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  • Where is your house? by: Thakur Shantanu singh 200.00

    This is a journey in which a 17 year old orphan boy goes beyond infinite to get answers to his questions.

    This endless journey of that boy starts after committing suicide from a seaside hill.

    The boy tries to commit suicide nine times from that hill, but each attempt fails.

    The boy tries to commit suicide by jumping from that hill every 6.10 minutes in the evening, but every morning, he finds himself in a cave on a small island.

    There is nothing in his understanding that what stopped him from committing suicide? And who brought him here in this cave?

    He tries to find the person who has prevented him from doing this work.

    One day that boy gets that person.

    The boy asks the person the reason for all this.

    He tells the boy, “You are chosen by God Himself,”

  • Jeevan mai alpaviram by: ATUL KUMAR CHAURASIA 178.00

    Life during lockdown period.

  • Beauty of nature STORY WRITING BOOK by: Ayush Kumar 120.00

    This is a story writing book this book is a name is THE BEAUTY OF NATURE

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    कई महिनों से एक विषाणू नें सारी दुनिया में त्राही त्राही मचा रखी है.हमारे भारत में भी,40-50 सालों से,हमारे ही लोगों नें निर्मित किए ,एक वाॅयरस नें ,देश को डावाडोल करके रखा है.किसी को उसकी कोई जानकारी नही.क्या काले धन को ,स्वयं सफेद करके देने में रूची लेनेवाली सरकार ,देश को काले धन से मुक्ती दिला सकती है? खुदकूशीयो पर नियंत्रण ला सकती है?

  • Ranjesh’s Practical Effective English Communication And Soft Skills For Undergraduate Courses by: Er. BK. Ranjesh Roy 614.00

    Ranjesh’s Practical Effective English Communication and Soft Skills for Everyone is specifically designed to be strong in English Communication Skills for Intermediate and also Undergraduate Students of all disciplines who want to improve their language skills.

    This book serves not only as a high School and College exams but also helps you to develop Soft Skills that will be useful everywhere in your professional life now a days. This book is a must for everyone.

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    The book contains poems which are based on real life experiences of the author and his spiritual thoughts. He has delivered all the positive and creative thoughts that he observed during his lifetime on paper successfully. Selection of words and sequence of lines written in the poems is quite impressive that attracts the readers.

    Yug- Chintan by: Hari Om Singh 150.00
  • Sukooon-E-dil by: Mohd Zeeshan 101.00

    Hello everyone I’m Mohd Zeeshan and kindly informing all of you that this is a my first poetry book In this book, you will get to experience love, unfinished dreams,wishes,tears emerging and much more that you can relate to yourself, I hope that you will like the book written by me.

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    Poetry has the feature of getting bigger when it gets smaller. The new era of Malayalam poetry is rich and vibrant with small, subtle and dense expressions. These poems stand in the category of poems that create strong impact experiences and emotions with one or two poems. These poems symbolize the vision of love, nature, memory and dreams as life. Poems that spread the cold of snow and the heat of tears.

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    This book is based on a daughters love for her mother and the grief she felt after her mother passed away. A journey with ups and downs, happiness and sadness. Grief is a long passage that one has to go through. Something you can’t get over but instead learn to live with. But surely in another time, in a happier place, you’ll meet again.



  • PREM NI VAATO by: Hardik solanki 150.00

    Everyone falls in love atleast once in their life. What is love and how is it? Poet tried to explain it in simple language. When we express something from our hearts it effects the one’s heart. Every single poem of this book will take you closer to your Loved ones…

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    As beings that are always evolving, why are we afraid of change? Is happiness unachievable? Daily entanglements of life have caught us all in a web of discontentment, fear and worry. Many of us have lost the ability to identify the good things in life and are always looking for something bigger and better. What if I told you that the secret ingredient for eternal happiness is right within you? Mind Mysteries is a book that will demand your action and attention towards self betterment by showing you the answers that lie in front of you. Commence on a journey of healing, self-confidence, success and encouragement by taking the wheel of your life. Through real-life case studies and analysis, Mind Mysteries shows us the beautiful and important lessons life has to offer and how we can make the most of them. Are you ready for the

  • Usne kaha I hate writer ( उसने कहा आई हेट राइटर ) by: PANCHAM PRAKASH 149.00

    Something like attraction but it is actually a mystery because a writer fell in love with a soul. But he don’t know anything, what is happening ! Will the writer solve his mysterious love with a soul? To know this mystery grab your copy now.

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    Karthik and Anjali set off for a long drive when an accident brings their happiness to a halt. A deeply depressed Anjalistarts her quest in search of forgiveness, which leads her into a world of crime, drugs, and mafia. She learns that she had killed a murderer, Jyotsana, who had grown up in a Juvenile prison. Deepak chooses a different trail to nail the conspirators, whose next target is Anjali. Trapped inside their den, he plots a way to save her. The two are stalked, haunted, and attacked as they dig deeper to unveil the buried secrets of Jyotsana’storn life. Will they be able to find out the truth? “An Accidental Murder” is a pulsating thriller set up in the IT capital of India, where a young couple brace against a world of vengeance and hatred. Entangled inside, it is a journey of their fight to live.

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    Bishal Dev Bandhopadhya was a brilliant individual but a terrible boss. He held a senior position in an organisation of repute in Bangalore. One afternoon, Bishal is found collapsed on his table and dies soon after he is taken to the hospital. His coffee has been laced with poison. Is this murder or suicide? Prakash Chari resigned from a multi-national to start his own detective agency. In the one year that the detective agency had operated, they were lucky in solving a number of varied cases. This is their first big challenge. Everything seems to point towards suicide, but Prakash and his team are not convinced. Luckily for Prakash, he has a great team: Pramod – a retired police detective, Gautam – an ex-colleague and a great friend, Jayanthi – an attractive software engineer who is also a skilful hacker. Hardly anyone liked to work under Bishal and on his death, none of his colleagues at the corporate office were sad; on the contrary they seemed to be relieved. As the agency continues its investigation, the pressure is on to close the case as a suicide. When they stumble on the truth, they don’t like what they have discovered. This fast-paced book takes you through the mind of a young detective as he finds himself in the middle of a corporate power struggle where the winner’s stake is one of the most profitable companies in India.

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    The book is about a genealogy of Dutta Chowdhury family of the village Andul of Howrah district of West Bengal, India. A thorough study by the author who himself hailed from the family, Chowdhury of bloodline Dutta. The book also showcases brief and intact genealogical tree, starting from their founding-father, Purushottam Dutta of the 10th century CE, to now, based on older books from the family archive written by other authors.

  • Sugar and Spice by: Sonali Punj singh 399.00

    This is about budding of romance after engagement, when two strangers meets and fall in love. Families bring them together and then their egos and customs foul the romance. Let’s read to see who wins the battle between love and ego.

    A story of most Indian couples who thrive through the challenging family obsession balancing their love life.

    An easy and lucid read for everyone. This book promises that readers would not need a dictionary to read through the story.

  • Dr. B R Ambedkar aur Rashtriya nirman by: Dr.Rakesh Kumar 141.00

    Dr B R Ambedkar played important role in modern India for national building his advocacy for dalit was within the large framework of his vision for an Indian nation that needed to be Framed since he believed that there could be no nation unless everyone within it was not treated as an equal an end that could be only attain through the annihilation of the caste system and he also finding solutions to various issues right from reservation for backward classes relation with Pakistan reorganisation of the states and equal rights for women upliftment of dalits and his work in framing the constitution of India.

  • Wreck and Rave by: Ojaswini Trivedi 200.00

    Wreck & Rave is a rendezvous of the gratifying tightening of my chest every time

    my heart eloped to the lover’s paradise & the destruction that surreptitiously peeked from the windows, conveniently waiting

  • Rajat Kaavy- Kavita sangrah by: Vishnu shankar Rajaram Naheliya 110.00

    I did not choose all those subjects myself in my collection of poems. Because all these subjects are the result of the issues and circumstances of the poems. Because I have not made any plans for these poems nor is there an introduction to political cleverness. This poem was actually a gift of nature, in which words were mine, my speech and writing was mine but the soul was of nature. The purpose of my poem is not to make homes in the hearts of people, but to make a place in the heart of anyone who has no understanding of poetry. Poet’s poem is a bag of words. Poetry gives birth to new tradition. Poetry is my own core to which I am indebted

  • Gahrai Ka Darpan by: Usha Dravid Bhatt 189.00

    A cascading poetic stream of consciousness depicting a woman’s journey to empowerment: This a short collection of poems portraying the many trials and tribulations, pain and suffering faced by women and how the vicissitudes of life shape her perspectives and her inner emotional world.

  • The Four Unpredictable Years by: Shivam Bansal 112.00

    The story starts with the author being confused about his career option and chosing a desired college for further studies and how he manages to live outside his hometown for the first time. How a reserved not so good looking guy and shy person got changed into one of the most popular personalities of his college.

    The author then meets the crush of his life in an exam hall and how he manages to talk to her and did he confess his love to her or not?

    He then remembers some moments with his friends and why he felt being cheated by his best friend.

    He also narrate about various trips he had during college and discussed his experience and how a mere trip changed his life.

    The author then talks about his final year of college and how he desperately wanted to work in an organisation and was he able to clear his interview or not?

    He then comes to the final phase of his student life and how a call turned his entire life.

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    Seema Reddy, beautiful and energetic at 23, was about to marry her long time lover, Sundar. When he went to buy a ring for her, he was attacked by the ghost of her ex-lover. Seema promised to save him, but she didn’t know what price she had to pay in exchange for Sundar’s life. Now she is dead. Whatever happens to Sundar is on her!

  • The Code of Sex & infidelity by: Admar Rene De Sousa 799.00

    SEX! a tridimensional experience that involves more than mere bodily contact with everything you need to know from childhood masturbation to the actual act that binds both persons as one unitary body governed by rules and regulations of the heavenly

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    Everyone wants to learn how to get answers to their prayers; praying women is not only praying, it’s praying secrets. Prayer is essential; Make a habit of talking with God when you are alone. We should be much in secret prayer. In the secret place of worship, where no eye but God can see, no ear but he can hear, cry out our most hidden desires to Jesus. Prayer is a conversation with God; I find it helpful in my prayer times to focus on God. You may be walking with several pains which are not visible to anyone, but it’s noticeable to God, he knows everything, he wants to give you rest & peace. In this book, you may walk with me in each chapter, in every episode before ending you will find the answer, you will find comfort, you will find healing, some lines make you smile, and some lines make you cry. If we want to become a prayer warrior, we should not set a timer. If we don’t want to learn and practice life, we should not become better askers. We are weak, sinful, faulty and needy but God is Strong; he is ready to answer your prayers. Keep praying, talk face to face, and see great promise.

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    A very successful Indian jewelry and diamond businessman comes into a partnership with another businessman. But later he discovers that his partners are actually gangs of very large mafia. He gets caught in their web and by the time he realizes that he is trapped so deep, he is robbed of whatever he had. The whole business gets ruined because of the fraud and he is unable to prove himself innocent in front of the police and he dies in the last. Then his son, Sahil Khan, with the help of his two capable friends (Rocky and David) makes good plans. Without firing a single bullet, he robs all the mafias and ruins the entire circle of mafias. And he gets himself out of every difficult situation. The mafias are unable to see the Sahil Khan’s real face, and among all the mafias, he becomes famous as Johnny Star.

  • The School by: AD Krishnapal 456.00

    This book is titled as ‘The School’ because it contains the experiences of a guest teacher in the precinct school. It shows the various qualities of teachers in government school including the attitude, methodology adopted, level of knowledge, interest in teaching, behaviour towards the students and fellow beings, the faction based on various grounds etc. The book enshrined the facts of educational level of students in government schools and the how the government schools became a mid-day meal centre for the children who come from lower socio-economic sections of the society. The schools do not remain the centre for shaping personality of students, but become the centre of dirty politics. The character and the behaviour of the teachers are explained comprehensively. The book contains the eleven chapters in chronological order from the first day of appointment to end of session. The book contain the various policies of government towards the school and educational process. The first chapter include the description of school and introduction of teachers. The subsequent seven chapter explain the events happening in the school. The tenth chapter explain the status of advocate and how they got success, but not happy. The court helped the guest teachers for continuation of job. The book explain at various place how the exploitation of guest teachers continue. I think, This is the first book of its kind.

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    A very successful Indian jewelry and diamond businessman comes into a partnership with another businessman. But later he discovers that his partners are actually gangs of very large mafia. He gets caught in their web and by the time he realizes that he is trapped so deep, he is robbed of whatever he had. The whole business gets ruined because of the fraud and he is unable to prove himself innocent in front of the police and he dies in the last. Then his son, Sahil Khan, with the help of his two capable friends (Rocky and David) makes good plans. Without firing a single bullet, he robs all the mafias and ruins the entire circle of mafias. And he gets himself out of every difficult situation. The mafias are unable to see the Sahil Khan’s real face, and among all the mafias, he becomes famous as Johnny Star.

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    Dopamine ( let life feel its rhythm) is a territory of unjostled passion where no rules and regulations or terms and conditions play their role of barriers. It’s a heart that shall bow down before the reasoning minds and raise like a Phoenix with flames of love and union.   

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    The purpose of this book is to give guidance to the aspiring students in engineering and Computer
    Programming related courses, like C, C++, Python, etc. Further, this book will give you a comprehensive
    idea about the Medium and high level programming languages. I believe that this book will enable you
    use your brain up to the fullest to work smartly and achieve your goal in all endeavor. I fervently hope that
    this book will help the students to get a sound understanding of how to code and writing programs. I’m
    sure that this book fundamentally will increase your capability of getting good score in your organization,
    entrepreneurship, examination and interviews in a stress-free manner.

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