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    This is an anthology of poems on various themes basically from a woman‟s perspective, whoever is in search of „SELF-IDENTITY‟. The book is divided into two parts. The first part has poems on various themes and the second part is dedicated to my mother. „GRASS‟ here represents a depiction of such females not only in Indian but all over the world where „PATRIARCHY‟ still exists. A woman is being choked to breathe forcefully, starting from her birth till the end of her life. She undergoes many a perception like the existence of human beings on the earth, real meaning of life, harsh reality of death, the definition of true love, reality of relationships, the existence of god, reality of religion &caste issues, the value of moral & spiritual development, concept of nationality & world citizenship, brutal reality of gender & disparity, importance of female education, realization of male dominant society (its‟ customs and absurd beliefs), meaning of self-growth, identity & recognition. In this journey, having a lot of experiences, she definitely finds out the real face of this world and society. This situation gets very grim when she proves to be an ambitious one to explore her.

  • Ek Maara Jaaye Bohur Chaap’e by: Shibnath Chatterjee 210.00

    “Ek maara jaye bohur chaap’e” is a collection of self-composed poetries as well as a collection of one’s myriad shades of thoughts through the means of poetry. It’s a canvas painted with different colours of the mind; some bright, some dull, some light and some dark. It speaks of the blossoms and the banes of nature. It speaks of the blessings and dooms that the society has brought upon its people. It speaks of travelogues and histories. It speaks of love, joy, pain, suffering, happiness, desires, truths, and so much more.

  • Mr.Drug by: Sufi Yasmeen 150.00

    This Book Is About A Person Who Sells And Take Drugs. His Mother Is Worried About His Changing Behaviour So She Calls Her Daughter From City To Village To Help His Brother. So How Will She Save Her Brother?

  • 20 Days of Self Management by: Dr. Shweta Tewari, Capt. A. Nagaraj Subbarao, Prof.V.V. Rajan, 199.00

    The book ’20 days of self-management is a suggestive and practical book. It will help you lead a holistic life by knowing yourself better. Amidst the chaos and rush of modern living, it helps you keep a check of the fundamentals by proposing small, daily activities which can be carried out in a span of 20 days. It helps you understand, implement, and reflect on your thoughts carefully and analyze your feelings by adding a practical approach. What you can do to avoid losing interest and changing your course abruptly is to simply take it one day at a time. Focus on the task you need to accomplish for the day and work as diligently as you can!

  • Asatoma Sadgamaya A Path for One by: Kanishq Gitam 250.00

    What began as an attempt by the author to compile his poetry, that he had written at various phases of his life, led him to the realization that a narration of the experiences that had inspired them was needed to complete the picture. A portrayal of interesting personal experiences provides the reader with a peek into his mind and personality, while his honest self-introspection is meant to encourage the reader to do the same. The author eventually presents the spiritual understanding he has gained through those very experiences, which he believes is the need of the ‘current-social media-convenience-hate’ hour.

  • WEAPONS OF OUR WARFARE by: Dr Joshua Paul 249.00

    We are fighting an enemy who has already been finished off by Jesus at Calvary. We are defeating an enemy who has already been defeated by Jesus. We are crushing an enemy who has been crushed. We are executing and enforcing what has been accomplished by Jesus. We are just obtaining, retaining, and maintaining the victory achieved by our Lord Jesus Christ at Calvary. We may be fiercely fighting the petty battles, whereas He has already won the war! He has given us the victory medals, trophies, and awards even before the battle could begin and asking us to fight. We are the Executive officers and Enforcers of the verdict passed on by the Father after Calvary. Our Lord Jesus said in Matt 28:18,19, “Then Jesus came close to them and said, “All the authority of the universe has been given to me. Now, go in my authority and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit”. This is the very basic premise every child of God should have in their mind before embarking into Spiritual Warfare. It makes our victory very, very easy. In this booklet, I do not deal extensively on Spiritual Warfare, but only on the Weapons of our Warfare. Even then, not all the weapons but a few selected ones which will help you to advance successfully and progressively through advanced techniques of prayer warfare. It is not a new doctrine, as some may think. You can find references to Spiritual Warfare from Genesis to Revelation.

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    The Essence of Motherhood by: Radhika Jindal 200.00 190.00

    Do you think motherhood is messy, along with messy houses, messy rooms, and messy clothes? If your answer is yes! Then yes! It is. It’s messy and beautiful.
    The book is divided into two sections:
    Healthy Pregnancy: Pregnancy is divided into three phases called the three trimesters and I have tried to cover all the unique issues and events that occur in each trimester, answering the questions that most mothers or to-be-mothers have. A few topics include healthy diet plans and exercise, maintaining self-love, garbh sanskar, packing your hospital bag, and how prepare yourself for D-day.

    Cherish the Motherhood: At the end of nine months, you are able to hold your baby in your hands and see him or her for the first time. You are now officially a ‘Mother’! The second part of my book is about the so-called official motherhood stage once the baby is delivered. How can you take care of yourself in the postpartum period? How has your role as a mother changed now?

    You must read this book if you:
    Are a first-time parent
    Are scared of pregnancy
    Want to cherish motherhood

    What can you expect from this book?
    Fitness and diet plans for the three trimesters
    Garbh Sanskar and the right techniques
    Personal experiences of mothers
    Positive visualization and thinking methods
    How to deal with postpartum depression and weight
    Experts interviews

    The book will help you in having a positive mindset towards pregnancy. It’ll also give you a glimpse of what you can expect during and after the pregnancy phase. Motherhood is a beautiful journey but not a destination. This book will help you through this journey like a friend, a guide, and sometimes like a mother or mother-in-law.

  • Uljha Jeevan Apne Dimag Se Swayam Hal Kare by: VK Pingal 255.00

    आंतरिक द्वंद, अंतर्मन की उठापटक, बाहरी दुनिया की अव्यवस्थित व्यवस्था, जीवन में कुछ न कर पाने का डर वर्तमान और भविष्य दोनों को ही निगल जाता है। जीवन की ऐसी उलझनें कि कौन सही और कौन गलत? भीतर की पूरी संभावित सुव्यवस्था जो इंसान के जीने का उद्देश्य और जीने की वजह होनी चाहिए लेकिन स्वार्थ के खातिर, ईर्ष्या, द्वेष, लोभ के खातिर परेशानियां झेल-झेलकर मन की उलझनों से जीवन इस कदर उलझता ही जाता है कि फिर कभी सुलझ नहीं पाता। तो आइए जीवन में ऊपर उठने की अथाह संभावनाओं के बीच मन में किसी तरह का बोझ नहीं रखेंगे तो मानसिक दृष्टि से स्वस्थ रहेंगे और शारीरिक रूप से श्रम किया तो शारीरिक दृष्टि से स्वस्थ रहेंगे।

  • Paint Your Own Rainbow by: Shelly Dhanania 210.00

    Paint your own rainbow is the collection of stories about people fighting their fears day after day till destiny forced them to stand up and paint their own rainbow as it’s important to embrace all the colours life offers including the colours of strength and courage.

    Nothing is more beautiful than a woman who refuses to bow down to let someone else fix her crown, the love story that beats securely in her heart for it sacred to be unveiled to the world, a warrior who fought his demons till last breath and many more.

  • Heal Hemorrhoids Through Ayurveda by: Dr.Vivekanand Mohan Kullolli, Dr.Krishna Thorat Kullolli, 299.00

    Hemorrhoids is the commonest disease that affects all the population across the world without any discrimination. Also called Piles, for its hallmark of fleshy growth due to varicosity (Engorgement) of Veins. Even though it occurs to other parts of the body, referred to as Polyps, but the most common site of concern is the Anal Canal. The hemorrhoids, due to their bleeding tendency, may lead to severe and chronic Anemia and its related long-term debilitating and life-threatening complications, if neglected in the initial stage.


    Dr. Jyotsna Shukla has been writing for long; long enough to have multiple collections of Poetry from different genres. Kavyendu is a collection of poems by Dr. Jyotsna Shukla, highlighting the various aspects of life and its true worthy meaning for the soul and individual. The kinetics of life could not be paused but could surely be slowed and understood through the philosophies derived from our day-to-day life. This book is an attempt at that, in a poetic way.

  • THIRUKKURAL by: R Sriramkumar 300.00


  • Motivation Speaker by: Khushbu Parikh 200.00

    All truth available in my motivations and hard truth are always provide in my book.

  • 360 Guide for Seniors by: CA V B Prabhu Verlekar 299.00

    ‘360 Degree Guide for Seniors’ is an empowering book for senior citizens to lead a meaningful, independent and balanced retired life with good health, wealth, and loving relationships. This book is based on deep research, experience, and practice.
    Written in a direct and easy-to-read style by Shri V B Prabhu Verlekar, it offers its readers simple mantras for living with Grace and Joy.
    Whether you are looking for inspirational stories to motivate and energise you or to manage stress and enhance sleep; you will find it all here. It contains tips that include: making mature investment decisions to retirement planning, from smartphone usage to personal care, from estate management & Will formats to special concessions and facilities for seniors. It goes on to explore several important themes like live-in relationships for singles as well as pragmatic housing decisions to
    live by.
    This Book is a must for every household.

  • Get Up Once More (Pre-order) by: Sheetal Sisodiya 210.00

    What if you discovered the KEY REASON that has stopped you from achieving your dreams so far? What if someone personally guided you through a detailed roadmap to walk upon to achieve those dreams?
    If you have been trying to achieve something for long and results didn’t show up as expected, it’s high time to work upon reprogramming your subconscious mind for success.
    Get up once more by Sheetal is an eye-opener where you would be taken on a journey to identify the root cause of setbacks and to program your mind to become a better version of yourself. The amazing book is not just a reading material; it’s a guide to help you prepare your own success plan.
    The book is a treasure for a lifetime as it makes you execute the plan and change your life for the better. The 7 unique learning-based chapters by Sheetal reveal the unexplored tools and techniques to adopt success habits. Easy-to-follow activities have been imbibed in an interesting way following each learning given in the book. These activities will help you to create your own workbook named ‘Achievers Book’ that will act as your mentor, your success guide and your own blueprint for success. In this book, you will discover the most powerful lessons that will help you –
     Identify the root cause that stops you from achieving your goals
     Develop a new belief system that gives you the power to take the right decisions
     Reprogram your subconscious mind to become successful
     Learn the ultimate step by step process of goal setting
     Effective ways to take action whenever required so as to achieve goals
     Develop the habits of the most successful people in the world
     Become a winner and live the life of your dream
    Start preparing your own ‘Achievers Book’ today with this book and add up more excitement, more joy, and more success events in your life.
    “Amazing book, could finish in one go. Crisp and crystal clear steps to introspect ourselves and rebuild ourselves. Very relatable to every page of content. If applied rightly, it will help each one reach great heights. The unseen barriers of our life is so simplied and it has helped us identify where we have lost or failed and how to rewire from there on. In fact haven't read these in many other self-help books. Thanks to the author, as I can start right away in implementing the stuff mentioned here by the Achievers book. Brilliant self-help book!” –
    Priya Vardhini “When you are at the very bottom of your life and need some advice but don’t really want to tell people about your problem, you should really grab this book. It has the insights and the power to enlighten everyone who read it. As I go along with the book, it just feels like Sharad is actually
    talking to me.
    Sharad really hits me here “There is no such thing as a final result unless you have accepted it that way and stop working for it”.
    Life transformation, life-changing, this self-help book just went really into me. Ps: It has that readers’ guide at the end of every chapters. I mean, that’s the best part.” – John Spender – Writer, Life Coach, Movie Maker

  • Thamaa hua Aakash by: Niraj Kumar 225.00

    Thamaa hua Aakash (The sky stood still) is a collection of Hindi poems, written in last 4-5 years, and during the existential turmoil, the world has faced and is still facing. The poems are in clusters. Khabari (Newsmaker) poems are snippets of things, good, bad or ugly, unfolding around us. The unprecedented exodus of migrant labourers, the student unrest in a certain institution, the almost lost struggle with COVID, till the vaccines came along, children we
    were unable to save on some excuse or the other, our brave soldiers attaining martyrdom, death of an ex-prime minister who was a poet and a philosopher, etc.
    There are short sketches, of mind and matter, in the Laghu Kathayen series. Having come from Bihar-Jharkhand ancestry, the eastern dialect is close to his heart, and the author has put some poems, emanating from our closely guarded, day-to-day lives, in the Purabia section. An extension of this can be seen in the Gud Kathayen (jaggery tales) section. However, some poems have escaped this process of clustering, and demand independent voices, of
    their own. So, a call has been taken, and they are, just, Nirbandh, literally, un-labeled. I am grateful to my wife, Dr. Shikha Mathur Kumar, who is my colleague as well as a prolific painter, for allowing me to use one of her works for the cover design. I am grateful to my son, Samvit, for his insights. I am grateful to my co-workers, Mr. Sundaresh and Mr. Raman, for providing the necessary support to make this work a reality. I am grateful to Blue Rose publishers and its very supportive editorial team for bringing out this poetry collection.
    This book is dedicated to Shashwat, (10/10/2001-04/03/2019) my younger son, who we lost to severe illness followed by his heroic struggle for 14 years.

  • Tere Eshq Mei by: Narendra Suden 200.00

    This book is like a part of my life for people to read. Every single poem in this book is about love, compassion, strength, purity, and more. In a nutshell, this book encompasses every single thing I believe in, abide by, and have lived in over 5 decades of my life. From things as small as everyday occurrences to as big as my thoughts on love and respect, it has all been stored in these few pages.

    There’s doesn’t go a day now where I don’t write. There isn’t a single thing anymore that doesn’t awaken the poet in me. So it won’t be a stretch when I say that this book is a peep through to my brain, my thoughts, my feelings, my values, and whatnot. It is for everyone who sees magic in the world, wonders in the little things in life, and loves everything that happens around them.

  • Backbenchers to Achievers by: Dr Archana Yadav 250.00

    The term “backbencher” in this book refers to all those individuals who are not performing at their best potential, just like some students are backbenchers in the classroom. To me, being a backbencher means not giving your best, trying to withdraw; not seeing the problem eye-to-eye, and running away from it. An attitude of “okay” vs. perfection. An attitude of escapism does not yield the best results. One has to be a warrior to face the challenges. A leader who can lead his life, a captain of his own ship called life.
    This book is an attempt to transform from mediocre to the excellent performance From the life of a backbencher to that of achievement.

  • Hey I am Your Friend if you have Depression by: Lavanya Agarwal 125.00

    This book is a compilation of learnings of the author in her journey of experiencing life while being in the prime of it. While her irregular anxiety refuses to vanish, she continues to relish herself and her dear ones through the teachings of current spiritual gurus.

    This book is a ‘go-to’ one for any and everyone who has lost focus and is struggling to celebrate one’s life.

    Cooking has been an instrumental art that has built the author’s confidence back towards its original and hence has found its place in this book.

    It’s a useful read for today’s youth.

  • The Full Journey by: Mayank Dixit 122.00

    The Full journey is about one part of life. It has a collection of 15 poems that takes us through the roller coaster of emotions. It’s about the experience of love, ignorance, regret, and heartache.

  • Pages from the Diary of Small Town Girl by: Pragya 200.00

    Despite numerous advancements and achievements across the world, the issue of women’s rights, equality, and safety continues to remain an unsolved issue. While women’s status varies widely across the globe, one common thread (among many others) that links women together is the issue of sexual abuse. This is a reality that exists in almost every nation, whether developed, developing, or underdeveloped. It also transcends religious boundaries. The other startling reality is that most women do not report sexual abuse due to various reasons and society at large tends to also pass judgments on women who speak up. The issue of sexual abuse is more complicated in our Indian society due largely due to the stigma attached to discussing sexual topics with our children or with other family members. Most often, the perpetrators of sexual abuse are either part of the extended family, friends, or acquaintances. This book aims to tackle these issues directly by sharing the author’s personal experiences and showcases the grit shown by her in overcoming trauma.

  • Te Pakke Premveer by: Shivaram Mahajan 550.00

    “Te Pakke Premveer” is the romantic story of Vijaya and Shiv’s true, selfless, genuine boundless love. Shiv and Vijaya fell in love at the first glance !! Their love develops step by step: self-introduction, then friendship, real faith in each other turns into genuine love.

    Shiv and Vijaya neither belong to the same caste nor of the same financial status. This creates a lot of obstacles in their path of love. Without getting disturbed or discouraged they face all the challenges!
    It’s very interesting to witness whether they succeeded to conquer all the hindrances in the journey of their love.
    Love is not Lust. Love is Worship !! is the keyword of this novel. This novel is a wonderful piece of the imaginative mind of the writer. This book is a romantic love story that soothes the reader’s heart injuries! The book is a light social comedy that gives entertainment and messages simultaneously !!

  • Blessed One: Part II by: Hiranya Borah 450.00

    This book is the second part of the Blessed One


    The book contains poems on different themes. In some, the reader will learn to love and respect themselves and others. While in others, the reader will find joy in appreciating people. In some of the poems, the reader will discover inner power in stillness and solitude. It will also unfold to the reader- richness in the attitude of daily gratitude. Finally, it will enable them to live their original craft fully and leave their legacy as per God’s given talents. Even if the reader may be gone one day his name will live forever in the pages of history or in the hearts of humankind, be it in a tiny or big way.

  • Satputra Bhavah (सतपुत्र भव:) by: Mohan Bharti 180.00

    Contemplated 15 years back, “Satputra Bhavah” contains poems based on the philosophy of ‘Dare to be True’ and some translated poems from the own collection of Punjabi Poems of the author titled ‘Lockdown’. This book contains poetry on facts as well as truth, these are critical as well as spiritual, satirical as well as thoughtful deals with self as well as society, and the poems speak about common issues of people and the role of government.

  • A Misnomer’s Untold Story by: S Chandrashekar 540.00

    The title” A Misnomer’s Untold Story” is a compilation work and it demystifies a journey through my writings over a period of the last 35 years. The title need not be misunderstood as it conveys the misapplied name of Meghnad in my writings and the story unfolds itself. It is a parley of all my short poems in Hindi and English, articles and short stories in English, and Recorded writings of speeches and lectures of eminent personalities. It covers a wide readership from youth to senior citizens emphasizing Self-development and Self-reflection.

  • The Poetic Fragrance by: Paritosh Chandorkar 150.00

    The book “Poetic Fragrance” has a diverse set of 30 poems, ranging from pieces on Nature’s magical beauty and diversity, Love, Human spirit, Almighty, Spirituality, and contemporary subjects.
    These poems suit the various moods of the reader and will mesmerize him/her into an abstract and beautiful world of poetry. The book offers a refreshing experience to a diverse group of readers of all ages and cultures. The Author has been inspired to compose these pieces at various milestones in his life. Hence, this collection of poems reflects his own experiences in life.

  • Bringing back the Princess by: Krisha Periasamy 410.00

    At the wedding of the Beautiful Princess Charlotte was captivated by an Evil wizard. So, he can acquire superpowers. The Brave Prince Bennet is trying to rescue her. On his way to find the hidden princess, he goes through several mountains and many dangerous traps to save Princess Charlotte. Find out if the Prince can bring the Princess to the kingdom by reading this beautifully illustrated storybook which is guaranteed to delight and entertain all kids. The pages are alive with colour since the words are coloured and highlighted to help the readers to comprehend and learn new words.

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