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    The collection of poetry talks about the perils and complexities of modern-day life from terrorism to tense inter-personal relationships to a deformed socio-political scenario. The collection of poetry also talks about the inherent optimistic mind of a populace which foresees a spring of good times to come into their lives.

    The poems were written during the last decade of the 20th century,
    during which period the author was studying in Assam Medical College, Dibrugarh, Assam, India, and after graduating had just joined in a tea estate belonging to Andrew Yule & Co. Ltd. as Medical Officer.

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    Deepti is a medical student who shares a great passion for hindi shayari along with general prose style writing. She also finds English literature and research interesting. Aside from writing, Deepti is also fascinated by astronomy and believes that her love for the moon and stars reflects in her writing. Noor-e -Qurbat, loosely translates to the illuminating power of intimacy, is a memoir, taken directly from the pages of her notebook. All the poems show unrequited love, undying hope and a greater relationship than love, friendship, from the writer’s perspective. She uses sun and the moon and brings forth their contrasting personalities and depicts why despite never being together, they still make the greatest lovers of all times…

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    This book is aimed at people from all walks of life. The author has focused on the most important
    attribute of a person, i.e. his or her personality, and our country's situation indicates it. The poems in the
    book touch upon freedom, self-confidence, individuals' love and failure, the social and economic status
    of our country, and the current political scenario.

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    Several scientific researches on human intelligence proves that, music plays a vital role in building positive brain activities like- optimism, creativity, tolerance, productivity etc. It helps students to inculcate various skills at ease. Music is a universal language that transcends all boundaries of color and creed. It is God’s eternal gift to entire mankind. Even, Einstein says, “Life without playing music is inconceivable for me. I live my daydreams in music. If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. Life is like a piano, what you get out of it depends on how you play it.” Out of Four Levels of Acoustic Guitar Course, this book is Level-2, which carries 71 Technical Exercises and 30 Songs. It is a bundle of information which comes out from the “Circle of Fifths” that simplifies the playing method of Acoustic Guitar, from a beginner level to an expert level. All tunes and songs are written in staff notations and are translated into tablature, which makes learning music more comprehensive.

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    Dusk to Dawn is a poetry book from the bottom of the authors heart. The author has penned down the poetic versions of various experiences she’s had, as an outlet for calming herself.
    The author hopes to touch hearts and wants the readers to know that their thoughts, feelings are valid and cannot be completely controlled.

    Dusk to Dawn by: Manya Makhija 205.00
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    “Kachhe, Doore O Antare” is author’s second book on travel-stories. This book is about author’s journey to different places of the Indian sub-continent over a period of 14 years. In this book, there are three sections based on geographical distance and cordial attachment. The first section is “Kachha-Kachhi,” in which ten travelogues of nearby places have been included. The second section is “Doore-Doore,” which comprises of nine travel-stories of distant places with diverse geographical characteristics. The third section is “Antara-Majhe,” which includes travelogues of three distant places whose actual position is in author’s heart. In the first section, readers will come across thrilling, enjoyable, and peaceful experiences in the forests, beside the seas and in a few sacred places. In the second section, interested readers will travel along with the author to different states of our country to have the unforgettable experiences of deserts, backwaters, forests, and hills. Their experience will be richer after witnessing a few historical feats in some astonishing temples and majestic forts. The third section of the book is a bit special with its contents! It includes the thrilling experience of hard treks through high mountains in Garhwal Himalayas to culminate in two of the most sacred places on earth. At the end, the author will take the readers to his Dreamland to present them the experience of the boundless beauty of Nature.

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    Poems on some heartfelt topics.

    Ankahee by: Jupneet Singh 132.00
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    Every tribe has their own world-view and perspective towards life. Also, each individual has his/her own
    viewpoints which often remain unexpressed and unseen. In our present time where the world that
    appears to the eyes fails to understand an individual or the whole tribe, the world within the mind is
    where one can find companionship and strength that lasts eternally. Short-stories are thus born out of
    those untold stories which the world fails to notice. Out of frustration, happiness, love, kindness, fear
    and every type of feeling and emotion that one experiences and sees, springs an urge to retell them.This
    book, "Kejok Aningve," is a collection of Karbi short-stories in which the attempt has been to show the
    simplistic way of life of the Karbi tribe. Readers may find that the themes and subjects are too trivial.
    However, the stories that we tell are alive in themselves, and life isn’t made of only great or fantastic
    events. A single moment of life can make a huge difference.

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    Several scientific researches on human intelligence proves that, music plays a vital role in building positive brain activities like- optimism, creativity, tolerance, productivity etc. It helps students to inculcate various skills at ease. Music is a universal language that transcends all boundaries of color and creed. It is God’s eternal gift to entire mankind. Even, Einstein says, “Life without playing music is inconceivable for me. I live my daydreams in music. If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. Life is like a piano, what you get out of it depends on how you play it.” Out of Four Levels of Acoustic Guitar Course, this book is Level-1, which carries 71 Technical Exercises and 30 Songs. It is a bundle of information which comes out from the “Circle of Fifths” that simplifies the playing method of Acoustic Guitar, from a beginner level to an expert level. All tunes and songs are written in staff notations and are translated into tablature, which makes learning music more comprehensive.

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    There is an old phrase, ‘If you want to get over a man, get under another.’ Two years after breaking up with her boyfriend, Jia downloads a dating app to meet men. Somewhere deep down, she is hoping to find someone who is great in the sack and likes her just as much. After all, she is that next-door, hot, sassy girl every man wants! She sets out on her quest.

    Dating Jia (Pre-Order) by: Krupa Somani 215.00 194.00
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    A Callgirl named Dolly belongs to Mumbai. An NRI named Avinash falls in love with Dolly. After a few days, they marry each other and get blessed with a baby boy. Avinash’s parents didn’t accept Dolly as she was a callgirl and he failed to convince them either. Finally, Avinash decides to leave Dolly and secretly takes away her son to live with his parents in America. Dolly was left behind all alone. 20 years later, her son comes to India in search of his mother and encountered with few goons. Dolly saves her son. Avinash becomes paralyzed and felt sorry for what he had done and they lived happily ever after.

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    The book titled “Main Neta Kehlata Hoon” sheds light on the Chaal, charitra Aur cheharaa of the leaders and inspires to walk in the path of honesty and truth.

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    Do you realize that you are trapped in an invisible prison? Yes! You are trapped in an invisible prison if your life is all about survival, though standards may vary. It is important to take care of our existence but believing that survival is the only goal of life is quite unfortunate. Once you realize this, a deep thirst for freedom is a natural consequence! Now you want to break those bars and come out of it. This is called – “Abhipsa”!

    All you need is a magical touch of meditation and love that can take you beyond those bars, transporting you into a different world. Suddenly life becomes more of a magic and less of a logic! Get ready to enjoy the roller-coaster ride of emotions through these poems and feel the living expression of this magic!

    Abhipsa by: Anurag Sharma 250.00
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    This book is a collection of the concentrated form of feelings of ups and downs in life. Continuous fall and rise provides the pleasure of success to practically enjoy. The book carries the message of motivation to the weaker sections in the society to proceed with greater zeal and vigour even in difficult situations by accepting the situation as a challenge with a strong belief in the saying, “Fortune Favours the Brave.” The book has provided a wide variety of examples and illustrations in various articles to show that ‘suffocation from’ the shortage of a particular aspect brings ‘suffocation for’ its surplus in a much improved form. This philosophy, in fact, boosts one to live life enjoyably.

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    Baby I love you is a study of the changing lifestyle and its effects on common man as we are just trying to live life as a machine. In a survey conducted by the National Women Commission in India, the divorce rate for people in age group of 25-35 was found to be very high. This shows there is lack of understanding and trust. This book is a humble guide on how to overcome problems and lead a happy life. The feeling of love between a husband and wife leads to a great bonding, and also ensures a great life ahead. Hope the book gives you a right direction to life.

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    Aashiyana is the debut book of Cap aashi, The book consists so many emotions like love, sorrow, pain, betrayal, and about someone who is very close to the author. The poems are so beautiful that you can dedicate them to someone you love, and the author can make sure that they’ll like it.

    Ashiyana by: Cap. Aashi 149.00
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    The book is about the economic poverty of the people of West Bengal. It projects how when Kolkata (formerly known as Calcutta) was India’s capital during the British Raj, trade, industry & agriculture flourished in Bengal, and now, due to the major shutdown of its port, the economy of the state has collapsed.

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    Valmiki’s Ramayana is the saga of Prince Rama who was born in Ayodhya in the Kosala Province of India. It is a narrative of the forever righteous Lord Ramchandra, an incarnation of the Supreme Lord Vishnu who descended on earth to eradicate all evil.

    Valmiki’s Ramayana – The Saga of a Scion Born in Ayodhya is a depiction of strong family and social values: – bonding between Father and Son, Brothers and Siblings, Husband and Wife, Teacher and Pupil, King and his Subjects and the Lord and his Devotees. Each character in the epic makes immense sacrifice with utmost dedication, rising above the self. The selflessness reflected in the narrative is a lesson to be imbibed by all in a society which is infected with ‘I, Me and Mine.’

    A glimpse of the rich Indian Culture and heritage is a ‘must know’ for children and young adults. The knowledge and wisdom which is conveyed by this Saga can also serve as panacea to overcome all obstacles and challenges in the hour of adversity.

    Hope you enjoy reading the text depicted in an interesting and engaging summary form.

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    The abrogation of Article 370 and Article 35A in the Constitution of India opened a floodgate of debates within both Houses of Parliament, and in the country in general. Opposition political parties opposed the abrogation, while within those parties, a number of members supported it. Sadly, these parties started these debates outside the Parliament, but did not speak about it in Parliament, though getting due opportunities in both Houses. This attitude touched the very heart of the political and parliamentary morality. Hence the need for writing this book. The intent of the book is to put plain facts on paper in chronological order, beginning with the current chaos created by a section of politicians and the people, their impacts on the interests of the nation, electronic and print media news and views on what was going on, and the consequent abrogation of the Articles. J&K is the only state that bears a history of 5000 years; few people know about the ancient and historical facts about the state, including the politicians. Tracing these ancient and historical events, the book touches upon the developments that dawned on the 15th of August, 1947 and continued for almost ten years. The author has presented the end results of these developments – all facts and no fiction. The author has also brought out the rich natural resources that Nature has bestowed upon the state with scope for their optimum use for the benefit of the people. A few learned writers and scholars have written research papers on how to economically build the state and make it liveable and enjoyable for the people. Their findings are included in the book, which, the author believes, would serve as a guiding light for the government and the authorities in their future policies and programs aimed at speedy economic development of the state.

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    Why would a simple backbencher, hater of those philosophical conversations boring people do, irritating academic books, actually anything written in general – suddenly, aspire to become an academician? Why did he write this weird book in such a hurry? Like he desperately wants to dump Havana omelette but someone has brutally stopped him from going to the toilet, until he completes his homework. Samrat an irregular but happy college going lad suddenly gets a hard kick from life, when his flatmate Bob drowns and dies during a secret, fun trip to Goa. As Samrat walks in to pay last tributes to his friend, the deceased’s father hands him a letter, where he requests Samrat to adopt one strong quality of his son that had the potential to change lives, so that the greatness inside that lifeless body doesn’t perish along with it, further mentioning that particular attribute to be a seed that Samrat had to adopt and nurture, until its harvest. Creepy enough, after this episode life takes a completely different turn for Samrat, who ultimately finds himself in a rehabilitation centre, staring at a second shot at life. Was it a mere co-incidence or that part of a dead friend in him, trying to come out alive? You decide!

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    Born and brought up in Amlokhi, Manja, On Teron was born on 21st April, 1993, and began his schooling from a village government L.P School. Later he joined the Mohondijua High School from where he passed his matriculation examination in the year 2008. In the year 2008 he joined Diphu Govt. Boys’ H.S School to do his 10+2 then he did his graduation in Arts stream from the Diphu Government College. In the year 2015, he completed his Master of Arts in Assamese from Assam University Diphu Campus. The youngest of the six siblings in the family, On Teron began writing from a very young age. It was during the high school days that he began writing. He started by contributing articles, poems and short-stories in various local newspapers and magazines published in Karbi Anglong. He had also been co-editor of “Maino” a literary magazine published by Karbi Lammet Amei (Karbi Literary Organisation).

    Acquiring the knowledge of both Assamese and English language had helped On Teron a lot in understanding their literature and then bringing the aroma of modern poetry in Karbi literature. A very active young poet and writer of the Karbis in the present day, he had represented the Karbi tribe in the national platform. He had attended two Poets’ Meets organized by the Sahitya Akademi – one at New Delhi on February 2018 and then at Bhopal on July 2018. Again in November 2018, On Teron travelled to Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh to attend the Arunachal Literary Festival, 2018 and recited his poems. He was also invited to recite his poems during the Tribal Literature Festival, held at Ranchi in August, 2019. In February 2019, On Teron successfully published his first anthology of self-composed Karbi poems titled – “Nang Hingchong Keman”. Besides working as a subject teacher of a government school, On Teron is also very active in several literary works. He is the Secretary of Jambili Literary Foundation (JLF), that works in encouraging the youths to involve themselves and contribute towards the development of the Karbi Literature and language.

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    Unapologetically Mad is a collection of short stories, each of the stories having a female protagonist who is vocal, assertive and insightful. The characters in this collection are going through psychological disturbances and have mental health issues, but are reflective and deeply thoughtful. This unique book covers the causes of feminism and mental health and probes into the psychology of the protagonists. The stories cover a range of genres — fantasy, romance, mystery, crime, coming-of-age and so on. The book is a first of its kind, which makes a statement on both madness and femininity. The book attempts to give philosophical perspectives on life, has a few autobiographical elements and hopes to empower and empathise with the “mad woman” who is not understood by the society.

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    Fifteen years after the birth of a God, the holy land of Crystonia was hit by a gigantic meteor, instantly obliterating the majority of the land. But a warrior survived that catastrophic episode. A warrior with no past but only a sole old guide, her master. The warrior knew nothing other than her master and the teachings. She believed that someday she might meet the true saviour of this holy land – The Queen of Crystonia, Queen Eleza. And the lone warrior went on to serve the holy. At the same time, in another world, ruled a little girl with a mask. The world of Hypnatia was a pitch-black dimension where there were no skies or floor, but only darkness. And this story is about an abandoned child who was left alone in a dark world, only to soar with malice and hatred towards the world of light.

    Ellet by: Subodh Kumar Das 249.00
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    The book is a successful example of a life story. Filled with formulas and interpretations of science and spiritual awakening, the book will motivate its readers to improve their life. The author believes that if anyone reads this book in the right way and follows the guidelines of this book, then he or she should be able to overcome all problems and improve his/her life.

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    Having gone through various revolutions including political, social, behavioural and cultural, the author has tried to include all her learning while creating these pages. The mother in her holds your hand, while the chef in her ensures you turn out a perfect recipe . The pictures are her very own, of recipes she has presented. The book has been written with a view to sharing some very traditional recipes with home chefs while helping beginners get familiar with the nuances of cooking with confidence. The tips and notes add the precision which cooking requires, and precision is the differentiator. The book transports you to the aroma of roasted spices and the fragrance of steamed basmati rice with the added advantage of cooking easy! The Awadhi touch is prominent in most of her recipes and food is treated with respect and love in true Lucknawi style. Whatever be the cuisine, cooking with love is the magic wand.

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    Poetry and the power of a poet is something that still stays justified in this Malthusian world. Having a myriad of poems just stored in a sidelined cupboard, this book brings together some self-composed poems on various societal issues, environmental concerns and several other multifarious titres. Hunting for a poem? You can definitely hunt out something from here!

    POETREE by: Ishita Aggarwal 120.00
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    आज उसकी आंखें जल्दी खुल गई, उठते ही वह छत पर चला गया ऐसा लगा जैसे उसने किसी दोस्त से मिलने की पहले से ही योजना बना रखी हो। मैं भी कुछ दबे पैरों से उसके पीछे चल पड़ा इस राज़ के सच को जानने। दुबकते पैरों के साथ साथ तेज भी चलना पड़ा, उसका भागना और मेरा चलना, दबाव मुझ पर ज्यादा था।

    जब छत पर पहुंचा तो मैंने खुद को चकित पाया, चारों ओर पुरी छत के चक्कर लगा लिए मगर उसका वह दोस्त नज़र ही नहीं आया। फिर क्या था,मन में सवालों का समंदर उफान भरने लगा कि यह किससे मिलने आया है? इसकी तबीयत ठीक तो है ना ? एक बार के लिए लगा पुछ लेता हूं हालचाल। फिर मन के किसी हिस्से ने रूककर इंतजार करने को कहा।

    मैंने देखा वह सुरज से संवाद कर रहा था, वह पुछ रहा था कि “किरण कहां है दिखाई नहीं दे रही, फिर बादलों में छिप गई क्या?” ऐसा लगा जैसे सुरज ने पलट कर उत्तर दिया, “हां वह इन दिनों बादल के काफी करीब आ गई है। वह उसमें उसी तरह घुल गई जैसे दूध में चीनी।” मैंने संवादों के इस क्रम को देखकर चैन की सांस ली और अपने बच्चे व उसकी यारी पर गर्व करते हुए फिर से बिस्तर में आकर लेट गया। कुछ ऐसी ही कहानीयों का मिश्रण है- “यादों की टोकरी”

    Yadon Ki Tokri by: Kapil Jain 99.00
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    Frauds are becoming a real problem for insurers in India, so much so that some insurance companies have blacklisted certain pin codes and turned down requests for insurance from these areas. The costs of such frauds are real, even for genuine buyers. Fraud is bad for the entire system. It causes people to lose trust, encourages crime, and makes products more expensive for genuine customers. Regulators need to set aside their turf issues and invest in a joint big data venture that will work to identify and catch these frauds. This book provides an analytical study of the modus operendi of frauds, fraudsters and the rules governing the fraud scams.

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    This book is one in a series of picture books with rhythmic verses and animal characters. The topics target various behavioural challenges that children on the autism spectrum or other developmental disabilities might face. The books are equally engaging for neurotypical children. In this book, Jock the Croc learns to brush his teeth.

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    Arguably, Amritsar is a very new city. While there are cities in India which have a history of a couple of millennia, Amritsar has a history of only five centuries. We cannot ignore the fact that in these many years, it has become one of the most important cities on the planet, fondly called the Vatican of Sikhism by many across the globe.

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