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  • Catharsis: A Concoction of Psychology and Mythology by: Prakriti Kapoor 222.00

    This book is an amalgamation of psychology and mythology. The characters of Mahabharata are intricately woven with the emotions we feel today to enlighten us about the spectrum of human conscience. The book is divided into seven chapters, each chapter rich in its own theme.

    *Authors note*: Try to read between the lines and understand the meaning of the book by putting yourself in each character’s shoes. I hope I am able to enchant you through my words spilt on 45 pages.

  • Ek Sham Zindagi Ki (Hindi) by: Maithily 266.00

    “Ek sham Zindagi ki” is the book of Author-it is like a dream that going to be true..In the book, it is a collection of many different imagination and feelings…And it is dedicated by Author to her mother… Especially the first poem.” Meri Maa”.

  • The Receding Stairs of Oblivion by: Malavika Kishore 200.00

    The Receding Stairs of Oblivion is a crime-fiction about the occurrence of two sets of serial murders happening seventeen years apart. Detective Jones’s quest of tracking down The Artist is continued by his niece, Bella Throne, who sets out to bring down MANONYMOUS, a similar serial murderer, seventeen years after the aforementioned. The latter half of the story revolves around the unravelling of the truth about the mysterious serial killers of their town, Cormawall, or more precisely, their family.


    Insurance Intermediaries play a vital role in insurance distribution & services. Distribution channels are the extended arm of insurers. Physical sales forces and intermediaries are responsible for the majority of insurance distribution across geographies and lines of business. Insurance intermediaries serve as a bridge between consumers and insurance companies.

  • Strategy: From Concept to Execution, A Compendium by: S. MUKUNDARAJAN 195.00

    This book will serve as a primer in strategy concepts, strategy execution, and enterprise performance management for management students and young practising managers. The book apart from concepts and execution details touches related topics like Risk, Strategy communication, Disruption, and the Role of analytics in Strategy management.

  • YOU CAN HACK ! by: OM HARWALKAR 349.00

    I am writing a book on ethical hacking starting journey. This book is very helpful for ethical hacking aspirants. In this book, I cover how to start ethical hacking and this book is very simple to understand.

  • The Secret of Manpravah by: Dr. Sukumar Munje 299.00

    This book is about mental health awareness. It’s pocket self-care to keep in track your Mental Health. The secret of Manpravah will help you to check your own Mental Health and help you to maintain healthy thinking and behaviour patterns. It’s a combination of Manpravah secrets and therapies. Due to a lack of awareness, many people don’t pay proper attention to their Mental Health. The secrets of Manpravah is the best way to take care of Mental Health.

  • The Meliora An Essential Guide to the Legal Language by: Mukesh Kumar 245.00

    First time in history, a dictionary is compiled that you can actually read instead of just keeping it as a reference book. This book covers all those common and rare legal terminologies that are being used in day-to-day life whether it is the story of inside the court or in the law school. The most significant point of attraction of this book is – the terminologies are categorized, which will definitely help a reader to learn and understand with the least effort.

    Lastly, this is again the first book of its kind in the world that presents the legal terminologies with their inter-disciplinary meanings and explanations.”

  • Zindagi by: Neha Dhingra 250.00

    “Zindagi” is the first collection of poetry by Neha Dhingra. This book contains 30 poems. In this collection, questions have been raised on those evils of the society, about which it has become necessary to talk in today’s time. Most of the poems have been written from girls’ perspectives and some tell us about life also.

  • Euthanasia – A Doctrine of Death by: Sourav Banerjee, Shreya Sengupta, 190.00

    Assisted Suicide is extremely controversial no matter from which perspective you look at it. It is illegal in most countries and that is why the law is given high priority in all chapters. A whole chapter is dedicated to its legal perspective alone. This book not only views it legally but all dimensions – economic, moral, philosophical, and biological; are vividly explained. Dear readers can easily engross themselves in whichever genre they are interested in. But frankly speaking, no matter which dimension we took up; it was categorically proved with explicit logic that active euthanasia is not good for society. You can read for yourselves and find that you will also be convinced from all angles. A fantastic scope of research is also proposed that combines meta-physics with the latest biotech advances. If anyone can pursue that; it can become a groundbreaking finding for the entire humanity. All are welcome in this journey called ‘Doctrine of Death’.

  • The Revenge Story by: Hemanth Sagar.H 175.00

    What would you have done if people who came to your village disappeared and the police couldn’t help anyone? Death omen spreading who is going to be the next person. What will you do if a hooded figure tries to attack you, you shoot him back but nothing happens to him. A family was found dead in their mansion. One of the best detectives hired even then can’t find the culprit. The detective searches and he finds himself almost dead on many occasions. Three 15 year children without knowing become a part of the journey in which one wrong move will lead to your death. Join the journey with the author and find out. Will the case be solved? Will the culprit be found? What will happen to him? Will the detective and children be safe? Will, the village get back its old lost glory? : To find out, read my book “The Revenge Story”.

  • The Door to the Stars by: Ramsha Rais 368.00

    This book, “The door to the stars” is written by the author “Ramsha Rais”. It is comprised of 15 stories of different genres. Some are emotional, romantic, funny, childish, sci-fi, and not to forget Fantasy. This book gives you an idea that nothing is impossible and that the key to success is right there in your imagination

  • Dalai Lama and Sikkim by: Editorial Board 290.00

    “The Dalai Lamas and Sikkim”, The Dalai Lamas and Sikkim is a small effort to highlight the socio-religious bond of relationship between the Dalai Lamas and the erstwhile Namgyal Dynasty of Sikkim, the successive Chief Ministers and between the people of Tibet and the people of the Himalayan state since 1642. The bi-lingual (Tibetan/English) Book is published as a tribute to His Holiness the Great 14 th Dalai Lama to mark the Year of Gratitude to their spiritual leader as declared by the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) Dharamshala for the year 2020-2021.
    The Book highlights on a brief biography of His Holiness, the spiritual relationship between the Dalai Lamas and Sikkim, His visits and spiritual contributions to Sikkim, His audience with the erstwhile Chogyals and the successive Chief Ministers of Sikkim, and the Four Devine Commitments of His Holiness the Great 14th Dalai Lama.
    The Book aims to open a new dimension for the people of the state on an untraveled sphere of their historical demography and geo-political status especially for the large majority of the aspiring young scholars, researchers, and the general youth force of the state.
    The first Chogyal of Sikkim Phuntsok Namgyal traces his roots to Kham Minyag in eastern Tibet and he was enthroned by the three Patron Saints from Tibet at Norbugang at Yuksom, West Sikkim in 1642.
    The book gives a vivid account of the strong bond of socio-religious, intrigue cultural, traditional and linguistic relationship between the people of Tibet and Sikkim. Sikkim enjoyed an open border with Tibet for centuries till the occupation of the country by communist China in 1959. After the National Uprising of Tibet in Lhasa on 10 th March, 1959, when His Holiness the Dalai Lama took political refuge in India, thousands of Tibetans were given asylum by the then Chogyal of Sikkim and even granted Sikkim citizenship to many Tibetans. The Tibetans always considered the Beyul Demojong, a sacred and blessed land by Guru Padmasambhava and willingly took Sikkim as their second home and actively participated and contributed in the socio-economic development of the 22 nd state of the Union of
    India. His Holiness the 16 th Karmapam Rangjung Rigpai Dorjee was invited to Sikkim by the Chogyal and offered a sizeable land at Rumtek to establish his present seat.
    Many other high ranking Lamas and learned Abbots also took refuge in Sikkim. Prominent among them are His Eminence former Khyentse Rinpoche Choekyi Lodoe, Dho Drupchen Rinpoche who have immensely contributed for the spiritual consciousness of the Buddhist community of Sikkim.

  • Manthan by: Praveen Pratap 207.00

    Manthan is a collection of Hindi couplets and poems. Manthan means brainstorming. And as the name suggests it’s a reflection of one’s thoughts during various situations and stages of life. Manthan will take you on a journey to explore and understand several forms of human emotions such as anger, pain, solitude, love, self-motivation, jealousy, courage, confusion agony, and anxiety that an ordinary human goes through in life but never talks about. It will walk you through the unseen side of the world and the way minds of people are influenced by the other’s
    behaviour, societal norms, politics, and harsh situations of life.

  • Time to Explore An Anthology of Poems by: Ajit Karigar 200.00

    Deploring the gross materialism of the modern men, who have been ruining natural resources ruthlessly the poet implores earnestly to save the same for the generations to come to rid of their curse and to earn their bliss. Young poet Mr. Ajit's adoration of human values and virtues, issuance of clarion call, and earnest appeal to the present-day youth to develop rational and scientific approach to the festivities speaks volumes about his love of humanity. Celebration of mother's affection, feeling of pride for the motherland, appreciation of the beauty and greatness of
    Mother Earth are the stock- in trade of his poetic utterances. Good manners are good basis of good life goes an adage. It is good manners and etiquettes that bring dignity to humans who are the dazzling jewels in the crown of God’s creation. Hence the poet holds high several mannerisms in host of his poems. His fervent wish and ardent hope to usher in better and beautiful prospective world are the flora and fauna of this poetic creations. Let this budding, sensitive, sensible poet scale a lofty literary height and succeed in his endeavor to convey his tender passions genuinely through poetry to increase the happiness of readers.


    The chaotic silence causes turmoil in flowing water. It is about how there is chaos inside us but we choose silence to express it. It is about how there are voices in our head but it goes quiet the moment we open our mouth.

    It is a journey where chaos and silence walk hand in hand.

  • The Personal Economy by: Manab Jyoti Gogoi 550.00

    বিশেষকৈ আজিৰ যুগত মানুহৰ জীৱনৰ বাবে টকাৰ উপাৰ্জন অৰ্থাৎ অৰ্থনীতিৰ কিমান প্ৰয়োজন ,সেই কথা কোৱাৰ আৱশ‍্যকতা নাই। অসমত নিবনুৱাৰ সংখ্যা ভয়ানকভাৱে বৃদ্ধি পোৱাৰ অন‍্যতম কাৰণ হ’ল : উপাৰ্জন সম্পৰ্কে আমাৰ আধুনিক জ্ঞানৰ অভাৱ। চাকৰী কৰা সকলে উপাৰ্জন কৰিছে যদিও ,উপাৰ্জিত ধন সঠিকভাৱে পৰিচালিত কৰিব নজনাৰ বাবেই বহুতো মধ‍্যবৃত্ত পৰিয়ালৰ জীৱন আজি দুখনীয় । চাকৰী নোপোৱাৰ বেদনাত লাখ লাখ যুৱক-যুৱতী আজি হতাশাগ্ৰস্ত। আমি ‘ব‍্যক্তিগত অৰ্থনীতি’ শীৰ্ষক এই কিতাপৰ যোগেদি এই সময়ৰ উপাৰ্জনৰ অসংখ্য পথ উন্মোচন কৰি দিম , যাতে সকলোৱে জীৱনৰ এটা সময়ত নিজকে সমৃদ্ধিশালী কৰি তুলিব পাৰে । এই কিতাপখন পঢ়াৰ পিছত আপোনাৰ মানসিকতা,চিন্তা আৰু জীৱনৰ গতিধাৰাই সলনি হৈ যাব ,আৰু আপোনাৰ সন্মুখত অসংখ্য উপাৰ্জনৰ পথ প্ৰশস্ত হৈ পৰিব । গতিকে পলম নকৰি এই কিতাপখন সকলোৱে পঢ়ি জীৱনৰ উত্তৰণৰ যাত্ৰাত অংশগ্ৰহণ কৰিব বুলি আশা ৰাখিলোঁ।

  • The Dialogue with the Dead by: Prakash P.Joshi 245.00

    This novel unfolds the mysterious story of Mr. Harisingh, the young journalist whose spirit is held up in purgatory after his accidental death. The Spirit establishes a communication link with the narrator who visits the cemetery for his personal peace. The Spirit reveals the whole of his life story to the Narrator and asks him to do his ‘Shradha’ (after-death religious rites) to release him from the limbo. The Narrator, moved by the Spirit’s traumatic experiences, agrees to perform the religious rituals the Sprits longs for. After the ‘Shradha Vidhi’, the Spirit returns to his body, and his life is revived like the story of a phoenix that rises from its ashes. The novel is a curious and mysterious mixture of science and 20th-century surrealism. The theme of the novel is spun around the excesses and extremities of the Emergency period in India. It fictionally describes how the whole opposition, the rightists and the leftists, were made to suffer for the ambitions and wrongful governance of the country.

  • You Have to Shine by: Shabana Anjum 109.00

    This book is a poetry collection with 36 poems. These poems are categorised in six sets. The first set of poems shows her deep faith in the Almighty. She tries to instill this strong faith in her readers so that they can ward off negativity from their life. The second set of poems illustrates how Nature teaches us to be confident and courageous The third set of poems is a direct word with the readers where they can be geared up to face life’s challenges and win every battle that they encounter in life. The fourth set tells the readers the ways they can become a better human beings. They can improve their way of living and become a source of relief for others as well as themselves The fifth set of poems is where she pours out her feelings for the people who are to her heart. One poem is about her alma mater, Carmel School. The last set narrates some stories in form of poems. The aim of writing this book is to bring positivity in the lives of the readers. The poems are like fuel that can energize the readers and bring about a change in the way of their taking up life’s struggles. The poet strongly believes that with a positive attitude, every battle can be won. Hope this book inspires and leaves a positive impact on the thinking process of the readers.


    This book discusses the principles and practices of dietotherapy in Unani system of medicine. Despite the fact that every scholar has described and considered diet therapy as an important treatment modality, but it is scattered across various books. For this reason, the students and practitioners have been unable to reap the benefit of this important topic and put it into practice. This book is organized primarily into three sections. The first section explains the basic principles of dietotherapy. The second section contains detailed information on 117 different foods. The third section includes dietary recommendations from the perspective of Unani Medicine in 168 different diseases.

  • Learn English Grammar with Magic Tricks by: Dharmesh Jani 399.00

    Learn English Grammar with Magic Trick is just not an ordinary grammar book. It is classroom notes arranged in an easy language. Its main focus is to understand the basic concept of the grammatical topic. There is a use of Hindi language make a topic that a learner can learn without any guidance. There are uses of diagrams in every topic which makes learning attractive. There are uses of some tricks which are helpful in competition exams. It is a book that will help the learner to reach his knowledge on the advanced level without any fear. The study of this book boosts learner confidence. This book takes you from nowhere to somewhere you always wish. A learner will learn English Grammar with fun.

  • Khamoshiyaan Unplugged by: Sanjh Sabharwal 200.00

    A heartwarming saga of never-ending love, inspiration, and motivation in a relationship, be it between life partners, friends or companions in life. Khamoshiyaan Unplugged verbalises the turbulence which arises in the face of sudden & untimely events in life. It articulates the changing facades of life, emotions, and relationships of life. Resonating a collection of feelings that every reader can relate to in spite of the varied challenges thrown by the
    individual experiences of life.

  • Aesthetics in the Context of Music by: Dr. Bharat Desai 450.00

    The first section of this book gives an insight into both the worldly and the supernatural. At an early stage, book establishes the relationship between beauty and art and says that Art and Beauty have a direct relationship, where there is art, there is beauty. With the realization of joy and expression of the soul what man creates is an art.

    Whether Beauty is Subjective or Objective? The thing is so beautiful because it gives pleasure? Or It gives pleasure because it is beautiful? The answers to the most controversial questions like these are also discussed in this section.

    The second section deals with aesthetics, especially from a musical perspective. At the beginning of this section there is an interesting analysis of the Beauty of Music in terms of ‘Physics’, then in terms of ‘Western Aesthetics’ and finally in terms of ‘Indian Aesthetics’.


    This is an anthology of poems on various themes basically from a woman‟s perspective, whoever is in search of „SELF-IDENTITY‟. The book is divided into two parts. The first part has poems on various themes and the second part is dedicated to my mother. „GRASS‟ here represents a depiction of such females not only in Indian but all over the world where „PATRIARCHY‟ still exists. A woman is being choked to breathe forcefully, starting from her birth till the end of her life. She undergoes many a perception like the existence of human beings on the earth, real meaning of life, harsh reality of death, the definition of true love, reality of relationships, the existence of god, reality of religion &caste issues, the value of moral & spiritual development, concept of nationality & world citizenship, brutal reality of gender & disparity, importance of female education, realization of male dominant society (its‟ customs and absurd beliefs), meaning of self-growth, identity & recognition. In this journey, having a lot of experiences, she definitely finds out the real face of this world and society. This situation gets very grim when she proves to be an ambitious one to explore her.

  • Ek Maara Jaaye Bohur Chaap’e by: Shibnath Chatterjee 210.00

    “Ek maara jaye bohur chaap’e” is a collection of self-composed poetries as well as a collection of one’s myriad shades of thoughts through the means of poetry. It’s a canvas painted with different colours of the mind; some bright, some dull, some light and some dark. It speaks of the blossoms and the banes of nature. It speaks of the blessings and dooms that the society has brought upon its people. It speaks of travelogues and histories. It speaks of love, joy, pain, suffering, happiness, desires, truths, and so much more.

  • Mr.Drug by: Sufi Yasmeen 150.00

    This Book Is About A Person Who Sells And Take Drugs. His Mother Is Worried About His Changing Behaviour So She Calls Her Daughter From City To Village To Help His Brother. So How Will She Save Her Brother?

  • 20 Days of Self Management by: Dr. Shweta Tewari, Capt. A. Nagaraj Subbarao, Prof.V.V. Rajan, 199.00

    The book ’20 days of self-management is a suggestive and practical book. It will help you lead a holistic life by knowing yourself better. Amidst the chaos and rush of modern living, it helps you keep a check of the fundamentals by proposing small, daily activities which can be carried out in a span of 20 days. It helps you understand, implement, and reflect on your thoughts carefully and analyze your feelings by adding a practical approach. What you can do to avoid losing interest and changing your course abruptly is to simply take it one day at a time. Focus on the task you need to accomplish for the day and work as diligently as you can!

  • Asatoma Sadgamaya A Path for One by: Kanishq Gitam 250.00

    What began as an attempt by the author to compile his poetry, that he had written at various phases of his life, led him to the realization that a narration of the experiences that had inspired them was needed to complete the picture. A portrayal of interesting personal experiences provides the reader with a peek into his mind and personality, while his honest self-introspection is meant to encourage the reader to do the same. The author eventually presents the spiritual understanding he has gained through those very experiences, which he believes is the need of the ‘current-social media-convenience-hate’ hour.

  • WEAPONS OF OUR WARFARE by: Dr Joshua Paul 249.00

    We are fighting an enemy who has already been finished off by Jesus at Calvary. We are defeating an enemy who has already been defeated by Jesus. We are crushing an enemy who has been crushed. We are executing and enforcing what has been accomplished by Jesus. We are just obtaining, retaining, and maintaining the victory achieved by our Lord Jesus Christ at Calvary. We may be fiercely fighting the petty battles, whereas He has already won the war! He has given us the victory medals, trophies, and awards even before the battle could begin and asking us to fight. We are the Executive officers and Enforcers of the verdict passed on by the Father after Calvary. Our Lord Jesus said in Matt 28:18,19, “Then Jesus came close to them and said, “All the authority of the universe has been given to me. Now, go in my authority and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit”. This is the very basic premise every child of God should have in their mind before embarking into Spiritual Warfare. It makes our victory very, very easy. In this booklet, I do not deal extensively on Spiritual Warfare, but only on the Weapons of our Warfare. Even then, not all the weapons but a few selected ones which will help you to advance successfully and progressively through advanced techniques of prayer warfare. It is not a new doctrine, as some may think. You can find references to Spiritual Warfare from Genesis to Revelation.

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