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    Nasto meyer upakkhan is a bengali short stories by Muhammad Selim Reza.

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    “Ricochet” expresses the intricate details and in-depth emotions of a woman, as she goes through the journey of her life. The poems deal with many situations, mostly dark, like rape, molestation, death, loss, violence, etc. The book also describes the usual pain that people go through with occasional happiness that is temporary. It has a wide range of subjects that have been taken from the daily lives of women.

    Ricochet by: Samikhya Dash 200.00
  • WHEN LIFE BIGHTS by: Simran Kaur 149.00
    Whenever a bight occurs in life, bite it harder and get out of it.
  • Ranjesh’s Practical Golden Global English Speaking Course for Trainers & Trainees by: Ranjesh Kumar 384.00
    This book introduces you the basic concept of English Speaking Courses for Trainers & Trainees – in a concise manner. This book is meant for all Trainers and Trainees who are interested in developing their skills in Speaking English. More than an English Speaking Course, this book will motivate you to enhance your speaking and interaction skills. If you are learned but  lack the skill of Speaking English, this book is a must for you all. It may be useful for masters, trainers to train English teachers and students in one of the major skills of English Speaking Courses. This book will help readers, learners, trainers and trainees to overcome communicative problems in English.
  • Deepika’s Garden by: Shal 127.00
    To be or not to be what others want you to be – that is the eternal, existential question. This book takes a plunge into the psyche of a woman, who chooses to be herself, despite insufferable pressure. Though she is penalised, neglected and sidelined for not meeting the expectations of others, for not fitting in, she moves on with broken mast, tattered sails and damaged hull. Does she manage to anchor safely in calm waters? Refusing to be bogged down, she takes the daring journey to find her ‘soul stone’. There is a momentary setback when she is confronted with the truth. But faith keeps her surging ahead and she sows the seeds of invincible joy in the garden of her mind.
  • A Silent Love by: AWADHESH ROY 395.00
    A fiction love story of two generations. In the first generation, the love was completely silent whereas in the second generation, the boy and girl were both the children of the first generation lovers. There were some twists in the situation of the second generation’s marriage which was solved later on by both the first generation’s parents.
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    Parayaanaavaathathu parayunna kavitha. Ullie thonnalukal asaadhaaranamaam vidham aavishakarikkunna kavithakalaanu Sreeramintethu. Maravitangalude irulil ninn payye velippetunna swantham unmaye swakaarya bhaashayiloode abhimukheekarikkukayaanu koumaaram vidaatha ee puthu kavi

    Smrithisailam by: Sreeram V 120.00
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    ‘The Myriad Hues -II’ is beauty in sublime. Having worked at Birla International School where the poet published her first book ‘THE MYRIAD HUES’, being inspired by the enchanting nature, the luring sunsets, the long walks, the slithering snakes, the naughty squirrels, the chirping birds, the swaying trees, the howling winds is all what ‘The Myriad Hues- II’ is all about. The enthralling campus has been the guiding force for the poet to go on with her second book, ‘”A Collection of Poems” which comes by as a dedication to the place which has inspired her enough. It is not the people who stick on in your memory after you have moved on, it is the trees and the roads and the sunsets and the sunrises which one remembers, retains and recalls. The tranquility which the place offers is the best take away for one in these difficult times. While one finds oneself drowning in the din of the city voice, the campus then comes by as a ready recluse for one to unwind , giving one an opportunity to think and introspect. This is what ‘The Myriad Hues- II’ is all about.

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    If you were to live the most daunting thought of your life, how would you live it? What if the scariest darkness of your life can bring infinite light to your life? In the Bestselling work ” Vague Thoughts of a Lucid Mind” poet Pankhuri Pareek has given your dark thoughts a scintillating side. The poet wins the thoughts of a young as well as of an mature mind. The rhymes and words inside this book reveals that part of your mind that was hidden beneath the sheets of darkness. Get ready to unlock the secrets of Bright Side of The Dark

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    Leaves of life is a collection of poems written by D. Brinda on various aspects of life . Most of the poems are short on various themes and genre. These poems were written during this lockdown period in the WhatsApp group of Profound Writers , Creative Writers and Crazy English teachers groups.

    LEAVES OF LIFE by: D.BRINDA 250.00
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    Some amazing animals with their interesting facts have been presented in this book. This book will attract the new learners to learn about the Animals of the World with fun.

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    “What is the Infinite Power” is a book, which will take you to the world of truths. In this book, you can know about the existence of the infinite power. Here, infinite power is divided into two categories. What are the powers? Where do they exist? All the answers lie in this book. This book also contains the answers by mythology, science, society, etc. Now is the time to know the real truth. Why we should isolate us from the truths? So, read this book and know all the truths, facts and figures about the infinite powers.

  • Abhipraay by: ARVIND KUMAR SINGH 189.00
    Different political parties in the country are constraints to play political games only of alleging and incriminating each other, thereby averting and diverting the minds of the innocent public for misleading them from the main issues important for the public and the society at large just to remain in the power so captured. Up to this point, the author has no objection but his worries are more about the illegal and unnecessary entry of the politics in the non-essential areas and also for its rapid criminalization which is the main cause of the danger of spreading venom of hatred in society. Perhaps, the author expects more and more from the leaders and the authorities of the country, therefore, he becomes irritated even on the smaller mismanagements and irregularities who involuntarily start writing against the system and the prevailing Law & Order situation. His exasperation is quite apparently reflects from his poems. The author on the one hand writes about the sense of criminalization, malpractices, misdemeanor, and gimmickry in the society, on the other he is the conformable and assertor of nature’s beauty and the substances miraculously supplied by it to the exquisite human life on the earth. His indebtedness is also towards various colors, pleasures, sentiments and susceptibility of human life quite visible in his poetry.This is why the author has divided his this book into four parts based on the theme and context, which are: ‘उन्‍मुक्‍तता एवं विरक्ति’ (Unleashing & Nonchalance), ‘ऋतुराज – उत्‍सव काल’ (Spring Season – Festive Period), ‘प्रेम प्रसंग’ (Romance), and ‘विश्रान्ति’ (Relaxation).
  • Reimagining Education in New India Values,Ethics and Integrity in Education A handbook for Students, Teachers and Administrators by: Ajeet Madhukar 250.00
    A multi-storey building can’t be built on a shallow foundation. Likewise, a developed, progressive, and prosperous new India would need a strong, inclusive, holistic, and deep-rooted foundation of education. The 21st century`s education would require a fusion of ideals and pragmatism that needs to give equal emphasis on knowledge building and character building. This book is all about the personality development and character building of students and bringing ethics and integrity in education. It will provide the practical knowledge and theoretical understanding of Values, Ethics, and Integrity to develop ethical and moral character among students, teachers, and administrators. Practical learning tools and techniques, five case studies with model answers have been provided to learn and teach values and ethical principles. Moreover, one chapter has been exclusively added to reduce and manage the ever-increasing stress and pressure among students. This handbook has been written in accordance with the guidelines of the National Education Policy-2020 and the recommendations of various educational reform committees. It is a practical guide book to learn, practice, and teach values and moral principles. This is a self-help book and equally beneficial for students, teachers, parents, and school/college administrators.
    Research and Analytic Book ,“VASANTRAO NAIK: A Pioneer In Politics And The Father Of Agro-Industrial Revolution” Volume-One is written and edited by the author, Dr. Dinesh Sewa Rathod to review the family, social and political inception of the former Chief Minister of Maharashtra State & MP, Hon.Vasantrao Phulsing Naik alias Hajusing Naik. One of the truly enigmatic personalities on the contemporary Indian political canvas, Vasantrao Naik is difficult to ignore so that the footsteps of the political career of such a great Statesman could be written on the pages of history and in order to record his historical and revolutionary work, as inspired by this unique intuition, the author has written this book. During his three consecutive terms as Chief Minister for eleven years, Vasantrao Naik has made Maharashtra at the forefront of India in terms of sustainable and balanced development using his distinctiveness and strong faith in democratic values.
    A journey of all things love, stringed together in poetries.
  • KAVY KAUSTUBH by: Asha Dhaundiyal 300.00
    (In a nutshell, this book is a piece of my heart- a compilation of my expressions, thoughts and sentiments. I always believe in expressing myself. Where my thoughts and feelings are saturated, that is where my journey of expression begins. Words have immense power and words are all I have. Human heart is fragile and is affected quite often with many events happening around us, leaving a deep impression on our mind. The same feelings weave themselves around words and flow like a river in the form of poetry. These are the same waves of the river presented to you by me.)
  • Lollypops to Cigarettes by: Abhishek Bhattacharya 225.00
    This story is about Abhinav's years of growing up. About his many "Firsts" such as, first, "stand up on the bench," first school concert, first peek into the girl's toilet, first love, first touch, first kiss, first sex, first vodka, and the first tiff with Dad. It's also about his many "Lasts." Last day in school, last time in the college canteen, last meeting with his first girlfriend, last drink in Oly pub, last lollypop, and his last meeting with Dad. Abhinav, better known as Abhi, is an ordinary man. He grew up well before the millennials hit the world. It looks surprising today, but he grew up without smartphones, What's App, Facebook, Play Stations, Ola cab, or Pay Pals. The gadgets and apps would have changed from then to now, the world would have enriched many folds, but the definition of "growing up" probably remains the same. From an infant to adulthood – the means are different, the destination neverchanged. The book is about how we all grew every day – from lollypops to cigarettes – a journey we all went through. So similar is our journey with Abhi's and yet so different. If YOU are an ordinary man who grew up in the eighties decade, you can undoubtedly relate yours and Abhi's journey at some corner or the other. So, sit back, relax, and take a walk into your memory lane.
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    This is the story of Richard and David who work together to save Matt from the clutches of the Cibus, an organization determined to harm Matt. To do so, they find a rare and priceless artifact called the time crown to rescue evidence that might help in saving Matt! To get this artifact they destroy a black hole, star and pulsar! Keep reading to know more!

  • The fragile roar of the lion by: Saiyon Ur Rahaman 88.00
    The fragile Roar of Lion is a lyric. A collection of poems from the harbor of nature and everything we see. The warmth of both the wind and the sun doesn’t stumble to nourish us untill we forget the way of it. Untill we try to find in map Untill we people with vision forget to see. One of The quote of The fragile roar of lion that justifies this books instincts is “Humans in new technologies have found senses and the real ones have found deficiencies.”
  • The Bhagavad Gita by: Sunita Malhotra 399.00
    Sanskrit is the source of Indian scriptures. It is the store-house of all that is benign and worthwhile. Most of us are not in a position to unlock the power and glory of our ancient heritage, being out of touch with this divine language. The Srimad Bhagavad Gita is a scripture of enduring and all-encompassing magnificence. Anyone in the entire planet can benefit from a few verses from The Bhagavad Gita. The core teachings of Lord Krishna in The Bhagavad Gita is that where there is virtue, there is the prospect of victory and glory and wherever there exists unrighteousness, injustice and immorality, there is destruction—physical, moral and spiritual .This book is an attempt to unlock the Sanskrit in The Bhagavad Gita using lucid commentary in English and expert grammatical analysis of verses in Devanagari. All the chapters are unique and portray the yoga of self-control, the yoga of meditation, and bhakti-yoga. Free-flowing and essential Sanskrit, Hindi, and English verses make the book useful for all. Well-formatted Anvaya, Prattaya, Samaas, Dhatu words, Pada-indexes, and Sandhi make this edition a useful work for scholars and academicians worldwide.
  • Gurudev by: JAGENDRA RANA 315.00
    Guru Shishiya Tradition refers to the age-old Indian tradition of Gurukul. The shelter of a Master is the stepping-stone to achieve the real objective of this life. The spiritual progress in life is dependent on the link established with the Master. The grace of God starts flowing automatically with the grace of the Master. This work is entirely aimed at serving my own brethrens of Ramashram lineage.
  • Business Interruption Insurance by: JAGENDRA RANA 252.00
    Business interruption insurance (also known as Loss of Profit or Consequential insurance) is a type of insurance that covers the loss of income that a business suffers after a disaster. Business interruption insurance compensates a business for loss of revenue after a catastrophic event regardless of physical damage to the property or equipment. This work is an excellent food for your thought and vision of financial security.
  • Kids Delight by: Abhiraj Vashisht 90.00
    Parents are the first teachers of their kids. They should guide them right. Giving electronic gadgets in kids hand at an early age has an adverse impact on their mental health. Instead load them with story books for fun and learning morals. Keeping this in view, picture books are of great help because the visuals function as a good memory aid for them.This book comprises of all the above said qualities. Fun gets doubled when kids while coloring the book learns vocabulary and morals values that is needed to a greater extent. So gift your child this coloring book that will fill colors not only in the pictures but also in their lives.
    This book “Transdermal Drug Delivery system for Aceclofenac” explains the developmental aspects of transdermal drug delivery with detailed discussion on methodology involved in selection of potential drug candidates, selection of polymers, preformulation parameters, in-vitro in-vivo performance evaluation of developed system. The book is a suitable guideline for graduate and postgraduate students and researchers in the field of transdermal drug delivery.
  • Reaching the Mirage called Happiness by: MRINAL NAG 440.00
    ‘Reaching the Mirage Called Happiness’ written by Brig. Dr. Mrinal Nag is an endeavour to apprise fellow human beings that happiness can never be achieved by chasing it. Happiness drifts away like a mirage if we chase it but can be easily achieved by all of us if we learn to share our success with fellow human beings of the society especially with those who are poor, needy, and sick for no fault of theirs; those who need our help to be happy. Approximately 1.3 billion out 7.8 billion people in the world at present are poor and hungry. There are millions of people who are needy and sick in various parts of the world. People like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and many others are donating to help the poor of the society. People like Florence Nightingale and Mother Teresa offered selfless service to the sick and helpless people of the world. Doctors and Nurses treated Covid-19 patients at great risk to their own lives. All these people are great examples for us. They inspire us to donate to the poor and offer our selfless service to the sick and helpless. The mindset of giving back to the society will only come to us if we learn to become good human beings first, which precedes being human. The ingredients of DISCIPLINE, if followed properly, can make us good human beings who would develop a mindset to help the needy and would even donate our own body organs to be used after our demise. The book has suggested a World Charitable Fund Trust to help the poor of the world in addition to the existing organisations. It has also suggested a recipe to achieve happiness which, if followed, will ensure happiness for all. This book may prove to be very useful for all parents, teachers, students, and young ones, to decipher the secret of achieving happiness.
  • KAVYANJALI by: Dr. Sudha sharma 250.00
    This book makes a journey of various stages of a women life and moods.The book blends seamlessly nature and expressions and depicts optimism.
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