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  • Music Unlocked by: Karan Kaushik 999.00
    This book is a complete beginner guide to those who wants to learn basics of music theory and on the basis of this theory they can start learning guitar, ukulele and keyboard with the help of this book…
    This book includes all the key ingredients related to music theory and basics of guitar, ukulele and keyboard.
  • MERAKI by: Pallavi 150.00

    As you are holding this book in your hand, you belong to it. It’s not about what is in it but it’s all about what’s in you and how you work for yourself and your peace. This will empower you, guide you and let go of all the negativities just like a friend by your side. It talks about the chances we missed and the moments we never are sure about but altogether it helps us to revive that life is all about different situations and different people with different thoughts. So let’s embrace it together and walk in the dark with our thoughts and it’s a spark.

  • Fundamental of Hijama Therapy by: Dr. Mohd Nayab 300.00

    Fundamentals of Hijama therapy is a book that covers the basic knowledge of cupping therapy, its classification, indications, contraindications, and effectiveness in various diseases. This book also explains the possible mechanism of action of cupping therapy. It, surely, will be beneficial for the undergraduate, post-graduate students not only of the Unani system of medicine but also for other alternative systems of medicine. It will also be useful for the practitioners of cupping therapy. This book will open new horizons in the field of the Unani system of medicine.

  • INSPIRATION by: Ragini Saxena 150.00

    The role of women has transcended over the past few generations. From mostly being homemakers to becoming professionals and top achievers in many fields, opportunities for women are on the rise. But, the underlying challenges faced by them cannot be undermined. The stories in this book are a reflection of those challenges, that once overcome, make a person undeniably strong. This book has also been inspired by stories of women who I have observed very closely throughout my life. Please note that the facts, however, have been altered to maintain privacy and to make the stories more engaging. It can be enjoyed by the general public and conveys the message that women should always be valued for their respectable qualities.

  • Bikram & Vitthal by: Kanika Sharma 122.00

    A ghastly creature at large in a peaceful hill station, a multi-millionaire’s murder mystery goes unsolved, a man with a harrowed childhood and a successful author unwillingly involved in a drama that might give him, his best novel so far. All these events happen in different timelines and cities and yet are connected to each other like the universe’s own conspiracy. It is a modern-day re-telling of classic Indian folklore of Vikram and Vetal, with a twist.

  • Leadership Gotcha by: Anjali Sharda 300.00

    Celebrities are more in the tough spot now than ever before and are easy targets for ridicule on social media. But they are people with a lot of leadership influence i.e. they dissent, they don’t conform, they balance morality and power, etc. These all traits get reflected in their creational work be it movies, any other form of art, or even private lives too.

  • Film Appreciation by: Utpal Datta 200.00

    The book Film Appreciation is a translated version of the book Chalachitrar Rasaswadon, originally written in the Assamese language by the national award-winning film critic and filmmaker Utpal Datta, and translated into English by Dr. Dipsikha Bhagawati as Film Appreciation would unfold a whole new world of understanding the aesthetic and technical dimensions of making and relishing a film. The book would function as a basic and comprehensive apparatus towards a finer understanding of a film, especially for the newbie filmmakers and for those, nourishing a keen interest in the domain.

  • Midnight Musings by: Heena Goel 210.00

    What are the various thoughts that come to your mind when you toss and turn in your bed at midnight to catch a glimpse of sleep ??

    Do you decide before sleeping “ I am going to dream this today”?

    Dreams are surprise packets you receive enroute the journey of life.

    Similar is this book – a bundle of surprises. Close your eyes and open any random page to check out what jaw-dropping reading awaits you
    Stun yourself with any reading and notice the sensations in your body!

    Let the book bring a tingling smile to you!

  • KG Level 3 Set of 9 Books by: Wiz Bubbles 1,520.00

    The Curious minds of young learners watch everything around and want to know more about it. introduce them to wizbubbles KG books set of 9 amazing colorful titles with fun activities to make learning more interesting.

  • Nursery Level 2 Set of 9 Books by: Wiz Bubbles 1,470.00

    The Curious minds of young learners watch everything around and want to know more about it. introduce them to wizbubbles nursery books set of 9 amazing colorful titles with fun activities to make learning more interesting.

  • WEAR ME BEAUTIFUL by: Dr. Meena Jhala 774.00

    The aim of the study was to enlighten the knowledge of color and its application in the selection of clothes. Any color in a dress looks nice if it is appropriate to the wearer’s skin tone and it looks becoming. The colors should be right for day wear and evening wear. This particular book will be presenting findings of both Day and Evening Wear.
    Color is one of the most important elements in Fashion. Fashion is color; color is fashion, giving feeling and emotion to every changing trend and is an essential part of our everyday life. Color is perhaps the first element that we register when we view something for the first time. Color is usually the first to attract us to clothing. Color selection in clothes is very personal and each of us has a color or colors in which we think we look best. It was observed by the researcher through the pilot study that the age group between 20 to 30 years in women is very crucial, they have their own wardrobe demands, their choices in the color selection are random and based on trends and mostly on others opinion. They need color guidance for day wear and evening wear. However, this reference is applicable to women above 30 years of age as well. Hence, under the study, ‘A STUDY OF COLOR SELECTION FOR CLOTHING AS PER SKIN- TONE’(Reference of Skin-Tones taken from Donna Fujji’s Skin Tone palette of 10 Warm and 10 Cool skin colors). I have tried to give a proper color palette for each of the seven identified skin tones from the sample size of 500 women with a vocabulary of 101 colors (Reference taken from Jean Allen’s 29 basic and 101 Color Vocabulary) which were matched with Pantone Shade Cards and same were dyed in cotton and silk fabrics for this study by the Researcher.
    One of the main objectives of this research is to address misconceptions that women have regarding skin tones and suitable colors for clothing for day wear and evening wear and provide an opportunity for enhancement of self-image.
    Since the study is based on the skin tones of the women, firstly each of the 500 women’s skin tone was identified with a skin tone scale, and with the data analysis, seven skin tones were identified on the majority ratio. Here the Hair color and color of eyes being constant as black brown. The second aspect was the vocabulary of color; it was matched with Pantone Shade Cards then dyeing them in the exact shade in cotton and silk fabrics. This book hopes to provide suggestions, information, and an opportunity to every woman in India to enhance self-image, look beautiful and attractive in the colors she wears

  • Dharohar by: Syed Abdul Haseeb 200.00

    This book is a collection of timeless incidents captured in words and Prose through the lens of a common man from Lucknow. Various incidents from the ’80s & ’90s till the beginning of the 21st century are very beautifully captured with a versatile combination of humour & satire. Sit back, relax, enjoy and share with others. This book will give you a quick run-through of those sweet memories from the past which touch upon political/social incidents of yester years.

  • Pre Nursery Level 1 Set of 6 Books by: Wiz Bubbles 990.00

    The Curious minds of young learners watch everything around and want to know more about it. introduce them to wizbubbles Pre- nursery books set of 6 amazing colorful titles with fun activities to make learning more interesting.

  • Dangay Dingi by: Lity Munshi 699.00

    Dangay Dingi is a Bengali poetry book, written by Lity Munshi. Poet has compared the human body with a boat that is rowing on land. She also has compared the mind similar to a ship in the ocean of life itself. Ups and downs in the journey, tide, and waves in the shore of thought, the action at the wheel of a life controlled by someone else, who cannot be seen, asked, or commanded. Mind and heart have freedom of thinking, feeling but circumstances are always decided by waves, tides.

  • Olive by: Lity Munshi 699.00

    Poems are in free verse form in the book all about unknown, known situations faced by life. Not every trip is joyful, or even. There are hurdles we must go through and overcome stillness in heart and mind. Like any tree sometimes in life, we feel no place to move, no sky for freedom, no wings to fly, and rude seasonal hopes, dreams causing more pain in life.
    Yet, just like trees, serve our unique qualities to the surrounding, facing all odds and winning the journey at the end of the season. That is all about the book.

  • Pushtimaargya Pichvaai- Shri Krishan Ki Aaradhna by: Anu Julka 2,015.00

    The Pichwais are the complex Paintings of Nathdwara (Rajasthan) on textile. These paintings are the traditional paintings of Pushtimarg which are designed for the idol of Shrinath Ji. Pichwais are hung behind the Shrinath Ji idol. These paintings elaborate the Leelas performed by Lord Krishna as a child. The paintings are of size 8 by10 feet. The Pichwai painting technique is taught under the teacher-disciple tradition.

  • Sugandha by: Sujata Bhattacharya 110.00

    This book is a mirror of life’s journey.

  • Crisis of COVID-19 & Indian Economy by: Dr R. Uma Devi 1,189.00

    The Present Edited Book provides a comprehensive dimension on the Crisis of COVID-19 and the Indian Economy. This Volume is a collection of 20 articles that emphasize COVID-19 and its impact on various sectors of the Indian Economy viz., Health-care Sector, MSME Sector, Banking Industry, Indian Tourism Industry, Education Sector, Financial Planning and Goals, E-Commerce, Entrepreneurship, Aqua-culture Sector, The Pandemic: Loss of Livelihood and Routes to Recovery, The COVID-19 as a Challenge for Human Life, Customer Preferences towards E-Tourism Sector, Minding Our Mental Health during the Pandemic Outbreak, Understanding Challenges and Defining Objectives for Research Work on “Disruption in Classroom Teaching Due to COVID-19”, Role of Information and Communication Technology and Social Networking and Consequences and Opportunities for IT Sector in India.
    The book is presented in a simple, lucid, and logical manner. This volume would surely act as an indispensable reference work to the Academicians, Students, and Scholars who are interested to develop an understanding of the current Global crisis, COVD-19, its impact, and Initiatives taken by the Government to revive the economy.

  • Halfway Fates by: Deepali Bajaj 200.00

    “Life is so obvious whenever you try to protect yourself in your boundaries building your territory, mapping out your strength and weaknesses someone will come right away invading your privacy and you are defeated in the fierce the battle between your emotions and self……..“Life never lets you settle for a smaller bite. It wants the taste of every sour to a sweet slice of happiness and sorrows…..”The lives of the characters are interweaved around The life of Suraj; who is the main protagonist. His life has been channelized smoothly but the dreams or illusions from the past act as barriers in his present life. Suraj is a grown-up, responsible man with a family to take care of and a girlfriend whom he wants to marry. He is surrounded by girls, being from his past or his present. He met with an accident and life brought distress all his way. Many unanswered questions of his life take him deep down to think of what has he left in his past which is so bothersome. Life makes an unfair decision for him which surely makes the title true to be said ‘Halfway Fates’ where he is bound between half-lives of his past but forced to live in his present…..

  • Jasoos Pramod Kumar Rai by: Saksham 188.00

    Jasoos Pramod Kumar Rai is a compilation of thriller and mysterious stories which will bound you to read it further and every story will leave you amazed.

  • Chanakya Khandkavya by: Manish Kumar Mishra 135.00

    The present section is based on the life of the great guru Chanakya of poetry history. He is also known as Vishnugupta or Kautilya. His father Aacharya chanak was a famous Aacharya in the state of Magadh. He wants to Taxila after being humiliated by King Dhananand of Magadha. On the way, he met a young man named Chandragupta. He also took him with them. During this time Yavanraj Alexander attacked India. He urged Dhananand to save India but instead of helping, he again humiliated them. After the Chanakya got Dhanananda defeated by on the strength of his cleverness, made Chandragupt Maurya the first historical emperor of India and fulfill the dream of a United and powerful India.

  • The Helping Hand – GENDER SENSITIVITY by: Harpreet Kaur 130.00

    ‘Inequality is an evil which gives birth to the devils’. Everyone is equal in the eyes of God than why can’t human beings think like that. Gender inequality is the main hurdle in the holistic development of a child. Every person should have an equal right to live their life on their own terms, not with the orthodox norms which are forcefully imbibed in their thoughts to think and behave in a decided way. For making society gender-sensitive, the school can play a major role in this. This book- The Helping Hand- Gender-Sensitivity will help the school, teachers, and children to create a gender-sensitive environment. Children can learn effectively and independently without any discrimination. This book will help society to break gender stereotypes and create the gender- sensitive environment. This is just the beginning, many more editions will be published in near future.

  • Sale!
    Ruhani by: Rishabh Verma 299.00 270.00

    1. I’m a new author so words and sentences may feel a little bit simple.
    2. Almost every living being in this universe have horns .
    I’m eagerly waiting to hear it from you.
    Fantasy- premium
    Adventure- premium
    Horror- a bit
    romance- a bit
    humor- yes
    Crime- add-on
    Making your day- up to 100%
    Satisfaction- tell me!
    *during reading a dim violin music is advised for better results.
    Long before you could imagine the earth was home of not the one or two but
    thousands of mysterious species which lived in the most distinctive parts of the
    Some of them were too dark to be found and some were too powerful to stand
    against, our lead GOZAR was absolutely not one of them. He was a normal
    human, from a civilization which became a most vulnerable victim of power and
    As the civilizations emerged the NEELS and the DEMONS took over the world,
    everyone else became a soft target and humans the one and only living being
    opposed them reached to an end of their lives, this could be true if they hadn’t
    decided to run away.
    GOZAR grew up with a curiosity of out world and power which leads him to
    become a demon with the world’s greatest aura. He offered the empire by demon
    king on a condition of defending it in every situation and do as told. GOZAR
    accepted the offer because he felt an opportunity to rule the world in it and bring
    humans out to their rightful place but that wasn’t as easy as it seemed, before
    becoming the king he had to prove himself worthy by passing few tests. To do so
    he sent away from the kingdom to almost a new world where he had to defeat
    and capture the powerful aura from some most dangerous and legendary
    creatures who came out to be kings of their worlds themselves.
    This is where the journey begins. To know the GOZAR’S whole story, how he met
    his unimaginable powerful friends and clashed with the threats of his life READ
    this novel.
    “this book has a potential to bring a whole new unforgettable sweet memories in
    your life”.

  • Digital Stories by: Vipin Verma 200.00

    Today we are living in two worlds. One is real world another is digital world; some of us are spending more time in digital world than real world. This is a world of internet. Internet is creating new opportunities but this is also creating problems in our lives as well sometime we don’t know how an activity on internet will harm us. When I see people using internet without knowing the consequences of using their information on internet, I feel that this may create a big problem. There are six short stories in this book to make you understand the bad side of digital world.

    Day by day new technology is being invented but there are some people who are inventing new ways of crime, which was never thought before. They may be around you, may be you are their next target. They will not be successful if you are caution. You need to be aware with their thoughts. Sometimes you don’t know that using a technology can lead you in difficult situation, Just sharing a pic on social media. End of the stories are unexpected and realistic so you feel the fun while reading the stories.

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