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    This is a personal collection of poetries , thoughts & quotes. Not everything but definitely some of it will hit your thoughts, cuddle your feelings and touch your wounds. If this introduction reaches you there might be something that you need from it. It will ensure you your time and money was worth reading it.

  • JEEVAN TATVA VIVECHAN by: Dr.Mayank Tiwari 599.00

    Jeevan Tattva Vivechan” is a simple and spiritual path through which man paves his way for freedom from bondage. The book is an experiential analysis of the simple and easy-to-understand elements of life. In this, the multi-dimensional aspects of life have been thoroughly discussed with short and understandable formulas.


    The Indian insurance sector is presently on the cusp of a transformation. Many insurers are rapidly adopting AI-driven automation over manual processing because it drastically reduces the time taken to respond to a customer. Insurance has been rapidly evolving as per the changing needs, and “one-size-fits-all” products are long gone.

  • Option Trading ke Rahasya (Pre-order) by: Sandeep Kumar 570.00
    There are many books available in the market on the subject of share market, but through this book, an attempt has been made to explain the complex aspects of the financial sector on the basis of clear, simple language and calculations.
    The detailed information of how to trade in Nifty Options of the stock market is given in the book with real examples, which information will not be found in any other book.
    More than one method has been given in this book, which is very important, the information of how to trade in Nifty options using these methods is given in a better way.
    I am sure that the book will solve the queries, doubts and queries of those who want to know about the financial sector. Through this book, traders will be able to get information and enter the financial market with better confidence.
    I am sure this book will prove useful in understanding nifty option and increasing profit.
  • Bebaak Jajbaat by: Jugmohan Singh dutta Sagar 238.00

    In this book “Bebaak Jazbaat” the poet has revealed his emotions in a manner so that the readers can realise what the author was feeling while inscribing his thoughts. Bebaak Jazbaat is the collection of poems which represent the fearless emotions of the author.

    The leaves of this book not only portray the reactions of the author but also depict the feelings of a common man. This book represents how the poet can transform his thoughts into a rhythmical collection of poems.

    Dear readers this book has been framed by the author with an intent to touch your feelings.

  • Ananat Shri by: Jagendra Rana 264.00

    This book is all about the legendary master who founded Ramashram and conferred with the Title of Anant Shri. The shelter of such a Master is the stepping-stone to achieve the real objective of this life.

  • India-Nepal Relations Under Chinese Influence: An Analytical Perspective by: Akhilesh Dwivedi & Dr. Hemant Kumar Pandey 200.00

    The India-Nepal relations are generations old with centuries-old social-cultural, historical, and geographic connections. India has consistently responded quickly to the needs of the people and the Government of Nepal to ensure the success of the peace process. This book focuses on India-Nepal relations with the influence of China. Chinese presence is bothering India’-Nepal ties, Nepal seems more inclined toward China which is alarming the situation for India. The book evaluates India-Nepal relations on the historical & cultural perspectives and contemporary issues. The book facilitates further exploration in this domain in the immediate future. The book affords a comprehensive scan of Indo- Nepal relations.

  • UNRAVEL by: Sharon Perera 299.00

    Unravel is a book compiled of five short stories. It tells the tale of fearless women, unaware of the fighting force within them. The protagonist of each story faces immense amounts of pain, both said and unsaid, mentally, emotionally and damaging. Leaving them with a realization that no two people are the same and no two hurt have the same level of pain. While one could jolt with a lightning and the other could leave you completely numb. As the story unfolds they come to terms with their individuality, their ability to be unique and their ability to be a bearer of great power. It’s only in the ‘Unraveling’ of one’s suffering that one does find great strength to face pain and change it into power.

  • Indradhanush by: M.P. Sharma 240.00

    The best thing about the stories presented in this collection is that they convert the negative darkness into the hard work of positive light. Storytellers provide inspiration for diligence and entrepreneurship. This is the literary and social value of these stories. The stories of progressive vision are ‘Kishore Man’ and ‘Rakhi’, while ‘Ranjana’, ‘Chhoti-Chhoti Baatein’, Chile are touching.

  • Pathh Branth Pathik by: Vijay Pratap Singh 122.00

    Human life is a journey of fluctuating essence and descence. Each human being is a wanderer and with the help of a good companion , a person reaches the destination of life.

  • Monobigyan (Optional Paper for WBCS) Paper 1 by: Payal Banerjee 990.00

    This book provides the complete guidance to the students who are preparing for West Bengal Civil Service Examination, and has opted for Psychology as their optional subject. In this book, detailed notes are provided to the students, mostly in question answer pattern, so that the students do not have to depend upon any other external source for making their notes. The optional paper in WBCS exam is a descriptive one, so the answer writing pattern is very important. Generally, the students face difficulty in writing and forming an answer, this book is a solution to that. Since, there are two papers in optional subject. This book deals with the syllabus of paper 1 of Psychology. Each and every chapter with a complete explanation is given in this book. Also, the students face difficulty in buying a number of books, as no single book covers the complete syllabus. This problem is also solved, as this single book will cover the complete notes
    regarding paper 1 of Psychology as optional paper.


  • Indian Medicine and Telemedicine by: Ragni Kumari 720.00

    This book is ideal for allied, paramedical and nursing professional. Fundamentals of Telemedicine and Telehealth provides an overview on the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) to solve health problems, especially for people living in remote and underserviced areas. With the advent of new technologies and improvement of internet connectivity, telehealth has become a new subject requiring a new understanding of IT devices and how to utilize them to fulfill health needs. The book discusses topics such as digitizing patient information, technology requirements, existing resources, planning for telehealth projects, and primary care and specialized applications. Additionally, it discusses the use of telemedicine for patient empowerment and telecare in remote locations. It also cover the different health policies and Indian health scenarios.

  • Life is a Pinch of This….. by: Rashmi Shivaprasad 122.00

    This anthology of poems emphasizes life’s varied moods and emotions. Love, desire, passion, confidence, reliance, trust, compassion, shrewdness and so on. Gratitude to every seed and soul that nurtures us. Gratitude to optimism that elevates our spirits. Gratitude to the pessimism life bestows, building us stronger and cautious.

  • Are you my twinflame by: Neha Sharma 350.00

    ‘Two Indian women, in their forties, have everything to boast about in their lives. While Nyra is a perfect homemaker and a mother, Kittu has a successful career and a fascinating life too. However, are they actually happy? Or is it just a facade of happiness that they present before the world? Siddharth Mehta’s entry into Nyra’s life entirely changes the smooth trajectory of both these women’s lives. For better or worse? Do they ever find the true happiness that they have been craving? Only a few lucky ones are able to find their twin flames in one life. Who is the chosen one this time?’

  • Vegetarian Delights From The GSB Kitchen by: Radhika Kamath 1,028.00

    ‘Vegetarian Delights from the GSB Kitchen’ is a cookbook that aims to bring out the traditional, authentic vegetarian cuisine of the Gowd Saraswath Brahmin (GSB) community along with ‘secret sauces’ coming from 55 years of experiential culinary journey of the author’s mother. Packed with 100 carefully curated recipes across seven categories, the book serves as a one-stop shop to access popular GSB dishes/recipes that are hard to find in restaurants, blogs and/or community food stores. The book also delves into the traditional cooking equipment, unique ingredients and methods used by the GSBs to offer rich insights into the culture and culinary heritage of the community.

  • The Tribe Of Gujarat by: Dr. Ashwin. B. Brahmbhatt 309.00

    According to the 2011 census, the population of ‘Kathodi’ tribe is 13,632 people. People of this tribe mostly live in Surat, Tapi, Dang, Narmada and Sabarkantha districts. They use herbs, fruits and roots as food. They hunt rabbits, deer, cocks and birds and use them for food. They were engaged in the profession of collecting catechu from its trees, so the tribe is known as ‘Kathodi’ tribe. In this modern time, machinery and factories are established to prepare catechu, so the old profession of preparing catechu by this tribe is stopped. Nowadays, people of this tribe have started farming works andWork of collecting forest products. To uplift the people of this tribe, various departments have tried by providing opportunities of self-employment and home industries. Literacy rate of this tribe is 23.54%.

     Irrespective of the influence of modernisation, urbanisation, industrialization and overall development in tribal areas there are still certain communities which are extremely backward. such tribal communities have been identified as primitive tribes. Kathodi is one of them.. This study belongs to Kathodi tribes. Such studies  are very rare in Gujarat state.. The present research study is exploring nature study of the living conditions and social-economical positions of Kathodi tribes as an especially primitive community in Vijaynagar Taluka in Sabarkantha district which is located in Gujarat state.  The study systematically presents the impacts of development schemes on the socio-economic conditions of Kathodi. It also throws adequate light on the problems associated with schemes both at the level of beneficiaries as well as at the promoters level too.
  • To you by: Deepshikha Bhatnagar 122.00

    Don’t you think that just like the universe has stars that rip the darkness apart, no matter how small they appear.- we have these tiny, insanely powerful portals inside us too? What else do you think lends us the strength to make it through our most vulnerable moments? To you, is a collection of letters from the universe that capture the strange parallel between people and the cosmos. It is a journey to locate a source of magic and strength within oneself.

  • Theory of Point Space and Time by: Yogesh Pathak 200.00
    This book is related to the astro physics in science. This book is organized 11 topics. Every topics deals with astrophysics concepts in science which also introduces many topics which all are examined. There are of course other issues we could have considered but those selected reflect many of current interest and area important for anyone. The book ends with a topic in which a reflective look is taken and some prediction are made for the future of the technology. Each topics has been carefully structured to link  together into a unified whole but can be read in isolation. There are several topics to help you get the most from the book.
  • Concise Notes in Biochemistry for Physiotherapy and Allied Health Sciences Graduates by: Zeeshan Fatima, Saif Hameed, Ramendra Pati Pandey 250.00

    This book “Concise notes in Biochemistry for Physiotherapy and Allied Health Sciences graduates” is a comprehensive yet concise textbook of biochemistry concepts. It primarily targets students pursuing courses in physiotherapy and allied health sciences field having biochemistry in their course but not in-depth. It is suitable for the readers of undergraduate and post-graduate courses in biomedical, paramedical, and allied health sciences such as Nursing, Optometry, MLT, etc. This book is authored in a manner to develop interest among students to facilitate effortless understanding of the subject. Further, the key points of each topic are also projected having a pointwise summary. This book will also provide job seekers of various examinations and interviews with a quick revision of biochemistry at a glance.

  • A New Dawn Of A Hundred Hues by: Monica Prem Bajaj 180.00
    A New Dawn Of A Hundred Hues’ is a collection of a hundred poems.
    Each poem in this book will touch your heartstrings, speak to your spirits and enhance your consciousness. This plethora of poems is divided into five sections according to the themes.
    The first part, ‘Nature’s Rendezvous With Reveries’ is enhanced by natural beauty.The second part, ‘ The Glory Of Stillness’ emphasizes the  relevance of solitude and stillness.  These poems carry dark with streaks of light. The third part , ‘Let Me Love Thee’ comprises the poems of Love and desires. Here, love occupies the status of Deity. The fourth part, ‘ Lilac Shades Of Life’ depicts the various hues of life that will leave the reader exploring asserting, questioning and probing its new vistas. The fifth part, ‘Musings Of My Soul’ gives glimpses of our intricate, intuitive, and magnificent soul.
    As you travel through its pages, you’ll feel a personal connection because ‘ A New Dawn Of A Hundred Hues’ has been created for you. May the experience of reading this book leave you in a sense of delight, awe and wonder!
    I’ve made butterflies of words
    To spread joys in void arcane
    I give all I have in me
    For you, I’ve  beautified my pain
  • Kaleidoscopes by: Nandana Nair P. S 150.00

    “Kaleidoscopes” is a collection of poems based on real life, the everyday existence of a teenager and about finding one’s place in this world. It is about exploring the self through poetry, coming to terms with life and its nuances and finding beauty and art in everything.

  • Business Management of Railway Stations by: K.V.Rao IRTS 500.00

    The “Business Management of Railway Stations” will help and guide the officers and staff of both government as well as private railways’ working at stations, sidings and on trains to further improve the business of railways and services to the people. It is also useful to passengers, freight customers, contractors, rail users, students, academicians, and the general public.

  • Zephyr: Taming the Tempest by: Zoovi & Vanae 185.00

    Divided in two parts, Zephyr talks about our demons pulling us down and then rising from the ruins, carrying our scars on skin like a prize.
    The 2 writers bound their words in poetry for the broken and anguished; for the healing and for the ones growing.

  • Devosthi ……….dasta “e” Narak by: Sanjeev Kumar 299.00

    Devosthi…. Dasta “e” narak story based on the girl life who fell in hell.. when you will read the book of Devosthi than you will know about the hell that how many problems comes in the this girl life. Because when I was writing this story than I write very carefully for the enjoyment for our reader, you feel good and enjoy the story, Devosthi Dasta “e” narak story feel the my best creativity for all of you. Because of devil in this story not a normal man . I generated a biomatric devil in this story .in the story don’t die the devil from any weapon. He lives alive from all weapon. So guys enjoy this story on Amazon and Flipkart

  • Mula Gabharu: A story of Extreme Valour and Patriotism by: Hiranya Borah 399.00

    The novel is based on an Assamese legend, Princess Mula Gabharu, the younger sister of the
    Greatest Ahom King, Swargadeo Suhungmung Dihinigia Raja, who became a martyr while
    defending border against the fifth attempt (out of 17 unsuccessful attempts in 158 years from
    1527 to 1685) by the Mighty Mughals to subjugate Assam in 1533-34. She took a decision to
    face the invading army after her husband Frasengmung Borgohain became a martyr fighting with
    the same invaders. Her participation galvanized the Assamese Army to defeat the Mughals and
    the leader of the invaders, Turbak Khan was killed by her stepbrother, Konseng Borpatra
    Gohain. Her son, Ton Kham also took part in this battle. The novel also describes the heroics of
    Sati Sadhani, the last Chutiya Queen and Kachari Prince, Detcha who were defeated by
    Frasengmung Borgohain in two separate battles. The novel also refers about Rani Gaidinlu while
    legacy of Mula has been shared with the readers.

  • Ace Education Physics O’level by: Nswana Chingambu 577.00

    Ace Education Book Series aims at giving detailed material in the simplest way to help students understand and recall information easily. The books also highlight the importance and application of each topic in real life so that students can understand why they are learning the material, how the material relates to or can be used in real life. Ace Education Physics O’level consists of 33 units. Each unit begins with the introduction and overview of the unit, and ends with the review questions and solutions. To fully benefit, students are advised to cover everything in each unit considered. Students can also learn more from our social media platforms. On these platforms, students can find additional information, ask questions or participate in helping other students. With full confidence, this book will help a number of students, not just by boosting their scores, but also to understand Physics Ordinary Level.


    This collection of poetry brings forth the harsh truth of mankind woven in different relationships . It focuses on the vices as well as the beauty embedded inside a human heart that is full of chaos . This book plays a wonderful job by bringing forward the colourful roles played by various relationships in reality which surrounds the poetess’s life .

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