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  • Blackout (Pre-order) by: Arya Karwa 290.00

    Getting kidnapped on the last day of school is not how William Terren imagined his summer break would begin. After getting rescued by his dad, William discovers the true identity of his parents and is faced with a choice: to either continue with his normal life or join ORION, a secret intelligence agency that operates outside the boundaries of the law. Propelled into a world of danger and uncertainty, William finds himself working around the clock to save the city of Nashville.
    But after a shocking discovery reveals darker, more sinister forces at play, William must fight to survive. In this deadly contest with no holds barred, every decision will take its moral toll. Sometimes, you just don’t emerge the same.

  • Assorted Feelings by: Abbas Mehdi 235.00

    ASSORTED FEELINGS is a real-life experience, expressed in the form of poetry, short stories, and letters recorded by the author from his teenage to the late middle age, it’s an amalgamated vivid description of cheeky teenage franks, followed by interesting real stories. During his various challenging jobs and letters were written on the prevailing socio-economic and political scenario existing in the country during that time period. The real-life experiences can be enjoyed by a teenager, a working executive, and a social activist! is certainly not a fiction of concocted stories but a true life KHATTA MITHAA experiences penned in the form of poetry, stories, and letters originated in different places of the country at different junctures of life over a period of 30 years put together in ONE book. Besides the book consists 3 different ASSORTED subjects where the author displays his prowess not just as a poet’s feeling but also as a story writer and last but not the least a social reformist thereby conveying a flare for all types of authorship catering to a larger audience, It now depends on the reader which kind of readership interest them?

  • Discovery of Bharat Through Hindustan and British India by: Tribhuwan Nath Singh 482.00

    The book is a synthesis of the ancient Bharatiya texts, with the latest scientific findings for their authenticity, historicity, and relevance to the modern perspective. The ancient Bharatiya texts were burnt by external invaders, and the retrieved texts were misinterpreted as mythological gossips in the English versions. Bharat was said to be in the “Dark Age” before the entry of the Britishers. The book in 14 chapters clarifies the misgivings and proves the Bharatiya civilization over 20,000 years old on the basis of modern research references, and the latest archaeological findings. Computer simulation of celestial configuration proves Ramayan 7000years old historical account of Ram and Mahabharat over 5000 years old historical event. In the background of largescale bloodshed and global warming despite all efforts of the UNO, a need for Spiritual Weapon – Truth and Nonviolence promoted by Mahatma Gandhi as Satyagrah has been projected to save humanity from the zooming Dooms. Day in “ Discovery of Bharat through Hindustan and British India”.

  • Do Lafzon ki kahani by: S. Khushi 165.00

    This book of mine, Do Lafzon Ki Kahani, is a collection of some stories, this story is my own woven. someone’s life It has nothing to do with But still, I have tried my best that when you guys read this, it should tickle you. Love stories have been ruling every heart for centuries, no one can live without smiling even if they want. While reading these stories, sometimes it brings laughter to the face, sometimes the heart starts beating loudly. Because these stories take us to the world of dreams. It has been my best effort that I can make these stories alive in my heart and take them to the hearts of you people. Now to what extent my efforts have been successful, only you people can tell.

  • Indira darshan- The poetic bio by: Chandra gopal dwivedi 185.00

    The Indira-Darshan is focused on the political philosophy of Mrs. Indira Gandhi. It aims to the following leading points:

    • The short memory of ancient India’s splendour and political system.
    • comments on the tendency towards strengthening the fraudulent system of governance and economy in India.
    • The evocation of youths for setting up an authentic democracy in India.


    The fulfillment of the above-mentioned objects can never be more possible from other sources than the glorious political career of Mrs. Indira Gandhi. It is so because in Indian post-independent history she is the only politician who had taken over the mission of ‘removal of poverty as a movement and sacrificed herself for the sake of the country’s unity and integrity.


  • Handbook of Practical Physical Pharmaceutics for B.Pharm Students by: Jasmine Kaur Randhawa 250.00

    This book preparation is an effort made to cover the practicals of physical pharmaceutics to be performed during the B.Pharm curriculum. The practicals cover topics related to physical properties of liquids like surface tension, viscosity, density, pH, stability of suspensions. Special emphasis is given on the procedure of practicals which will be helpful for the teachers and students with greater ease of understanding the concepts of physical pharmaceutics. It was found that very few such books were available having practical matter as compared to the books having theory matter. So this book will be very helpful to academicians as well as the industry in understanding the concepts of physical pharmaceutics.

  • Stop The Pandemic of People Pleasing by: Ceema Picardo 200.00

    This book is written for scores of people who battle with “people-pleasing” behavior.  Their tendency to be “nice” and do favors for people is not well received- as a result, they are always taken for granted and shown zero appreciation.  Therefore, this book effectively guides you to break free from the stronghold of this type of behavior by helping you discern how susceptible you are to it, and offers very practical tips to avoid and confront people who take you for granted.  This book with its introspective and engaging style will help you break the stronghold of people pleasing-ONCE AND FOR ALL!!

  • Life – Unedited by: Aditi Pandey 249.00

    The book “LIFE-unedited” is a collection of short stories created by the author to glorify the “unsung heroes” and the innumerable “small but priceless moments”, missed. There are such moments that build us up as fine human beings. The myriads of characters in the stories depict life and vibrancy. The author beautifully fuses characters with different faiths and views together to convey with certitude that the indomitable humans always outshine the weaker and hollow ones. Talking about the materialistic approach and the extinction of morals the stories also address a few problems of the youngsters and people of the older generations. With highbrow insights, the book makes for delightful reading to arm the readers to fight the blues of life.

  • JIBONMUKHI by: Dr. Ashim Kumar Naskar 230.00

    I wrote my book JIBONMUKHI in Bengali which is my mother tongue. It is a Bengali poetry book. The book is a collection of poems. The poems are mainly on the lives of human being, their different life events, sorrow, happiness, etc. The name JIBONMUKHI is appropriate because the poetries are life-oriented of human beings. I am proud of this book.

  • Zindagi – Ik Ratjaga by: Batra Guru Daas 149.00

    This is a unique yet simple book comprising Hindi poetry depicting various emotions and feelings of a normal person living life in today’s world. This book particularly conveys the message that life is something that needs a different approach to living happily and needs continuous efforts to put into it in a positive manner.
    The poetry in this book is written using very simple words and a free-verse poetic manner so that one can relate to it easily and understand what the poet is trying to convey. The poet had a basic vision in writing this book that we all need to learn from our pasts and keep reminding ourselves about the learnings and try to live our current life in a better way.

  • Who is He by: Sitam Satapathy 220.00

    The book narrates you the story of unbounded faith and inspiration, which are present with us in a different form. We can never lose them. Sometimes we are too stubborn to ignore them. They come to us in every demeanor. Our parents, our relatives, the people whom we would have met sub-consciously, or even us, whom we disregard. We run before motivations or a helping hand throughout our life being unaware about the interminable these in our surroundings. We need not search for it. We have it already with us. We need to introspect and carefully excogitate the faces we know. We can find an unfathomable amount of hope everywhere in them.
    The book tells you the story of a boy, who discovers his hope in an unusual way. He finds it and then loses it. How will he survive? Will he be able to find it again?
    Enjoy the story.


    Time since the pandemic entered every country with the least resistance playing havoc in those countries, both the states and its citizens becoming helpless to deal with the oncoming assault spreading like fire, the humans becoming it’s main victims, the number rising hourly as the days passed with the mounting number of patients and deaths. This was the scenario emerging in almost all the countries in the world showing signs of anxieties and anxious moments, everyone faced the biggest challenge of mankind to prevent its further spreading for survival and sustenance. Because the origin of coronavirus (Covid-19) is being interpreted right now all over the world with different connotations such as natural origin, bats, US Military and India, that is what China said, arrived from other planets and, in all these dusted arguments, the world seemed self- misguiding on the need for tracing its origin.
    Fact remains that the coronavirus did originate and found to exist at someplace in the world that is what was the need of the hour to throw a wide net to catch it. Every country got itself busy in safeguarding and protecting its citizens through several tests, experiments, and applications as per the guidelines of WHO and according to their own discretions and decisions. This was the time when the the horror started becoming horrendous defying all efforts governments of the countries encaged were engaged in. Search on origin has been going one but no
    hand has reached to it. Humpty Dumpty {See. Wikipedia for meaning}. Based on research papers, articles, opinions of the great scientists in the world obtained from the Website, their Points Based Analysis and Indicative Assessment on the basis of such analysis, the author made his best efforts to reach to the origin of the coronavirus, leaving the rest to the world how to go about, having also regard to the research work also taking place along by the learned and highly acknowledged scientists and experts in the world.


    Dawn of Twenty-First Century sighted the Stressed Assets {NPAs}, These banks and financial institutions came under tremendous pressure for financing the projects in the various sectors that perforce became necessary with the Economic Reforms in 1991 that enabled the private participation in a wider sense in the economic development process followed by the Financial Sector Reforms 1991-1992 onwards that blurred the functional lines hitherto existed between the commercial banks and
    the DFIs.
    Because of rising Non-Performance Assets (NPAs) of the major private participants from the later part of the first decade of the new century, the banks and financial institutions were not able to maintain their level of profitability in their operations which was further constrained due to enforcement of Prudential Norms by the RBI. The NPAs reached peak sometime in 2006-07 that led to increasing uneasiness in the Financial Sector.
    This entailed the amendment of the Banking Regulations Act, 1949. Then came IBC which opened up a newer route to escape from honouring the NPAs resulting in the write off of large public money. This is going on; the catastrophic outcome of which is telling upon the economic slowdown. The Prudential Norms Circular of 12 February 2018 issued by the RBI was struck down by the Supreme Court. The PSBs having been working under invisible political interventions from the time they were nationalized way back in 1969 aided more in building up the NPAs. The PSBs having found themselves in a fixed situation due either because of policy or political considerations were unable to act according to the loan covenants for recovery of NPAs. IBC route had not been beneficial to the PSBs who ultimately had no option but to make provision for Bad Debts/Doubtful Debts and write them off in their books of accounts. This is the Work-in-Progress {WIP}

  • Quarantined by Pranith- 15 Recites by: Pranith Varma 122.00

    “Quarantined By Pranith” is a collection of 15 poems. These poems are realistic and sensual in their own way. The author, Pranith talks about different things ranging from the perceptions of the human brain and mind to the abnormalities in society.

  • ENGINEERED THOUGHTS by: Suash Sinha 165.00

    You are on your own for the first time. Far away from home, you are a free bird who has no restrictions over him. The world is your canvas to paint but you have to choose the colors wisely because it will leave stains for the rest of your life. New place, new people, new surroundings, and there is you with your fragile, timid heart walking through all this. You have a chapter in your life to fill with the heading “my college days”. What will you do?

    This anthology is what I did. It was a way to vent my emotions, feelings, and point of view of all the things happening in and around me.

  • The End (Pre – Order) by: Karanvir Gupta 374.00

    There comes a time in the lifetime when we not only start doubting ourselves, but also our past, present and the future. We are left helpless, hopeless and clueless about where we go on from here. 2020 was one such year in the history of mankind. The book The End is a tale of an incorrigible human world that was caught in the trap of unprecedented circumstances and sequence of events. The book is a reflection of many emotions that catapulted during the pandemic. The pandemic arrived, caught us by surprise and questioned the status quo in the world that humans had created for themselves. The book is about a long drawn battle for the survival of the human race. It is a compelling narrative on humans battling the virus and their inner demons at the same time. It is about the dwindling moral compass, the vices, the evolution and further need for evolving as a race. The book The End is an epiphany of quite a few realisations that we would have conveniently ignored or deliberately chose to neglect if not for the pandemic.

    This book is your and mine watchdog. It is for you, me and each one of us to share with our future generations. This book will act as a reminder for the entire generation to not commit the same mistakes again. And remember that after each end, there is a new beginning – there is a new normal towards which all of us will have to work together. The book leaves us with hope that tomorrow the sun will shine and the world would be a better place to live.

  • DISENCHANTED- Relations Redefined by: Hari Singh 210.00

    The book is an anecdotal record of the journey of life of the protagonist, who is keen to establish relations with every newcomer in his life in the hope that it would make his journey less tiresome and thornless. There is an old saying “It is always better to have two than one during a journey.” From the remote village where he is born to the silver city of Mumbai, he searches for real relations, but each time his search ends in smoke. Even in the big crowds of the big city, he finds himself a solitary creature. Newness attracts him, but he finds them more deceptive. He is aghast to see even the blood bonds breaking in the struggle for a better existence for which they had moved out of their native villages.
    At last, the protagonist seeks seclusion to unload the burden before the nearest ones might start feeling him burdensome.

  • Solutions for Trigonometry Sums from Plane Trigonometry Part 1 of S L Loney by: Anup Kumar Sen 200.00

    ” The book by SL LONEY of Trigonometry chosen by me for solutions is full of basic Sums required for class VI to Junior college students. Accordingly, the present book on Solutions of Sums from Trigonometry /named ―Plane Trigonometry Part 1‖ by SLL on y was attempted. I draw my pleasure with high hopes that my book will be liked by students.

    My appeal therefore to such students to get my book as guidance always, which will be a path for success to them.

    Best of wishes to all students “

  • Women Empowerment through Microfinance in Gujarat by: Dr. Kavita Sindhav 257.00

    This book assesses the role of microfinance in building up the social, economic and democratic capacity of women and thereby enhancing their empowerment in India, with special reference to the state of Gujarat, India. Evaluating the performance of Self-Help Groups (SHGs), it tries to identify the factors that contribute to their capacity building and sustainability. It also studies the level of participation of women in SHGs and examines the group dynamics that influence their participation.

  • My Fantasy by: Rajeev Ranjan Sinha Kundan 225.00

    ये मेरी तीसरी किताब है जो कि मेरी पहली किताब “The Unforgettable” and ” The latest and the Best” के नाम से प्रकाशित हुई है। मैंने मेरी तरफ से हर तरह के गीत एवं ग़ज़ल को इस नई किताब ” मेरी कल्पना की उड़ान” में शामिल करने की कोशिश की है।

  • Music Unlocked by: Karan Kaushik 999.00
    This book is a complete beginner guide to those who wants to learn basics of music theory and on the basis of this theory they can start learning guitar, ukulele and keyboard with the help of this book…
    This book includes all the key ingredients related to music theory and basics of guitar, ukulele and keyboard.
  • MERAKI by: Pallavi 150.00

    As you are holding this book in your hand, you belong to it. It’s not about what is in it but it’s all about what’s in you and how you work for yourself and your peace. This will empower you, guide you and let go of all the negativities just like a friend by your side. It talks about the chances we missed and the moments we never are sure about but altogether it helps us to revive that life is all about different situations and different people with different thoughts. So let’s embrace it together and walk in the dark with our thoughts and it’s a spark.

  • Fundamental of Hijama Therapy by: Dr. Mohd Nayab 300.00

    Fundamentals of Hijama therapy is a book that covers the basic knowledge of cupping therapy, its classification, indications, contraindications, and effectiveness in various diseases. This book also explains the possible mechanism of action of cupping therapy. It, surely, will be beneficial for the undergraduate, post-graduate students not only of the Unani system of medicine but also for other alternative systems of medicine. It will also be useful for the practitioners of cupping therapy. This book will open new horizons in the field of the Unani system of medicine.

  • INSPIRATION by: Ragini Saxena 150.00

    The role of women has transcended over the past few generations. From mostly being homemakers to becoming professionals and top achievers in many fields, opportunities for women are on the rise. But, the underlying challenges faced by them cannot be undermined. The stories in this book are a reflection of those challenges, that once overcome, make a person undeniably strong. This book has also been inspired by stories of women who I have observed very closely throughout my life. Please note that the facts, however, have been altered to maintain privacy and to make the stories more engaging. It can be enjoyed by the general public and conveys the message that women should always be valued for their respectable qualities.

  • Bikram & Vitthal by: Kanika Sharma 122.00

    A ghastly creature at large in a peaceful hill station, a multi-millionaire’s murder mystery goes unsolved, a man with a harrowed childhood and a successful author unwillingly involved in a drama that might give him, his best novel so far. All these events happen in different timelines and cities and yet are connected to each other like the universe’s own conspiracy. It is a modern-day re-telling of classic Indian folklore of Vikram and Vetal, with a twist.

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