not a common endeavour should be made to nourish the nature by observing a ‘Lockdown’ every year at least for a week for ourselves, for our dear ones, and for generations to come.

    The genre is Prose Poetry and it expresses your feelings and anxiety about the current scenario, which the writer has explained in his words and idioms. It contains poems which are Critical as well as Spiritual, relates to the Self as well as Society, speaks about People and Government, and contains Truth as well as Facts

  • The Complete Private Investigator’s Guide Book by: Sunil Srivastava 1,250.00

    This book is a comprehensive and exclusive compilation highlighting the skills required by a conventional detective as well as cyber detective for the first time, heralding a new era of the Detective profession. It encompasses various interesting tools and sites to achieve the objective. This book also has enlisted questionnaire in the appendices, for the ease of the Private Investigator to handle any type of case(s). The book generally focuses on the Indian conditions, but the methodologies mentioned will be suitable for any country. This book is compiled for those who have want to spread their wings in investigations, but do not have the required basics in the field. The individuals whether one wants to work for some body or open their own Investigation Agency, can find the book very useful. The book will lead you to a path to start your new venture in this domain either independently or with grooming and support from Cyber Crime Helpline LLP. If you like the book and the contents useful, wait for the advanced version in near future!

  • A SIP OF POETRY by: Carol Mitra 220.00

    A bouquet of poems that spreads it’s sweet fragrance in these dark pandemic times. Drawing inspiration from nature and human connections, this selection of poems has been carefully crafted to lift the spirits and ponder about the nature of our existence.

  • Revenge of the Leopard by: Yashasv Chauhan 200.00

    This is a story about two boys living in a village. They even have a tree house in a nearby jungle where they go to observe animals. Their adventure starts when a man-eater leopard appears in their village and terrorizes everyone. But is it really a leopard, or is there more to the story? From trying to pet leopards to chasing them, these two boys are prepared for the new challenges that life throws at them. Read the book to learn what all these two boys go through and mystery of the leopard.

  • Dolls of Clay by: Shivnarayan Acharya 300.00

    Dolls of Clay’ is a collection of short stories, articles, and poems touching the topsy-turvy everyday life.

  • The Divine Musician by: Vishakha Channa 141.00

    For the seeker of truth, central to the journey is the guidance of the Guru. Infused with divinity, the Guru guides the seeker to change his/ her perceptivity of the reality of life. A stepping stone to awakening an awareness within the seeker of the shortcomings of man and the need to overcome them. The seeker’s journey is full of highs and lows, often discouraging and disheartening. His/her solace lies in the faith rested in the Guru, who never fails the seeker. Complete surrender by the seeker ensures the path walked on is always lit by hope and blessings of the Guru.

  • The Hangover of Choices by: Deepa Agarwal 180.00

    Nidhi Verma, finds herself having an extraordinary experience, whilst she is on her death bed under unexpected circumstances. As the doctors work furiously to identify the underlying causes that led to her sudden collapse, her mind starts to take a walk down memory lane, to find its own reasons. With each increasing dosage of medication, she slips deeper and deeper into the storehouse of her memories, many of which she had kept carefully buried. She desperately tries to shut them out, but one unwanted scene continues to play after another. She is forced to now watch the movie of her entire life, only this time, as a viewer and not the actor. Each vision raises uncomfortable questions and reveals aspects of her personality that she had denied. Forced to now confront issues related to her forgotten sexuality, jealously and the complicated relationships with her best friend, Ziya, and husband, Kumar, Nidhi begins to see herself in a new light. As illusions start to fade, she is keen to live a more authentic life and become a better version of herself, while equally embracing her flaws and vulnerabilities, knowing none of these define her. The question remains- Will she make it alive to life differently? The Hangover of Choices is an engaging story, which will surely make the readers ask- If I was on my deathbed, what would I see?

  • Happiness On My Plate- Easy recipes for kids to cook and feel the joy of healthy eating! by: Varad Dwivedi 295.00

    Feeding young children, especially feeding healthy diet, is one of the biggest challenges for most parents. Parents try various tricks to keep the children well fed and children try everything to avoid eating or getting their way to eat what they like, sometimes unhealthy food. How about trusting our children more and following a more collaborative approach towards food? What if your child understands what it takes to cook a wholesome nutritious meal and can differentiate between healthy and unhealthy ingredients. This book helps children take their first steps into the kitchen by making some simple recipes on their own or with a little help from their guardians. Cooking is an essential life skill and every child (boy or girl) should know. With learning to cook, this book will also help children learn about healthier options for some of their favourite foods.


    The book has stories recited by the Author considering her time spent in and around nature and also few other imaginary stories purely for the fun of reading.

  • Ek Dhaga Sneh Ka by: Pranoti Dixit 150.00

    A collection of light hearted words in the form of poetry

  • The White Book by: Varening Konghay 690.00

    The White Book is a story of a child on a journey called life, who walks with peace in her heart because she believes, and can see through the eyes of her faith, that God is always with her, and she is never alone.

    The story draws inspiration from Psalm 23, David’s song about finding perfect peace in the presence of God, which helps us be more confident in the face of uncertainty on Earth.

    This story hopes to bring peace in the reminder that like the child, we are all hitchhikers on the same journey, travelling to be united with God for eternity in heaven.

  • The Sword of Destiny by: Tanisha Sahu 249.00

    Zaida Rivera. Age twelve. Born on 20th May. Zodiac sign: Taurus. Loves books and loves to get her hands on as many as she can. She’s also flexible (incredibly flexible!). But that’s not all …

    There’s her secret: she’s a witch, and now an apprentice at Magikals School of Magical Study and Practices. It’s all she’s wanted her entire life, to become a student at Magikals just like most of her family was. For her, it’s starting a new chapter in her life with her new friends at Magikals: Ro, Nick, Chris, and Wang. But life takes a turn ever since she stepped foot in Magikals. And the next moment, everyone has their eyes on her, secrets are uncovered, and trouble is following her everywhere she is headed. So are danger and the unknown. And she’s definitely not ready for it all.

  • Jyotirmoy o Annyano by: Kumkum Baidya 122.00

    This book is a book of poetry. Poem of love or love for the poem. written by a software engineer.


    In the book, the author unpacks statistical ideas and presents them in ordinary language and situations. In so doing, he clarifies some misconceptions that are quite common in statistics.

  • A Note About Suicide by: Kartik Kulariya 158.00

    Relationship zindagi jeene ke liye jaruri nahi hai par jab iska khayal dimag mein aata hai toh zindagi badal hi jati hai. Vrinda se baat karne, uske saath relation bana ne ke chakar mein ek khush haal zindagi pareshaniyon ke bojh tale dab gayi. Ek relation ki khwahish kis tarah zindagi badal sakti hai zindagi kitna bhayank roop le sakti hai iss ek khwahish ke chakar mein. Kabhi na rone wala shaksh har choti baat par emotional hone laga, khud ko akela mehsoos karke depression ko hi apni zindagi ka hissa bana liya. Depression ki wajah se dimag mein suicide ka khayal aana, bujdilon ki tarah suicide ki koshish karna. Doston ka saath har kadam par mila depression se bahar aane mein bahut help mili. Shivika zindagi mein aayi har pareshani ko samjha aur saath diya, career bana ne ke liye har waqt motivate kiya har decision mein mera saath diya.

    “A Note About Suicide” ye 2 alag – alag relations ki kahani hai, pehla wo relation jo na ban ne par suicide ki taraf jaane ki wajah ban gaya, aur dusra wo relation jo zindagi sanwaar ne ki wajah ban gaya.

  • Kuchh Atpati Kuchh Chatpati (HINDI) by: MUKESH MOHINI KUMAR 195.00

    It is a diary of a nine-year-old. Rather, a random recollection of a young boy living in a metro city with his small family, of an elder brother, father, mother, and a grandmother. His age is that of exploring and of figuring out the world in his head. We have all been through this age; of which we carry many bittersweet memories of growing up. When our minds posed endless questions, and we were fascinated by the world and the adventure of discovering it. There was an unquenching curiosity to learn more and more about our surroundings, about things big and small and the people around us. Our young lad’s mind seeks beyond the barriers of linear logic. Like, if one is short-tempered, how short is short, and how do you measure how short? And if there are short-tempered men, what about the long-tempered ones? What if a man bit like a dog, do we chain him? Why do they only teach about wars in history? Why not the fun part; like the jokes of those times or about the biggest joker of all times? Do the gluttons have a hungry spirit in their tummy, devouring all they have eaten? Why do moms find good-looking women not so good-looking and downright ugly if the dads call someone beautiful? Why is it so difficult to understand a girl, especially a smart one? Why do we kids have our ears pulled and not our noses? And if one ear gets pulled more often, wouldn’t it turn longer than the other? Why don’t the house-helps and servants get to eat the savories like the rest of us? Why can’t the boys use pink erasers? Why is it impossible for us to hear our snore? And so on and on. We all have experienced such nutty questions buzzing in our heads.
    Kuchh Atpati Kuchh Chatpati is an engaging odd and spicy recollections of a pre-teen. It is an assortment of fifty-five pint-size stories that will take you on a journey to your past, to the days when the world was not so complicated and not so combative. When every little thing delighted us. And we lived in a small and complete world, where it was easy to find happiness and where we felt secure and cared for. I am tempted to call this small collection an urban version of ‘Malgudi Days’.

  • Quantum Physics of Consciousness and Non-duality in Eastern Philosophy by: Dr. Jai Paul Dudeja 495.00

    This book titled, “Quantum Physics of Consciousness and Non-duality in Eastern Philosophy” is based on the correlation of the author’s six decades of interest and practices in ‘Eastern Spirituality’ and nearly four decades of learning in ‘Quantum Physics’. One can divide this book into four broad sections: The first section (Chapter 1) consists of ‘Introduction’ (in which the terms: Consciousness, Non-duality, and Eastern Philosophy are briefly introduced). The second section (Chapters 2-8) deals with non-duality in Hinduism (Vedanta, Upanishads, Brahma Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, and many more Vedantic philosophies). The third section (Chapters 9-14) describes non-duality in Buddhism (in India, China, Tibet, Korea, Zen, and Taoism). The fourth section (Chapters 15-16) justifies the title of this book by explaining Consciousness and Non-duality with the help of Quantum Physics and Eastern Philosophy. The author sincerely believes that a book of this nature will go a long way in bridging the gap between these diversified topics. The readers interested in this subject will find this book highly fruitful.

  • Ad Infinitum by: Adeitia Kalyann Boniface 219.00

    Tom is a hard-working detective, with a passion for art. On yet another exhaustive day at work, he encounters an intriguing case of theft assigned to his partner. Tom starts to work on the case alongside his partner, putting themselves through a series of time travel investigations. Little does Tom know about the horrific events that are about to unfold.

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