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    Attractive lovely rhyming poems that will give every thought wings and will take you to the mirror of world and its reality. Will make you realize how cruel and beautiful the world is, means showing the positive as well as negative side of the world and people. How some people struggle and win or get tramped on by the heavy murders of dreams and a man’s thoughts.

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    The world itself is a colossal book. Many times, it’s millions of diversity, stories of imagination and reality stay hidden in the darkness having no right path way, sometimes those stories remain unknown to the unknown paths. Everyday thousands of poetry are composed, new loves get born in the conversations of lovers, through changes of time we suffer we experience from childhood to old, but who are else care of all these things? One thing we have to remember that we, no one is unwanted in this world. Just we need to look up at the horizon, the canvas, we call it ” Digante Canvas”. All the poems of this collection give colourful light of a realistic life just like a painter does on the white canvases rather spontaneously.

  • Discovering Policy Imperatives in Industrial Development by: 1,200.00
    This book tries to relate productivity and growth parameters with dispersal metrics leading to Williamson and Self -Perpetuation Hypothesis till 2019. It argues that policy imperatives in Industrial development should look into industrial dispersal and sequence thereof for effective policy making in an economic world marked by resource scarcity and ability scarcity.
  • Thanganaat by: Parag Pandya 180.00
    The book of Gujarati Couplets collection named “Thanganaat” is not simply 2-3 liners but its philosophy of greatest chapter of life that is Love and Romance. Its polite Hellos exchange between lovers. It speaks for carefree  attitude like – “I puff away the worries with the smoke.” Then it takes to the agony of separation of lovers as usual. From there the sharp turn to 3 phases of life – Childhood, Youngness and the most romantic phase Oldage. It guides the readers to how to enjoy  ageing process without fear of death. It’s in true spirit “Thanganaat” means dance of peacock….the spirit of life .It has a ‘Midas touch’ of love . Love and Romance is something which you cannot express in a standard way of saying “I Love You” but in different form and style. “Love and Romance ” keeps you young forever and age becomes merely a number. The book speaks of LOVE so much making
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    Knowing thyself is the most important thing. But sometimes we discover the dark secrets which was hiding within ourselves for a long time and to face it becomes the biggest challenge to recreate and moving forward and also taking the darkness to the core is not that easy.

  • The Sun Shines Bright Here by:  Shayna 199.00
    “Come with me,
    Together, let’s embark on a journey,
    To the mystical land of contentment.
    Let me hold your hand,
    Let us run across the meadows, to the top of the mountain.
    For I promise,
    The view will calm you, soothe you
    Make you feel at peace.
    A gentle breeze will drift you away,
    from sorrows of the shallow land.
    If you get tired in between,
    We can rest at the sojourn of happiness.
    For I promise,
    The road is not too long
    Only a little rough.
    But we will get there,
    All in good time.”
    The Sun Shines Bright Here is an unconventional self-help book that starts with a real-life story. Shayna recalls her mundane struggles with introversion, anxiety, self-esteem and love. As she makes her way through her everyday life, she slowly unravels the bitter truth as well as saccharine beauty of this world.
    Her life is not legendary. She is not legendary. But her story is. Why? Because it’s yours!
  • Your Love Is Like Christmas by: C. Visalini 89.00
    When a normal girl Bella gets her dream job with a broken heart, she falls in love with a hot, sexy guy. Will the hot guy be able to mend her broken heart? She gets a young billionaire, Mr. Cameron Dallas as her client. He had been arrested for attempt of murder. Will she save her client? Is her client not guilty? What about her love life ?
  •  Personal Line Insurance by:  Jagendra Rana   252.00
    Personal lines insurance is any type of insurance coverage purchased by  individuals to cover themselves and/or their families. These policies protect against different kinds of personal risks that would lead to potentially crushing financial losses caused by fire, theft, natural disasters, death, accidents and illness. This book is a complete encyclopedia of Policy utility aspects with product analysis and industry trends.
  • Everything I Could See by: Harshit Gautam 149.00
    “Everything I could see” by Harshit Gautam is a collection of perspectives, experiences and a dive into the intricacies of the human brain, threaded into the form of poetry. Our world and life are as complex in the outside as is the world inside of us. We are all complicatedly human, with our ideologies, thought processes and biases. We are also incredibly compassionate, selfless and considerate beings with an array of morals. This book aims to unfurl, delve and scrutinize the very fabric of thinking through a collection of poetries. These cover topics from our society to movies, from finding your inner voice to the dilemmas of a raw mind. The author challenges the reader to analyze the world, introspect and question the existing notions. As the reader proceeds, they find certain dark aspects of human life, and eventually, find the hope for light.
  • The Time Travel the Plutonian Eclipse by: Shubham Ranjan Patra 196.00
     Earth is in threat of being destroyed in six years and the first year starts with ‘The Plutonian Eclipse’ which can destroy Earth within a few seconds!
  •  THE MAD AD YEARS by: Aryani Banerjee, Tapas Gupta   349.00

    THE MAD AD YEARS, India’s first advertising fiction, with top advertising agencies in India as the backdrop, brings into light and uncovers scandals and exploitations in the real world of advertising through the eyes of the protagonist Prashant Gupta, who has worked in some of the largest agencies in the country for nearly forty-five years.

    The story encircles his journey from being a 22-year-old simple graduate from a traditional joint family in Calcutta who in 1976 accidentally gets a job of a Management Trainee in India’s most glamorous and second largest agency, to rubbing shoulders with business tycoons and famous industrialists, to witnessing dramatic and salacious incidents and being directly and indirectly involved in many instances that changed Indian advertising forever, and to becoming the owner of a hundred-crore agency, later in his life.

    Tangy, wild and bittersweet – THE MAD AD YEARS is not just a book but an irresistible concoction of ink on paper that makes you visualise the characters and incidents as if they are moving and happening right in front of you – it is a lot like the bizarrely beautiful coffee-cherry tea Cascara – it ceaselessly makes you crave for more – as your flip through the book, you will keep letting your soul feed on the intoxicating urge to explore how the story unfolds.

  • Manthan by: Pankaj Jain “Bala” 249.00
    Manthan is a simple path to luxurious life. It is a point of view towards life. Many times we are unable to achieve the purpose of our life. In fact, what are these negative aspects of life! Is it as negative as it appears or can it be seen from some different aspect as well? In this book some small experiments are given to come out of these negative thoughts like complaints, anger, fear and many more. Which we can use in our lives and decide for ourselves on how to use these energies to achieve our life goals.
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    Kashmakash Mohabbat Or Dosti Ke Beech… Ek kahani… Jo mohabbat ki duniya dikha de… Jo dosti ke maayene samjha de… Ye kahani hain unn doston ki… Jinki dosti ke beech mohabbat ne dastak di… Kahin dosti par sawal, to kahin mohabbat par yakeen… Kisi ne zidd pakdi, to kisi ne chuppi… Ye mohabbat hain aisi… Jisne sachchi yaari bhi dikhayi, aur sachcha ishaq bhi… ” Mohabbat agar sachchi ho, to wo apna raasta khud hi doond leti hain…”

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    How long would you wait to tell a certain someone that you love them? Are you waiting for the right time? Well if you are then probably Trisha and Divyansh’s story would change your mind about it. They met, become friends, and even fell in love but will they be able to tell that to each other in time? Or they’ll be apart forever? Their story will make you realize how important time is or at times it isn’t. And you will keep wondering what if not this, that had happened. Read their story to know what happens finally!

    Finally? by: Priya Pokhriyal 210.00
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    Nasto meyer upakkhan is a bengali short stories by Muhammad Selim Reza.

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    “Ricochet” expresses the intricate details and in-depth emotions of a woman, as she goes through the journey of her life. The poems deal with many situations, mostly dark, like rape, molestation, death, loss, violence, etc. The book also describes the usual pain that people go through with occasional happiness that is temporary. It has a wide range of subjects that have been taken from the daily lives of women.

    Ricochet by: Samikhya Dash 200.00
  • WHEN LIFE BIGHTS by: Simran Kaur 149.00
    Whenever a bight occurs in life, bite it harder and get out of it.
  • Ranjesh’s Practical Golden Global English Speaking Course for Trainers & Trainees by: Ranjesh Kumar 384.00
    This book introduces you the basic concept of English Speaking Courses for Trainers & Trainees – in a concise manner. This book is meant for all Trainers and Trainees who are interested in developing their skills in Speaking English. More than an English Speaking Course, this book will motivate you to enhance your speaking and interaction skills. If you are learned but  lack the skill of Speaking English, this book is a must for you all. It may be useful for masters, trainers to train English teachers and students in one of the major skills of English Speaking Courses. This book will help readers, learners, trainers and trainees to overcome communicative problems in English.
  • Deepika’s Garden by: Shal 127.00
    To be or not to be what others want you to be – that is the eternal, existential question. This book takes a plunge into the psyche of a woman, who chooses to be herself, despite insufferable pressure. Though she is penalised, neglected and sidelined for not meeting the expectations of others, for not fitting in, she moves on with broken mast, tattered sails and damaged hull. Does she manage to anchor safely in calm waters? Refusing to be bogged down, she takes the daring journey to find her ‘soul stone’. There is a momentary setback when she is confronted with the truth. But faith keeps her surging ahead and she sows the seeds of invincible joy in the garden of her mind.
  • A Silent Love by: AWADHESH ROY 395.00
    A fiction love story of two generations. In the first generation, the love was completely silent whereas in the second generation, the boy and girl were both the children of the first generation lovers. There were some twists in the situation of the second generation’s marriage which was solved later on by both the first generation’s parents.
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    Parayaanaavaathathu parayunna kavitha. Ullie thonnalukal asaadhaaranamaam vidham aavishakarikkunna kavithakalaanu Sreeramintethu. Maravitangalude irulil ninn payye velippetunna swantham unmaye swakaarya bhaashayiloode abhimukheekarikkukayaanu koumaaram vidaatha ee puthu kavi

    Smrithisailam by: Sreeram V 120.00
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    ‘The Myriad Hues -II’ is beauty in sublime. Having worked at Birla International School where the poet published her first book ‘THE MYRIAD HUES’, being inspired by the enchanting nature, the luring sunsets, the long walks, the slithering snakes, the naughty squirrels, the chirping birds, the swaying trees, the howling winds is all what ‘The Myriad Hues- II’ is all about. The enthralling campus has been the guiding force for the poet to go on with her second book, ‘”A Collection of Poems” which comes by as a dedication to the place which has inspired her enough. It is not the people who stick on in your memory after you have moved on, it is the trees and the roads and the sunsets and the sunrises which one remembers, retains and recalls. The tranquility which the place offers is the best take away for one in these difficult times. While one finds oneself drowning in the din of the city voice, the campus then comes by as a ready recluse for one to unwind , giving one an opportunity to think and introspect. This is what ‘The Myriad Hues- II’ is all about.

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    If you were to live the most daunting thought of your life, how would you live it? What if the scariest darkness of your life can bring infinite light to your life? In the Bestselling work ” Vague Thoughts of a Lucid Mind” poet Pankhuri Pareek has given your dark thoughts a scintillating side. The poet wins the thoughts of a young as well as of an mature mind. The rhymes and words inside this book reveals that part of your mind that was hidden beneath the sheets of darkness. Get ready to unlock the secrets of Bright Side of The Dark

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    Leaves of life is a collection of poems written by D. Brinda on various aspects of life . Most of the poems are short on various themes and genre. These poems were written during this lockdown period in the WhatsApp group of Profound Writers , Creative Writers and Crazy English teachers groups.

    LEAVES OF LIFE by: D.BRINDA 250.00
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    Some amazing animals with their interesting facts have been presented in this book. This book will attract the new learners to learn about the Animals of the World with fun.

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    “What is the Infinite Power” is a book, which will take you to the world of truths. In this book, you can know about the existence of the infinite power. Here, infinite power is divided into two categories. What are the powers? Where do they exist? All the answers lie in this book. This book also contains the answers by mythology, science, society, etc. Now is the time to know the real truth. Why we should isolate us from the truths? So, read this book and know all the truths, facts and figures about the infinite powers.

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